10 Best Multi Tools for Survival [2022 Updated]

When you need to cut, grind and saw a multifunction tool becomes very useful thanks to the possibility of changing the accessory normally included with the main tool.

A good choice can be the Makita TM3010CX3J complete with 58 accessories and a case where you can store everything in total comfort. The electrically powered motor reaches 320 W.

A valid alternative is the Bosch Professional GOP 40-30 which has a 400 W motor and the power can be adjusted electronically in a range between 8,000 and 20,000 rpm. The quick change system of the accessory is much appreciated, since it does not require the use of any tools.

10 Best Multi Tools for Survival [2022 Updated]

Like the classic drill, one of the tools that should not be missing in the equipment of do-it-yourself lovers, it is a multifunctional tool that allows you to perform many types of interventions using the accessories that can be connected. So here is a rundown of the best multifunction tools of 2022 to start evaluating which one to buy.

Camping Accessories, 16 in 1 Multitool

This new model of electric tool produced by Makita is one of the most complete in terms of accessories, which in this specific case are 58. Undoubtedly the blade for sawing metals stands out, while the adapter is also very useful. for the suction of the dust that is surely created when it is necessary to cut or sand the wood.

For this last operation, 30 sheets of abrasive paper are available (which are counted in the 58 accessories) even if we must point out that, due to the oscillation of the tool, they deteriorate easily, even after only one use.

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The low weight and a fairly long power cord allow you to use the Makita multifunction tool even in tight spaces where a normal circular saw could never reach. The 320 watt motor allows you to reach up to 20,000 revolutions per minute, a good fact that it also allows you to carry out jobs where power must not be lacking.


Equipment : Like few other multifunction tools, this model proposed by Makita proves to be one of the most complete in terms of accessories present in the equipment.

Lightweight : With a weight of only 1.6 kg, the use of the power tool should not tire too much even after many hours of work.

Power : With an electrically powered motor capable of unleashing a power of 320 W, the Makita multifunctional allows you to tackle even the jobs where you need a good strength, since it is also capable of reaching 20,000 rpm.


Light : Unlike some similar models, there is no light in the front area that would have allowed you to work more easily when lighting is poor or completely absent.

RoverTac Multitool Knife Pliers Camping 

A model of multifunctional tool suitable for those looking for a professional product but which will surely satisfy hobbyists to the maximum. Bosch GOP 40-30 first of all is based on a robust 400 W motor capable of making the multifunctional reach 20,000 oscillations per minute, from a minimum of 8,000 to be able to deal with different types of material.

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The “Snap In” function allows you to change the accessory in just 3 seconds, without using any type of tool. This is very important for professionals so as not to waste time unnecessarily in carrying out this operation which is repeated several times during a working day.

The 3D interface transfers maximum power from the Bosch multifunction tool to the accessory, while the slim shape, low weight and ergonomic rubber coatings of the areas where it is handled make it very handy and easy to use. The equipment includes 16 accessories, all transportable using the handy case.


Power : With an electric motor capable of unleashing 400 W this Bosch branded power tool is one of the most powerful on the market and therefore also among the best sellers.

Snap In : With this function, the insertion operations of the various accessories are quick and easy to perform, without having to have some tools at hand to tighten them on the power tool.

Easy to handle: With a weight of just 1.6 kg and thanks to the ergonomic handle, daily work will be less tiring and the results will be better.


Accessories : The equipment is not particularly extensive, in comparison with other models. And if you have to buy some specific ones, the prices are not very cheap.

LEATHERMAN, Signal Camping Multitool 

The Bosch GOP 40-30 multifunction tool is a qualitatively advanced tool, both in terms of structural characteristics and manufacturing materials and in the level of performance offered.

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It is no coincidence that it belongs to the Professional power tools line, intended precisely for intensive use in the workplace, at the artisan level and on large construction sites. To offer maximum performance both in terms of efficiency and continuity, it is also powered by wire and driven by a 400 watt motor capable of generating 8,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute depending on the speed set.

