8 Best Paint Guns for Cabinets [2022]

Carrying out renovation or decorating jobs with spray paint, stains and enamels from the comfort of your home is feasible if you have a good quality paint gun.

You should be aware of its characteristics, such as performance, capacity, functions, manufacturing materials, accessories, among others.

At the moment, you can find different models, however, we will mention some of the most outstanding. The W180P has a 800 liter tank and a flow regulation system that can be adjusted to the surface to be painted.

On the other hand, the Einhell 4133000 has a rotating nozzle and tank with a gravitational system that makes it easier to paint.

8 Best Paint Guns for Cabinets [2022]

Regardless of the type of surface you paint on, knowing how to choose a spray gun will allow you to get top quality finishes. To provide the necessary information to make the right decision, we have prepared a list with 8 of the best paint guns of 2022.

1.TCP Global Complete Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun Set

This electric paint gun can be used for renovation and decoration work, as well as complete do-it-yourself projects on sheds, walls, ceilings, doors, pergolas, fences, and furniture.

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At the end of the job, you can easily disassemble it for a quick cleaning. In this way, you can cover small or large surfaces in a short period of time, because it has a 0.8mm round nozzle, which is indicated to spray paint optimally.

Many people consider it the best paint gun, because it has an outlet control system that regulates the flow. Although its nozzle is suitable for working with water-based paints, it is possible to use other nozzles to paint with synthetic resins, dyes, oils, and enamels.

Having the best paint gun of the moment can facilitate the renovation or repair of objects that need a new look, so you need to thoroughly analyze the characteristics of this model.


Capacity: Its 800 ml tank allows you to work large surfaces before having to fill it again.

Materials: Both the piston and the cylinder are made of hard chromed steel to offer a longer service life.

Nozzle: Includes 0.8 mm nozzle that allows paint to be projected at a speed of up to 270 g / min.


Accuracy: Projected flow rate may be wider than expected for painting small objects.

2.YATTICH Paint Sprayer, 700W High Power HVLP Spray Gun, 

Thanks to its rotating system nozzle, the compressor paint gun can give you precise and good quality finishes. In addition, it allows to regulate the flow of paint to decide between a wide or fine jet according to the need.

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It has a feeding tank that can hold 600 liters of paint, which will allow you to work for a long time without needing to constantly replenish it.

The paint can flow without interruption thanks to its gravitational system, which makes it possible to divide it into thin and homogeneous layers.

On the other hand, it has dimensions of 17 x 19 x 11 cm that favor comfortable use and avoid fatigue, while allowing it to be transported without interruption to the workplace, taking up little space.

This product is one of the cheapest spray guns on the market, so if you want to renew the paint in your home in a simple way, you should consider this product.


Tank: It has a 600 ml gravity feed tank, which facilitates the flow of paint.

Nozzle: Its rotating nozzle is 1.4 mm and allows you to adjust the direction of the jet between horizontal and vertical.

Regulator: Includes a manual regulator to select the precision of the flow depending on the work to be done.


Cleaning: Its parts could rust due to late maintenance, so it is necessary to clean it carefully after each use.

3. HVLP Spray Gun with Replaceable 1.4mm 1.7mm 2.0mm Nozzles

The Bosch paint gun is capable of spraying paint in thin layers at high speed thanks to its 1200 W motor, which makes it easy to apply it on all types of structures.

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If you’re wondering which is the best paint gun, this model can be a good option since it has the AllPaint spraying system, which allows you to work with all types of paint, such as lacquer, ink, varnish, among others It can be used on a variety of surfaces, either smooth or textured.

Two paint tanks with a capacity of 1 L with an SDS mounting system allow them to be filled quickly and conveniently, as well as other accessories, on the other hand. There is a 4 m long hose, 3 nozzles for different uses, and a cleaning brush in this picture.

If you want to paint quickly in your home or workshop, the best brand of paint guns should have products that allow you to paint quickly. We suggest that you consider the Bosch PFS 5000 E model before you make a decision.


Capacity: It has two tanks of 1 L each, which favors continuous working time.

Switch: It has a switch that you can activate with your foot to start the gun more easily.

Accessories: Includes a 4 m hose that allows greater freedom of movement.


Adjustment: The nozzle can be difficult to adjust, which could lead to increased paint consumption if we do not correct the problem in advance.

4. HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer

The plastic paint gun has a graphical flow selector that allows you to precisely adjust the paint flow. To select the most convenient option, you need to take into account the object and type of surface to be painted.

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It has a double-capped paint tank, which allows it to be filled and emptied through its side without having to remove it from the gun, as well as it has a large capacity of 1200 liters.

Many think that it is the best value for money paint gun because it has a low price and includes a mixing bucket as an accessory. The gun’s electric motor has a power of 400 W, which is less than 78 decibels of sound pressure, so it’s not annoying when using the gun.

If you still don’t know which paint gun to buy to give your objects a new look, we recommend you learn more about this product.


Dispenser: It has a paint flow selector that allows you to adapt it to any type of work more easily.

Tank: It has a 1200 ml double-capped tank, which facilitates filling and emptying without having to remove the container.

