Best Jigsaws under $100 [2022 Updated ]

With a jigsaw it is possible to cut thin pieces of wood and also to do many other smaller jobs in or outdoors. Because we want to make sure that you go home with the best jigsaw, we can recommend that you take a look at our buying guide. It explains which elements you could possibly take into account to arrive at the best jigsaw.

Research has shown that with the Bosch PST 650 you get a solid device. Compared to some other devices, this is a fairly compact jigsaw that also weighs relatively little. This makes it a lot easier to work with it for a longer period of time.

The Makita 4329K definitely don’t have to compromise. It is a solid device that is quite powerful and works quickly and also has double insulation.

Jigsaws buying guide

A jigsaw is the ideal product for performing fine sawing jobs. To help you buy a good jigsaw, we have listed some important factors that you should take into account. This will help you to buy the ideal jigsaw for your situation.

Types of jigsaws

We can classify jigsaws into two different types: the bow-grip jigsaw and the T-handle jigsaw. The difference between the two types is the shape of the jigsaw.

The bracket models are the most common jigsaws and this one holds you by the top while working. They are fairly cheap to buy.

A T-handle is also known by another name, namely knob handle and has some advantages compared to the jigsaw with bow handle. You can use a device with a T-handle upside down to cut the visible side of the workpiece without being bothered by splinters, you also have more control over the sawing. This type is also more suitable for cutting curves accurately.

A knob handle model is usually used by professional handymen and is also usually more expensive than a bracket model. Although they cost more money, they are more precise to work with, so think about which model is better for your situation.

Cutting speed and saw blade

To know the cutting speed of a jigsaw, you have to look at the number of strokes per minute it produces. With most jigsaws you can set the speed yourself because you can’t cut all materials at the same speed. That way you can also start slower to make precise cuts and then increase the speed to work faster.

Some other devices have no speed control but have 1 or 2 positions. This may be enough for the hobbyist, but it is still recommended to buy a device with different speeds.

There are many different saw blades that you can place on a jigsaw. To buy the ideal saw blade, you can follow three steps to make a good choice: the attachment of the blade, the material used and the teeth.

There are two systems for the saw blades on a jigsaw. Saw blades have different shapes on the end to attach them to the device. The two types are a T-shank and a U-shank, the letters refer to the shape of the end which resembles a T and a U. There are machines that only work with one species and others with both.

With a jigsaw you can also work on other materials in addition to wood, so you can of course also buy saw blades to work with metal and plastic. This is ideal for a person who wants to do an occasional job, professional handymen better buy special saw blades.

Finally, look at the number of teeth of the saw blade. The more teeth it has, the finer work you can do. This is especially useful for use with soft materials.

extra options

A pendulum position can be a great help while doing odd jobs. By using a pendulum position, the saw will move from front to back in addition to moving up and down, so you can cut much faster. The disadvantage of this is that more splinters come loose.

A common problem with sawing is the amount of dust that ends up on the workpiece. To avoid this, you can look for a model with a dust blower, so that the dust and sawdust is blown away during the job. Or even better, look for a device with dust extraction, so it ends up directly in a bag or container and you don’t have to sweep it up afterwards.

Some devices have a light on the front so you can illuminate a workpiece when it gets dark or if you work in poorly lit areas. If you buy a jigsaw with an adjustable base plate, you can cut at an angle or saw bevels on a workpiece.

Power supply and cost

You can choose between a jigsaw that works on mains power or you buy a model that works on a battery. Each type has its pros and cons. If you plan to work for a long time in a row, it’s best to buy a model with a cable, so you don’t run the risk of running out of battery when you’re not done with the job. The disadvantage is of course that the cord gets in the way and that you have less freedom of movement while doing odd jobs.

A battery-powered model gives you more freedom of movement to work, but a battery only lasts for a certain period of time, so at a certain point you will have to stop to recharge the battery. You can avoid this by buying a second battery to continue working.

The price of a jigsaw varies depending on the type, saw blade and accessories you are looking for. To find great offers, it is best to compare different products first.

5 Best Jigsaws (Reviews) of 2022

Do you have some small jobs to do or do you need to cut thin wood? Then take a jigsaw at home. To help you choose, we have compared 5 jigsaws online based on user opinions and listed them. Take a look and you might find the best jigsaw!

1. Bosch PST 650 Jigsaw 500W

The Bosch PST 650 is a light and compact jigsaw. You can use it to saw cutouts in wood, plastic, rubber, etc. It is suitable for smaller sawing jobs such as sawing decor work. You can easily and quickly change the saw blade thanks to the SDS system. You can also set the speed via the adjustment knob or the push button, so you can work easily.

Thanks to the Bosch Low Vibration technology, you have minimal vibrations to be able to work with the highest precision and control. It has a powerful 500 Watt motor and a cutting depth of 65 mm in wood.

The online reviews show great satisfaction among the users of this jigsaw offer. It is relatively cheap and you get high quality in return. It fits well in the hand, is not too heavy but still powerful. The only downside is that it comes with only 1 saw blade, but most buyers think this product is really great!

This jigsaw is lightweight and is currently the most popular product with the most reviews. Bosch is one of the best brands that guarantees quality. The device is suitable for small sawing jobs and you can easily change the saw blade. The speed of the device is adjustable.


Ease of use: the device is compact and lightweight. In addition, the saw is equipped with a soft grip and makes few vibrations for optimal comfort during sawing.

Bosch SDS: thanks to this system you can quickly change saw blades. It is also 100% safe and you do not need any auxiliary tools.