Furthermore, the quality-price ratio is nothing short of excellent, considering that this multifunction tool, in addition to being part of the blue series, is offered in the L-Boxx variant complete with rigid case and numerous interchangeable accessories. The accessories are in turn contained in a box with a transparent lid contained inside the rigid case.


Starlock / Starlock Plus: This is a new universal coupling standard for multifunction tools, which further increases compatibility with the latest generation spare blades and pads, even non-original ones.

Blue Series: The Bosch Professional Series power tools, characterized by the typical blue color of the body, are the best that the well-known German company can offer in terms of quality and performance.

L-Boxx: The package is super-equipped, apart from the multifunction tool it includes the rigid case and an additional box containing more than ten different elements, including blades, pads and abrasive papers.


Noise: The only flaw, among other things due to the considerable power of the motor, is represented by the high noise level of the device.

LEATHERMAN – 830278 , Surge Heavy Duty Multitool 

DeWalt is the Stanley Black & Decker brand that identifies professional power tools, like this tool that has nothing to envy to those of more famous brands, despite a slightly lower price.

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We are faced with a DeWalt multifunction tool powered by a 300 Watt motor that reaches a maximum speed of 22,000 oscillations per minute. This characteristic is transmitted to the 37 accessories supplied, including blades, tools for sanding and scraping and abrasive papers. Much appreciated is the universal adapter that allows you to use accessories from other brands such as Bosch, Einhell or Makita and therefore find low prices when you need one not included in the equipment.

Handling is another aspect to underline, despite an above average weight that is well balanced throughout the tool. A convenient LED light allows you to illuminate the area where you are working with the multifunction tool.


Universal adapter : The adapter undoubtedly stands out among the rich equipment, which allows you to use accessories from different brands in combination with this power tool.

LED light : In order not to risk making a mistake in a cut, an LED light is available that well illuminates the area where the precision work is being carried out.

Motor : The integrated one, powered by electricity, releases 300 W of power which allows the tool to reach 22,000 oscillations per minute.


Instructions : Although proposed for professional users who should be able to make the best use of the various accessories, the enclosed instruction booklet is very approximate and unclear on how to assemble some components.

LEATHERMAN, Skeletool Lightweight Multitool 

For those looking for a Ryobi multifunction tool as cheap as possible, here is one with a cost of under 100 euros. Clearly, to keep costs down, the manufacturer does not provide many accessories, but still offers a universal adapter to be able to use those produced by other brands.

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Specifically, we find a sanding pad, a hex wrench, six 6 sanding sheets, a wire saw blade, a hacksaw blade for wood and metal and the universal adapter described above. Not even a briefcase is offered, so for transport you will have to make do with a container that you already have.

The power of the electric motor allows the tool to reach 20,000 oscillations per minute, so as to deal with different types of intervention without problems. Very convenient is the LED light that allows you to illuminate the work area. The weight of less than one kilogram ensures prolonged use without getting too tired.


Price : With a cost of under 100 euros this power tool is one of the cheapest among the various offers on the market, ideal for those who love to do some work at home and do not want to spend too much.

Universal : Despite the scarcity of accessories supplied, an adapter is offered that allows you to install those of other brands.

LED : An always comfortable LED light where the accessories are installed allows you to always have good lighting of the area in which you are working.


Case : To contain the final price of the tool, Ryobi does not provide a carrying case, so for this operation you have to make do with something you already have.

LEATHERMAN, Wingman Multitool

This power tool has the particularity of having the motor totally isolated from the chassis, a characteristic that allows a considerable reduction of both the motor and the vibrations that are transmitted to the arm during use. This motor has a power of 350 Watts, which allows it to push the Fein multifunction tool up to 19,500 oscillations per minute, starting from a minimum of 10,000, while still being able to count on the possibility of electronically adjusting the speed with a tachometer dynamo.

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The latter allows to keep the number of revolutions constant even when the tool is at maximum load. The quick coupling is compatible with all accessories that use the Starlock and Starlock Plus system.

In the handy case, however, a good dose of accessories are offered, certainly the most commonly used with this type of tool, including a sanding pad with a 115 mm diameter, a triangular perforated carbide rasp, an E- cutting blade. 35mm Long Life Cut and so on.


