10 Best Pillar Drill for Woodworking [2022 Updated ]

The Mader ZJ4116Q-1 drill is the best drill press for industrial uses. It has 450 watt of power, a small stroke of 15 centimeters and a large stroke of 60 millimeter. If you prefer an industrial model, the Maschinen SB 55 SV drill is a good choice. It is capable of drilling up to 5 centimeters and has 1,700 watt of power.

10 Best Pillar Drill for Woodworking [2022 Updated ]

We can use a conventional drill or a column drill, which gives more precision, when drilling materials.

To achieve acceptable results, it is convenient to know which is the best column drill that we can find, that is adapted to our needs and budget. A task that will be simpler for you if you consult our list of the best column drills of 2021, in which we include options for all tastes.

BILT HARD 2.3-Amp 8 in Drill Press

The drill is comfortable to use for both professional and amateur users, that’s the most important thing about it. The drill has a base power of 450 watt, a maximum drilling capacity of 16 millimeters, and a total travel of 15 centimeters.

BILT HARD 2.3-Amp 8 in Drill Press, 5-Speed Tabletop Drilling Machine with Drill Vise & Drill Bits Set, CSA Listed
  • Small but Powerful: with CSA Certification, 8 inch swing, 2 inch spindle travel, 1/2-inch keyed chuck,...
  • Useful Kits: 2.5 inch Drill vise (the jaw open up to 2.2 inch), 13 pcs drill bit set range from 1/16 to...

When working with a variety of materials, the Mader ZJ4116Q-1 has a total of 12 different speeds that can be adjusted to give you better comfort. Three columns are located at the bottom of the page. The characteristics of the best column drills are listed in the left-hand column as we understand them.

The features of the best column drills are located in the middle column as other users comprehend them. The right-hand column is where the important points are considered when deciding which drill to recommend to you.


Power: Its 450 watts of power are suitable for working with different materials.

Speeds : It has 12 adjustable speeds, from 280 to 2,380 rpm.

Table : The table has measures of 20 centimeters on the side, in a square format, for greater comfort.

Working capacity : The product can drill holes up to 60 millimeters in diameter with a depth of 16 millimeters.

Control : The control system makes it easy to lower the drill precisely when drilling the material.


Attachment: The model does not include holes to attach it to the work table, although its weight is more than enough to drill safely.

Small Benchtop Drill Press

Finding a low priced drill for a woodworking project is not hard, and thanks to a model such as the Spark AG, you will not face any problems. You don’t have to worry about doing all kinds of drilling work on different materials because it has a power of 500 watt.

Small Benchtop Drill Press | DRL-300.00
  • Ideal for all drilling projects, not just the small ones
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

A drilling that you can execute at different depths, as well as counting with nine different speeds, to choose the one that suits you best up to a maximum of 2,500 rpm. Its height of 61 centimeters, with a maximum distance between axis and base of 33 centimeters, helps in this work.

This complete version is our top recommendation for the best value for money column drill. It comes with everything you need to create a drilling experience that is unbeatable.

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Power: Its 500 watts of power are suitable for working with a large number of materials.

Base : The work area is adjustable and widely adjustable to our needs.

Displacement: The product offers you a displacement of up to 33 centimeters, which makes it easy to work with thick materials.


Tightening: Some users recommend not to tighten excessively, since the product has some weakness on very hard materials.

Heating : The product has a tendency to heat up during use, so care must be taken in case of intensive use.

Shop Fox W1668 3/4-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press

An interesting proposal for anyone looking for an industrial column drill is the Maschinen SB 55 SV model. We’re talking about a device that has a power of 1,700 watt and a power supply of 400 watt, so the ability of the product to work in a big way is considerable.

BILT HARD 5 Amp 12 in. Variable Speed Drill Press, with T-Track Kit, Benchtop with Laser and Work Light
  • Powerful: CSA Certified, 12" swing, 3-1/8" spindle travel, 5/8" keyed chuck, 1/2hp induction motor 120V
  • Variable Speed: from 580 to 3200 RPM with LCD display (ONLY adjust speed after POWER ON).