Accessory: Includes 1 bucket to mix the paints before filling the tank.


Power: Its motor is only 400 W, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other more powerful models on this list.

5. 3M Performance Spray Gun Starter Kit,

This professional BGS paint gun has a pneumatic power supply that is capable of spraying paint with a pressure between 2 and 3.5 bars, which makes it suitable for painting different types of surfaces, offering good quality finishes in less time.

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The gun’s body is made of aluminum to make it lighter, and it has a chrome surface that makes it resistant to intense work. The 0.8mm nozzle is made of STAINLESS steel to prevent rust and is suitable for evenly covering objects. To make the paint go down by gravity, the top of the gun has a 120 liter paint reservoir with filter.

One of the cheapest today, it has a textured grip handle that gives it greater control when working. A paint spray gun is an essential tool for both home improvement projects and professional jobs, so you should know more about this product.


Materials: It is made of aluminum with a chrome surface to offer greater resistance to possible blows.

Nozzle: It has a 0.8 mm nozzle that can be adapted to most jobs and surfaces.

Pressure: Provides 2 to 3.5 bar of outlet pressure to dispense paint more efficiently.


Tank: It offers a capacity of just 120 ml, so it has a smaller tank than other models on the list.

6. YATTICH Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Spray Gun,

It is a car paint gun that is easy to use, and it is made with high quality materials, including a resistant plastic tank, which guarantees its durability.

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You don’t have to reload the gun every time you use it, because it has a 600 liter capacity. On the other hand, it is constituted by a 1.3mm nozzle that can provide a fast flow of 160 to 250 liters per minute.

It has a working pressure of two to three bars, which improves its performance.

It is possible to use it for a long time without causing exhaustion because of its ergonomics, which include a comfortable grip handle and a light body of only 710 g. If you’re looking for a paint gun that can give you quality finishes, it’s a good idea to know the characteristics of this model.


Nozzle: Features a 1.3mm nozzle that can provide accurate flow on professional projects.

Speed: It can eject the paint at a speed of 160 to 240 ml / min, making it a good performance tool.

Materials: Its structure is made of stainless steel to offer greater resistance.


Accessories: Does not include additional nozzles, which can reduce versatility to carry out work with different materials and textures.

7.  BATAVIA Spray Paint Gun for Thinned Latex

This paint gun can be used on interior and exterior surfaces, as it includes two heads to adjust the spray system according to the size of the project.

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It is possible to quickly exchange these items for convenience. In the same way, it allows you to regulate the amount of paint and the pressure with which it is expelled, so you can adapt it depending on the job.

It is able to offer either a horizontal, vertical, wide or narrow fan, which can be used for a quick application or to paint in confined spaces.

It is compatible with both water-based wall paints and others with a plastic consistency, such as varnishes and lacquers.

Thanks to the integration of a powerful X-Boost turbine and the I-Spray nozzle, it is possible to use it in many different ways. If you are looking for a functional paint gun, both for domestic and professional jobs, then this model may be a good option.


Performance: It has an X-Boost turbine, which works with a power of 630 W for better performance.

Regulation: The flow of paint can be regulated in width and placed in a horizontal or vertical position according to the type and workspace.

Compatibility: It is compatible with solvent-based and water-soluble paints for added versatility.


Cable: Your cable has an extension of 1.5 m, so it may be necessary to use an extension for greater movement capacity.

8. NEIKO 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Paint Gun

It is an Airless paint gun, which means that it can expel paint without air, to reduce excess paint during spraying.

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It is indicated for painting large spaces in a shorter time and with less effort. The red guard on the nozzle protects it from scratches and bumps, and it also prevents the gun from contacting the paint.

Higher quality finishes can be achieved on domestic or large projects, if the pressure is raised to 3600 psi. The design of it is made of aluminum, it has small dimensions, an ergonomics handle for a more comfortable grip, and its weight is only 465 g, so it does not cause exhaustion after a long time of use.

A high-quality paint gun needs to be light for a more comfortable use, and versatile enough to be used with different substances. Let’s see if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.


Consumption: It is indicated to reduce the consumption of paint when using it on facades, buildings, roofs, among others.

Handle: It has an ergonomically designed handle that can facilitate holding.

Compatibility: Can be used with high viscosity paints for greater versatility.


Materials: It is made mainly of aluminum, which favors its lightness but could be more delicate against falls and impacts.

Shopping guide

It can be difficult to acquire a paint gun if you don’t know its uses and characteristics. In this way, we give you a guide to buying the best paint gun, which you can use to pick the most appropriate one according to your needs.


Domestic and professional paint sprayers are the main types of paint sprayers. Domestic spray guns are suitable for small do-it-yourself projects at home, as the size of the paint tank is generally between 120 and 600 millimetres, so it is very useful in decorating and furniture renovation activities. These types of sprayers have a discreet and lightweight structure, which makes them ideal for use in homes. Professional paint sprayers have higher performance characteristics and are generally heavier and bigger. They have an enormous range of settings that allow you to change the amount of paint and spray pattern. These features make them perfect for industrial and commercial applications. The high work load and long hours of the professionals make them use pistols and ergonomics. They have specialized equipment, such as larger tanks that can go up to 1200 liters and the weight in some cases is five kilograms, so they can create exhaustion during long hours of work.