Few vibrations : With a motor totally isolated from the rest of the tool, the vibrations and noise that are perceived during use are at a minimum.

Speedometer dynamo : The presence of this component allows the multifunction tool to maintain the programmed number of oscillations per minute without any failure even when it is under stress.

Starlock : The accessories use the universal Starlock coupling system. In this way, models from different manufacturers can be purchased that use the same attachment system.


Attachment : Paradoxically, the presence of a Starlock attachment does not allow you to use the accessories of a previous generation of the same power tool that was based on another type of attachment. 

Gerber Gear 30-001364N Suspension

Really very attractive price for this Einhell multifunction tool that has nothing to envy to much more expensive models. To find out where to buy the power tool and not miss the opportunity, you can click on the links under the pros and cons of this review.

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Among the technical features to be highlighted is a 300 W motor that allows you to carry out any type of intervention without problems regardless of the material you are going to deal with. This is also thanks to the electronic system that adjusts the number of revolutions to adapt it to the application and the material. The supplied accessories can be removed and put on quickly, thanks to the quick coupling, and inserted in twelve different positions according to needs.

There is also a device that allows the suction of dust or residues as long as no other accessory is fitted. Safety is offered by the ergonomic non-slip handle allowing a firm and comfortable grip while working.


Quality / price : One of the best-selling multifunction tools online thanks to its excellent quality / price ratio that convinces those who have bought it.

Handle : this model proposed by Einhell is extremely compact and easy to handle, thanks also to the non-slip handle that allows you to hold it firmly in your hand while working.

Electronic system : The power needed to complete a job will never fail thanks to the presence of an electronic system that regulates the number of oscillations according to the material being faced.


Noise : According to users’ opinions, the Einhell power tool turns out to be a bit too noisy especially when the motor is pushed to the maximum.

Gerber Gear 30-000469N Dime Mini Multitool

In our guide to choosing the best multifunction tool, a Black & Decker brand model could not be missing, probably one of the most famous companies in the field of power tools.

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At a very attractive price, the company offers the MT300SA2-QS, which offers ideal performance for those who have to perform work at home and do not want to go to a professional. With this Black & Decker multifunction tool, which offers a 300 W motor, you can choose a speed in the range between 10,000 and 22,000 rpm. The connection tube for a dust extraction system is very useful when using the sanding pad to sand the wood, to ensure that the environment is always clean even after hours of sanding.

The ergonomic handle allows you not to get too tired even if the use of the power tool is prolonged. The various accessories (not many in the equipment) can be installed quickly thanks to the Superlock system, which does not require the use of keys to tighten the device.


Suction : Thanks to the connection tube with an external vacuum cleaner, during sanding there will be no dust and debris in the area where you are working.

Motor : Like many multifunctional tools, including professional ones, the model proposed by Black & Decker also offers a 300 Watt electric motor.

Adjustable : The rotation speed of the power tool can be adjusted according to the type of intervention between a minimum of 10,000 revolutions to a maximum of 20,000 revolutions per minute.


Equipment : The low price of the power tool is also due to the rather sparse supply of accessories, which provides the bare minimum to start using it.

LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multitool 

Users who have turned to this Stanley multifunction tool have done so above all in relation to its excellent price, combined with a quality absolutely not to be disdained. This is mainly the result of a powerful 300 W motor that allows oscillation ranging from 10,000 to 23,000 orb / min.

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With the various accessories supplied you can therefore safely cut wood, metal, plasterboard, laminate, plastic and fiberglass. Despite the little variety of bundled accessories and the not very good quality, it should be emphasized that the power tool is equipped with a universal adapter which therefore allows you to use those produced by other brands, which may be more efficient for some types of work.

There is also a good ergonomic handle that together with a not very high weight (1.58 kg) allows you to work for hours and hours without too much effort. A carrying case is also included in the scope of delivery.


Quality / price : A good multifunctional tool that does not look bad, with other much more expensive models but with very similar characteristics.

Powerful : Also in this case we rely on a 300 W motor that allows oscillations between 10.00 and 23,000 per minute.