Dust-free: you have the option to connect a dust extraction to keep the working environment dust-free. The device is also equipped with a blow function to blow away sawdust and dust so that you have a better view of the workpiece.          


Saw blade: Only one saw blade is supplied with this product, so you have to purchase additional saw blades yourself.

2. Makita Jigsaw 230V 4329K

The Makita is double insulated and has an adjustable pendulum stroke to cut thick material faster. It is ideal for regular sawing in wood, plastic and metal in a free line. You can close an external dust extraction on it and it has a protective head or bracket so that you do not accidentally touch the saw.

The counterweight in the drive ensures that the vibration is reduced and that the impact force is increased. It is light and has three pendulum positions for fine to coarse finishes.

The online reviews give a mostly positive advice about this jigsaw. It is not the cheapest but you get quality in return. It is easy to use and fits well in the hand. The extra saw cap is a plus for many. A nice jigsaw offer this Makita 4329K!

With the 4329K jigsaw from Makita you can cut plastic, wood and metal. It is possible to connect a dust extractor and thanks to the protective cover, the risk of accidents is drastically reduced. The device has a high impact force and is not affected by vibrations.



the device is equipped with a protective cover so that you cannot get splinters and sawdust in your face.

Positions: you can choose between three different pendulum positions to make fine or coarse cuts. You can also set the speed of the saw.

Ease of use: the device is lightweight so that your arms will not be overloaded. In addition, you will receive a handy case with the purchase to be able to take the device with you when you travel.               


Cable: the cable has a length of 2 meters, it is better to purchase an extension cable so that you have more freedom of movement.

3. Bosch PST 900 PEL Pendulum Jigsaw 620 Watt

This jigsaw cuts through any material with precision, making it perfect for the discerning do-it-yourselfer. You can set the number of sawing movements with the adjustment knob and the saw blade can be changed quickly and easily.

This device has the Cut Control tool, a cutting line visor with which you can follow marked cutting lines when sawing. It also has an integrated light for a better view of your work and a connection for dust extraction so that you can work dust-free.

Here too, buyers find it a pity that only 1 saw is included, but otherwise all reviews about this top product are positive.

A more expensive price but also a better quality. They find it a compact and handy device and it easily saws through wood. The ability to set the base plate at different degrees to cut miter is a great advantage for many.

The PST 900 PEL from Bosch is suitable for precision work and you can easily set the number of sawing movements. You can easily change the saw blade and thanks to the visor it is easy to follow a cutting line. The device is equipped with a light to improve the view of your workpiece.


Powerful:the motor of the device has a power of 620 watts and you can saw to a maximum depth of 90 mm, making the device also suitable for heavy work.

Bosch SDS:thanks to this function it is easy to replace a saw blade in a quick way. In addition, you do not need any auxiliary tools and it is completely safe.

Maximum control: you can set the speed via the adjustment knob and thanks to Bosch

Cut: Control you can easily follow the cutting line. The built-in lamp provides a good view of the workpiece and the device minimizes vibrations for controlled cutting.  


Saw blade: only one saw blade is included and most buyers find this too little.

4. Powerplus POW1010 Jigsaw 450 Watt

The Powerplus jigsaw has a guide rail system to follow the sawing lines even better. You can also connect the dust extraction to a regular vacuum cleaner to keep your work environment clean.

This device is ideal for cutting tight curves and curved cutting lines. It can handle up to 2800 revolutions per minute and has a power of 450 Watts. The cable has a length of 2 meters, so if you want to move around a lot, it’s better to buy an extension cable. The maximum cutting depth for wood is 60 mm and for steel 8 mm.

Opinions on this device are divided. A big plus is the price, it certainly belongs to the cheap jigsaws. It is suitable for light work and fits well in the hand. Others are not happy with it and think it is too vulnerable. Also, the saw blade could not be clamped completely straight and it is therefore always a few degrees skewed.

For buyers looking for the product with the lowest price, this Powerplus jigsaw is a must. The device is equipped with a guide rail and you can connect a dust extraction to it to be able to work dust-free.


Cheap price: the device is ideal for buyers on a budget due to its cheap price.Working dust-free:you can connect dust extraction to the device so that you can work dust-free. This provides a better view of the workpiece and better health because you inhale less dust.

guide rail: the device is equipped with a guide rail that you can easily follow to make straight cuts in the workpiece. 


Saw blade: the saw blade is not straight in the device but a few degrees skewed. As a result, you have to tilt the device a bit to be able to saw straight.

5. Metabo Jigsaw STE 90 SCS

The Metabo is a professional jigsaw for precise cuts. It has a transparent protective cover and a shatter protection plate.

Thanks to the Quick system, you can easily change a saw without tools. It also has a chip blower function that you can activate to keep a clear view of the work surface.

No reviews have been written about this product yet, so based on that we cannot give you advice about this product.

This professional jigsaw is suitable for precise sawing and is safe to use thanks to the protective cover. You can quickly and easily change saw blades and the blower function ensures a chip-free working environment.


Metabo Quick: you can easily and quickly change saw blades thanks to the Quick system without the need for a key.

Straight Cut System: this system consists of a deployable fin which is located in the guide plate. With this fin you can easily saw straight ahead.

Optimal visibility: the blowing function can blow away the dust on the workpiece and the device is also equipped with a lamp to illuminate the workpiece.

Safe: thanks to the protective cover you can work safely without dust or splinters getting into your face.         


There are currently no negatives found for this product.

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