Performance and settings

If you are comparing paint guns, you should take performance into account since it can be seen how effective they are. It is important to emphasize that a powerful equipment is more efficient, it offers greater performance, and allows the work to be completed in the shortest possible time. Some models have a power between 1000 and 1200 W, so they can reach speeds of up to 270 g / min, while others have a power between 1100 and 1200 W, so they can reach speeds of more than 200 g / min. The most powerful paint guns can have a flow regulator or selector that will allow you to achieve an optimal flow, reducing or completely eliminating the need to use the used paint. The possibility of covering larger surfaces in a shorter period of time is another benefit of guns with this type of regulator.

It’s important to control the output of paint in thin or thicker fans, as the shape of the jet that the gun creates when expelling the paint is what the fan is designed to look like. According to the demands of the work to be carried out, the jet can be adjusted to achieve precise and high-quality finishes on smooth or textured surfaces, as well as on objects that are difficult to access for brushes or rollers. SDS, a modern system that allows the correct adjustment and fast filling of the tank, increases its practicality, and you can find guns that have this.


An inexpensive paint gun should include accessories that complement its uses to get the most out of it, such as extra paint reservoirs, which take the task of continually refilling the same paint container after the charge has been finished. The double-lid tank that other models have allows you to fill and empty it as many times as necessary without having to disassemble it. The nozzle is a fundamental part of these tools because it allows compatibility with paints of different viscosity levels. You should be aware that each nozzle is designed for a specific purpose in order to achieve different spray patterns adapted to the type of paint used. Paint guns usually include a single tip or a pair of tips for immediate use. We can find those nozzles compatible with a wide range of paints and other substances. The paint filter, which is indicated to prevent debris from passing through the nozzle, is one of the essential accessories for the proper operation and maintenance. On the other hand, some models have a cleaning brush that can be used to remove paint stains.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a paint gun?

If you want to prevent paint from adhering to the surface, it is best to clean the paint gun after you have finished using it. It is possible to do it days later, although it will take a little more effort to completely remove the paint. If you disassemble it, you have to separate the nozzles, the regulators, and the spring. Afterwards, you have to place the pieces in a container with solvent for a couple of hours and with the help of a brush remove the remains of paint, as it is important not to rub too much so as not to damage the surface. Once you have cleaned all the parts, it is important to dry them with a cloth so that they can be put in place.

Q2: How to fine tune a paint gun?

If you want to fine tune a paint gun, you just have to stick a large sheet of paper on the wall. The compressor should be turned on when you fill the gun with paint. If you want to change the direction of the exit pattern, you need to loosen the nut at the front and choose the most suitable position, either vertical or horizontal. You need to turn the output knob on the back to the right and the adjustment knob on the back to the left at the same time. Stand the gun 18 inches away from the sheet of paper and spray it. If you want to get the desired results, you can reduce the width of the pattern by turning to the right and then increase it by turning to the left.

Q3: How to connect a paint gun to a compressor?

It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and suggestions if you want to begin, so you need to plug in the compressor and check the pressure. If you want to avoid air leaks during the work, you can use packing tape to adjust the coupling that joins the gun and the hose.

Q4: How to regulate a paint gun?

If there is an orange peel effect on the gun, you should check the paint layer’s smoothness to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. If you want to get a smooth texture, you have to adjust the air pressure by moving the knob to the right or left, and you have to check the gauge to make sure it’s between 18 and 25 psi. Once you have achieved the desired texture, you can carry out spray tests and gradually reduce the pressure between one option and another.

Q5: How to use a paint gun?

To paint with a spray gun, you only need to follow a few simple steps, such as filling the tank with the selected paint and carrying out a test on the surface to verify that the flow is correct. You should place yourself at a suitable distance between 20 and 30 cm when painting fencing and between 5 and 15 cm when painting furniture. You can prevent the paint from being unevenly painted by pressing thetrigger while moving with safe movements. If you want to give a second coat of paint, you should move in the opposite direction to cover any imperfections.

Q6: How to thin paint for spray painting?

It’s important to thin the paint before putting it in the tank in some models to make sure it doesn’t accumulate gunk that can affect the gun’s life. It is necessary to identify the type of paint you want to use in order to choose the appropriate liquid to suck it out. If you are going to use synthetic paint, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions to acquire the most suitable thinner and if you are going to use anacrylic paint, it is recommended to only use water. Once these points have been identified and taken into account the size of the tank, place 10% thinner and 90% paint in a container, making sure to mix well before putting it in the tank.

Q7: How to prepare synthetic paint for spray painting?

If you are going to apply synthetic paint with a spray gun, you need to prepare it properly to make it manageable and avoid obstructions, so you must follow the manufacturer’s suggestions when doing so. It is advisable to carry out tests to make sure that the paint has the texture that you need. White gasoline, thinner and enamel reducer are some of the most common thinners. It’s a good idea to pass the mixture through a sieve to eliminate the lumps.

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