Adapter : Those who need accessories other than those in bundles, or of better quality, can count on an adapter that allows you to use those of other brands other than Stanley.


Accessories : Not all users who have purchased this power tool are satisfied with the quality of the accessories, especially the abrasive paper which tends to wear out too quickly.

RAK Hammer Multi-Tool – Multi

The AFMM 18 QSL multifunction tool belongs to the MultiMaster line produced by the German company Fein and, despite being an older model, it is still appreciated for its performance, versatility and build quality.

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It is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery, which makes it extremely practical to use, and is capable of generating an adjustable speed from 11,000 to 18,500 oscillations per minute; a further advantage is the quick attachment of the tool holder, which adopts the new universal standard Starlock Plus with the QuickIN quick change system.

The quality-price ratio is nothing short of excellent; apart from the MultiMaster, in fact, the package includes two batteries with relative charger, four different types of blades, a triangular pad and 12 abrasive papers with four different grits, three for each type. The only flaw is the difficulty in finding spare batteries and accessing assistance in case of breakdowns.


Battery: The absence of the power cord significantly increases the freedom of use of this multifunction tool, which does not suffer any type of limitation in terms of range and positioning angle.

Starlock Plus: Thanks to this attachment it is universally compatible with a wide range of tools; furthermore, their change is further facilitated by the QuickIN quick coupling system.

Well equipped: The package includes several interchangeable tools and two batteries with relative charger; the power supplied, moreover, has nothing to envy to similar models produced by the most renowned companies.


Assistance / Warranty: In the event of breakdowns or repairs, unfortunately, it is difficult to access assistance and find spare parts, the same goes for batteries.

Buying guide – How to choose the best multifunction tools?

Different types of operations can be performed with a multifunction tool: sawing, sanding, cutting or cutting off are just some of them. But as often happens, given the many models that are on the market, choosing which multifunction tool to buy based on the one that best suits your needs may not be a simple operation. To help you in this decision we have created this buying guide, which takes into consideration the most important aspects to know how to choose a good multifunctional tool, avoiding wasting money unnecessarily.

Different models, different applications

At first glance, multifunction tools may all look the same: they have an elongated body and a part where the various accessories must be inserted. The multifunction tool often replaces other devices such as the flexible, the circular saw to carry out jobs where space is less, or where the power of professional tools is not needed.

They are generally powered by electricity, so they have a cable that comes out at the front. This can be of different sizes, but it doesn’t matter, as a normal extension cable can solve any distance problem with the electrical outlet. There are also multifunction tools that are battery-powered, but as it is logical to expect they are less powerful even if they are decidedly more manageable and usable practically anywhere since you are not tied to the presence of an electrical outlet.

Generally we tend to choose those with electric power supply, because they are more versatile in terms of interventions, and therefore can deal with different types of material without particular problems.

The engine

To determine the power of a multifunction tool is the motor, and its ability to produce a rotation or oscillation of the tool that is measured in the minimum and maximum number they can reach in minutes. Most of the multifunction tools for home use are equipped with a 300 W motor that can produce approximately 20/23 thousand oscillations per minute.

With regard to revolutions or oscillations, it is better to prefer models that “oscillate” than those that make the tool “turn” because they are much more satisfactory in terms of the final result. For example, in sanding, one of the most classic operations that can be done using a multifunction tool, it is clear how the oscillation of the accessory makes this work easier and the result is also better.

It is important that the power tool allows you to adjust the speed and that it remains constant even when it is put under stress. In fact, it is not unlikely to read negative reviews of models that once you push for example to remove ceramic tiles, it loses power making this operation long and difficult.

Normally the most expensive devices are also those that offer this feature, which for those looking for a multifunction tool to use for their work is to be considered fundamental.

Use without getting tired

The multifunction tool is a device that is held in the hand, so being able to grip it effortlessly and without the risk of it slipping because you may have sweaty hands is important. This is determined by the type of grip, although to be honest even the low-end models now offer ergonomic and sweat-proof grips.

Important, of course, is the weight. A very heavy multi-tool could become awkward if the job you are doing takes a few hours. A suitable weight is between 1.5 and maximum 1.8 kilograms; those that weigh more are to be avoided unless you are sure they will be used for a short time during the day.