In terms of detail, we’re talking about its drilling capacity, 50 millimeters, or a rotation speed that can range from 85 to 1,900 revolutions per minute. All the necessary safety measures for quality work are included, along with details such as a reservoir for the coolant.

It is a very stable, comfortable and safe work table that allows us to work comfortably and without fatigue. If we were up against a model worthy of being the best work table of the moment, it wouldn’t be among the cheapest models, but it would be.


Power : Its 1,700 watts of power can work efficiently on all types of materials.

Handling : Handling is very simple thanks to the aids included in the product, as well as the approach to the drilling process.

Accessories : Includes details such as LED lighting in the work area or refrigerant tank.


Price: As an industrial product it has a considerable cost, although its functionality is in line with its cost.

Weight: The weight of the product is 450 kilos, so we must take into account the resistance of the floor when placing it.

JET 354024/GHD-20PF 20-Inch Geared Head Drill Press 

A very interesting proposal is halfway between a pro and industrial model. It is only interesting if it meshes with your needs. If it doesn’t meet your needs, there are other alternatives. The DeWalt DCD60 is a very good option if you need an alternative.

JET 354024/GHD-20PF 20-Inch Geared Head Drill Press with Powerfeed
  • Easily accessible table raiser.
  • Head tilts left or right.

The model has a total weight of 54 kilo and is finished with a resistant and stable construction, which shows its resistance and the quality of its support. We are going to give you more information about this model and how it can help you.


Transmission: The transmission with aluminum pulley generates a more efficient sliding and drilling.

Adjustable tray: The tray can be adjusted in height and is fully adjustable, for greater comfort.

Safety : We are talking about an approved drill and all the necessary safety measures to work without risks.


Perforated : The perforated in steel reaches “only” 20 millimeters deep, perhaps scarce for certain uses.

Power: Power can be somewhat short for very intensive work or on very hard materials.

MABasic 850 Portable Magnetic Drill Press

The Bosch PBD 40 column drill is a well-known brand and is a good choice for those looking for a well-known brand product. It has a digital control system that will allow you to choose the speed that you want.

CS Unitec | MABasic 850 Portable Magnetic Drill Press | 1800W 4-speed Benchtop Power Drill Machine w/up to 3-1/16" Diameter & 10" Depth of Cut | Oil Bottle Included
  • POWERFUL MAGNET - 6000 lbs of magnet force power for strong adhesion. For secure magnetic drilling
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT -53 pounds the MABasic 850 mag drill is easy to handle and maneuver. Drills up to...

It has a double gear system that can give you more power or speed, depending on what material you are working on. The lowering lever is circular, for greater comfort and efficiency. This system is the most efficient and advanced that has ever been developed for a handheld drill.

It is designed to make positioning the workpieces during processing easier, as well as to give you more control over the drilling process, by providing a circular lowering lever, which gives you greater comfort and efficiency. Here is a brief description of it, along with some other points.


Double gear: This double gear system gives more speed or more power, depending on what you need.

Accuracy : The tool has high precision, allowing precise placement of materials and the bit.

Display: The LCD display makes it easy to see the parameters of use of the product and to configure them comfortably.


Kits: It is important to choose the right kit, depending on the accessories and complements you need.

Slack : Some users comment on certain slack problems, which are nevertheless slight and relatively easy to manage.

Guide to buying column drills

When carrying out drilling work on all kinds of materials, the column drill is an interesting piece of equipment, despite not being very common in our workshops and garage. It’s useful in a wide range of applications, from building to manufacturing and everything in between. With our guide to buying the best column drill, you’ll get some advice to know what to look for when purchasing one of these products.

Drill type

There are many different types of drills that can be used. The bench column drill is the most common drill we have on the market. We can do a lot of work with this drill, including bench marking, drilling holes for mounting shelves, and more.

However, there’s another type of column drill that’s less well-known, but which should be well-known by you if you intend to do any significant do it yourself work. The radial column drill is the second type of column drill. A bench drill is an important tool for many professionals. It is useful for working on a desk or workbench, but it is less used than the bench drill.