Another important aspect, which can only be seen by reading the various reviews, are the vibrations that are transmitted to the hands and arms during use. If they are too high, for sure after half an hour of work you will have to take a break because you will feel an annoying tingling in the upper limbs. If the tool is equipped with an LED light, all the better: if the place where you will use it is not very bright you can always count on this accessory light, which will also be useful when you have to make precision cuts.

The accessories

Very often, with the same performance, to determine the price of a multifunction tool is the number of accessories that are supplied. If you use it at home for some small work, the advice is to move towards models that have a large number of accessories available.

If, on the other hand, you have to make a professional use, it is better to focus on the most performing models, taking into account the fact that these must offer a universal attachment in order to choose with due care which accessories to buy to perform your duties.

One of the compatible attachments offered by power tools is called Starlock, and in practice it is the one used by the most important brands in this sector. It is always useful to consider that the multifunction tool is sold together with a case where it can be stored, together with the accessories, once the work is finished which allows it to be transported easily, also keeping it safe from any falls or blows.

There are so many accessories that can be combined with a multifunction tool, and it is difficult to find the right one. Just think that there are also accessories to be able to connect an external aspirator which thus allows to have the area in which it is working always clean and therefore without debris, dust and residues due to cutting.

Frequent questions

What is the multi-tool used for?

As the word “multifunction” says, with this tool it is possible to perform different types of jobs. You can cut iron or wood using the appropriate blades, pipes of different materials, remove tiles, and sand wood and metals. It is also possible to cut (with the necessary accessory) plasterboard, glass resin and so on. In practice, the possible applications are many, it is enough to have the right accessory an adequate power with respect to what you want to do.

How does this tool work?

The multifunction tool has a shaft where various accessories can be housed in the end part. This shaft swings or turns (depending on the model) thanks to a small motor powered by electricity. The tool must be installed on the tip of the shaft. Each model has its own method of attachment, but most require you to open a lever, place the accessory in the housing provided and tighten this lever.

Normally no tools are needed, and this is done easily with your hands. Each tool can also be installed at a certain angle depending on what needs to be done. A button or selector allows you to choose the speed of rotation or oscillation.

How to use a multifunction tool

Let’s say immediately that there is no “manual” on how to use a multifunction tool: practice and some advice from those who are already practical are the best school to make the most of it. It very clearly depends on what you have to do. In principle it is not recommended to apply pressure, but it is much better to change the oscillation speed if you understand that the cut or the tiles you want to remove need more power than you have set.

Accessories at maximum efficiency.

It is very important to always keep the accessories in good working order. If these are dented, deformed or trivially worn, it is better to think about buying new ones, because during the work they could break and become dangerous.

Always remember to switch off the tool when you need to change the angle of inclination of the accessory or change it. Many models allow you to do this even with the power tool running, but at least for the first few times we recommend turning it off, until you are familiar with these two operations.

Recommendations for use

Most multifunction tools are powered by electricity. The engine is normally sealed and even in the event of a short circuit there should be no dangerous sparks. Logically, however, it is always better to work away from water and always wear suitable shoes, with rubber soles or better still accident prevention.

Although the multifunction tools are all equipped with ergonomic handles, our advice is to wear work gloves that allow you to have a better grip and protect your hands from any splinters. For the same reason, a pair of work glasses is highly recommended, especially if you have to work with wood or metal and you need to be very close to be able to perform a perfect cut.

Everything you need to know, starting from its characteristics and the different types on the market, up to the possible applications.

When it comes to multifunction tools, the first thought often immediately goes to the oscillating tools used exclusively for grinding and polishing work in places that are difficult to access, such as corners and grooves for example, on wood or other materials.

In reality, however, this tool is an electric tool of a very different nature, simple in structure but at the same time complex, as it opens up to a whole world of possible applications, starting from the simple domestic environment up to the professional one and in the fields ranging from culinary art to medicine and surgery.