The traditional radial column drill is used to drill holes on the edges of furniture, which is much less known. The fixed column drill is used mostly by professionals. The table drill, also known as the radial column drill, has the ability to adjust the space between the table and the drill. The “magnetic” drill is not very useful in the office because it is used to drill holes in walls and doors, and it is mainly used in construction sites.

Drill power

Now that we have this power, we need to think about what we are going to do with it. It is important to keep in mind that this is the power that will move the bit or drill, and therefore, we must consider if this is enough power for our needs. If you want to boring a hole through a steel plate, you will need more power than if you want to boring a hole in wood.

That is due to the fact that steel is harder than wood. The best drills for this job have options to regulate the power or speed of the drill, which is important if you are drilling weaker materials such as steel. If you want to achieve maximum Torque in the material, you should gradually increase the speed until you achieve the slowest speed possible. You should use this method to avoid breaking the material and losing expensive drill bits.

Measurements and dimensions

The length of the drill is one of the most important aspects when looking at different column drills. We can cover more material with longer drills than with shorter drills. It will make the drill easier to work because it will require less time for drilling material. The larger the base on which we can drill, the bigger it will be. The drill is less tilted when we have a larger material tray because of the wider base. The Chuck control models have a second tray which can be adjusted.

The size of the materials we can use, as well as the stability of the product, are all factors that influence the ease with which we can work, but also the measurement of the trays. It’s easier to work with a good-sized tray, and the chuck is less tilted when drilling materials. According to the specific needs of the work we have to carry out, all these parameters need to be evaluated again.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade column drill?

The drill stand we can find in stores is the simplest way to use the drills. If you want to do everything at home, you have to use the plans that you have on the network. You will have to build a base, either wood or metal, that will hold the drill and the advance system that lets the drill slide up and down. It is important that the base is solid and able to adapt to the drill’s characteristics and materials.

Q2: What is the drill press for?

Straight holes in all kinds of materials can be obtained with the help of the drill press. The chances of twisting while drilling are nil as the drill comes down directly on the material. The process makes it much easier to work with large pieces of large size, hardness or thickness, for which the drill often accepts all kinds of bits and elements.

Q3: How to repair a column drill?

The drill press has a lot of complex repairs that need to be done by a professional. If there are parts of the drill press you can fix yourself, such as changing the carbons or brushes, all you have to do is remove the protective cover and replace it with one from another drill press. The chuck is an easy repair because it can be changed without much complexity. You can refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer to find out what other repairs are possible.

Q4: Where to put a column drill?

The best place for a drill press to be located is on the workbench. Through the use of bolts and screws or other types of hardware, it is easy to attach the drill press to the bench top so that it can be used quickly. If we are going to work on larger materials, it is important that this location has enough room to maneuver. In order to have enough room to work, this last measure must be taken into account in models with feet.

Q5: Can I use a drill press as a lathe?

It’s possible to use a column drill as a lathe for making jewelry, but it’s actually necessary. The column drill needs to be positioned horizontally instead of vertically for the necessary modifications to be made. An auxiliary support must be built to hold the material being worked so that it doesn’t fall during operation. An auxiliary support needs to be built to allow the user to change the shape of the material they are working with. It will be possible to use the column drill as a lathe with all of these additions.

Q6: How to raise the height of a column drill?

It’s a good idea to use the second bar to check the quality of the welds between the first and second bars. If it’s not, remove the second bar and place a third on top of the first two. Continue this process until you reach the desired length of the second bar.

Q7: How to mill with a drill press?

A milling machine without a column is similar to a manual machine, but a mill with a column is similar to a computer numerical controlled machine. When using a mill with a column, there are a number of important variables, such as the material in which we are working and its thickness. The mill will always start milling by moving the material that is being worked and not the milling machine. We have to make sure that the movements are easy to understand.

Q8: How to disassemble a column drill?

The next step is to remove the top from the product. Instead of using a lever to loosen the drill, we are going to use a small screwdriver to pry up the corner of the base where the product meets the side of it. By using our hands and elbow grease, we will be able to separate the product from the base. When the sides are taken out, we can expose the bar and lever.

How to use a drill press

The way we drill materials with the column drill is completely different than with the conventional drill. In this case, the column drill remains attached to the structure, which moves directly against the material, compared to the manual movement process that we would carry out with a conventional drill. In order to achieve the best results, we have to change our approach when drilling this material.

Placing the material

The first thing we need to do is to locate the area to be drilled precisely over the bit’s drop zone and then attach it to the rest of the clamping elements that this kind of clamp provides us. If there is loose material, there will be a bad drilling result.

Calculating depth

To calculate the depth of the drilling, the next step is required. This depth depends on the characteristics of the drill but also on what we need, so that we can adjust the position of the drill on the chuck or the clamping bar to the height that is necessary, according to that depth and the drill’s own path. The deeper we place it, the deeper we are going to drill the material. Once you have the drill in position, make sure you fix it correctly.

Drill placement

To drill the material it is necessary to use a drill that is suitable for the material. The results will not be adequate so using a wood-on-metal or metal-on-wood bit is not appropriate. The procedure for placing the bit in the chuck is similar to conventional drills, so you will need a wrench to properly position the bit on the spindle. This is the second time. It is important that the placement is correct and fixed.

Speed ​​setting

It is necessary to check the drilling power that we are going to apply, so that the harder the material we are going to drill, the higher the drilling speeds we can use. In the case of softer and thinner materials, it will be necessary to use lower speeds to avoid cracking.

Executing the drilling

This is a great machine to perform a progressive drilling of materials. We only need to check the parameters to see when to start drilling, how much material to be drilled and what’s the depth of the material. The sequence of operations is very important, to avoid damage to the material during drilling.

Column drill function

The column drill is a fixed tool that performs a vertical movement on a workbench or table, where it is held and is capable of drilling pieces of different materials. It’s outstanding aspects include the possibility of drilling to a great depth and with total precision which makes them highly recommended for drilling holes in both delicate and larger materials.

These types of tools are used in demanding work shops since they tend to have a higher power than other similar products, which means their performance provides better results and in less time. It’s necessary to have the right bits for each surface and the type of drilling to be made if you want the column drill to work on wooden, glass, metal, tile and plastic surfaces.

It takes a lot of concentration and seriousness to avoid accidents, which is why the drill press is very intuitive. To attach the material to the table and under the drill, you must first select the type and size of drill, and then take into account the methods each model has.

The next step is to adjust the drill’s height, precisely center on the point you want to drill, and then choose the speed. If you want to take advantage of the best quality tools without having to pay an arm and a leg, you need to get a drill with this powerful, variable speed, variable Torque engine.

It is designed to work well on all materials, from steel to wood, to plastic, and even concrete.

What should I take into account when choosing a column drill?

It is important to pay attention to the power of the model of your choice, since the performance of the tool depends on this in the different tasks you want to use it for. A minimum 500W of power is required for a professional use column drill, while models indicated for home use and occasional do-it-yourself jobs only need 350W for most tasks.

Speed, which is shown in revolutions per minute and the most prominent models have an adjusted system, which allows speed regulation according to the needs and demands of the project, is just as important.

This type of system makes it possible to carry out different types of perforations on different types of material. Digital displays, which are used to modify the speed of the drill, as well as to establish its settings, have advanced to the point that some models incorporate digital displays, which are used to modify the speed of the drill, as well as Among other functions are of use.

The equipment is usually between 10 and 17 kilograms, which is excessive for a simple wooden bench.

Laser lights are incorporated into the drills because they are continuously evolving. Some of the newer models have lighting that allows you to see exactly where the drill is going to be and what you’re going to use it for, however, this equipment could have a slightly higher price.

The market has different sizes that fit your needs and accessories that are needed for the project. It is important that you understand the difference between size and weight. The size is the one that concerns you the most, because it tells you how much of a challenge you will face when you start doing this type of exercise. If you are doing simple exercises such as a wooden leg press, a 10 kilo weight will probably be enough to give you the necessary resistance.

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