The first distinction to be made, therefore, is that between oscillating tools and real multifunction tools. The characteristics common to both are the small size and the possibility of mounting various interchangeable accessories; the differences, on the other hand, consist in the operating principle, which in the multifunction tool is not oscillating but rotary, and in the range of accessories available.

While the oscillating tool is designed to use only abrasive strips and triangles, in fact, the multifunction tool can fit a much wider range of accessories, ranging from abrasive cylinders to circular blades, drill bits, cutters for engravings and notches. , boring and flaring bits, brass brushes, rubber discs, polishing felts and much more depending on the type of processing required.

How a multifunction tool is made

Do you know a common electric toothbrush? Here, the multifunction tool has a very similar appearance, except that instead of the attachment for the toothbrush it is equipped with a coupling for spindles of different sizes, which allow the assembly of different accessories with the shank of a diameter between 1 and approximately 3.2 mm, which as we will see later is the standard required for certain types of processing.

Its dimensions are extremely compact, have a cylindrical body that houses an electric motor capable of generating high rotation speeds, from a minimum of 5,000 up to 40,000 rpm and more, depending on the model chosen. The most recent and reliable ones use brushless motors, or even induction motors, which is why they are extremely quiet and less subject to overheating, despite the high speeds achieved.

The tool is obviously powered by electricity but, depending on the model, this can be supplied by means of a connection cable or by a rechargeable battery integrated in the tool. Battery-powered devices have the advantage of being more practical and manageable, but are subject to the operating autonomy of the battery itself, while those powered by an integrated cable have no problems in this regard and offer greater reliability in terms of consistency in the power delivered.

Models and prices

The cost of a multifunction tool can range from 20 to 120 euros or even more, depending on the model and features. Although there are numerous brands that produce this type of tool, moreover, the most reliable and well-known companies in the sector are only two: the American Dremel and the German Proxxon, whose products are placed in the highest range of the market.

The best-selling multifunction tool, for example, is the Micromot 50 / E produced by the German company Proxxon, which is mainly used by professionals and more experienced hobbyists; even the multifunction tools produced by the US company Dremel, however, occupy a large share of the market.

Low-cost products, on the other hand, have the advantage of being more affordable, but tend to be less reliable in terms of durability and precision since they are made with lower quality materials and therefore less suitable for intensive use.

The price then, in addition to varying according to the model and manufacturer, also changes depending on the purchase proposal. A practical example, in order to better understand the concept, is represented by the Dremel multifunction tool; the latter is available in five different packs whose cost varies from 65 to 165 euros approximately, depending on the accessories supplied with each individual pack.

The accessories have a great impact on the overall price as they not only include the interchangeable tips but also additional complementary tools that allow you to expand the methods of use, such as the extension cable, the plunge milling support, the one for transforming the tool. in a small pillar drill and so on.

Many of these complementary accessories are not immediately necessary, of course, so you can limit yourself to buying only the multifunction tool with a modest starting equipment. The Proxxon Micromot 50 / E, for example, is one of the best sellers for this very reason; the case package, in fact, includes the device together with the spindles, the power adapter and a small set of interchangeable accessories that include engraving tips, abrasive discs, polishing pads and a brass brush.

What are the possible uses

The applications of the multifunction tool, as the definition itself suggests, are many and fall into various fields. This tool can be used for drilling, routing, reaming, countersinking, threading, engraving, grinding, polishing and cutting, so you can really do it all.

In the professional field it is mainly used in electronics, precision mechanics, goldsmithing and jewelery; in carpentry it is excellent for drawing freehand inlays, the same goes for artists who work with stone. It is also widely used in professions that have to do with medicine, such as dental technology for example, where it is used for the production of dental prostheses, and in surgery itself.

In the home and hobby is used above all by lovers of modeling, including naval, by the builders of dioramas, while in the artistic field it is used by sculptors and by those who delight in the creation of small objects.

Its polyvalent nature, however, makes it extremely versatile and adaptable, and consequently it is used for the most diverse uses, starting from home renovations to the preparation of meat, fish and other foods for certain types of culinary preparations.

Furthermore, the existence of specific supports designed specifically for this purpose allows the multifunction tool to take on further and specific possibilities of use, further expanding the range of possible uses.

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