10 Best Inverter for Work Truck [ 2022 Updated ]

An inverter is a very handy device with which you can easily convert the voltage to the right amount. The correct amount of voltage will of course depend on the type and power of your device. In our buying guide we try to explain as best as possible what you can take into account.

You can of course also consult our top 3. This has shown that with the HQ INV150WU-12 you get one of the cheaper inverters.

With the HQ INV1700/24 inverter you can be sure of a more than equivalent alternative. The device can without any problems convert a voltage of 24V to a voltage of no less than 230V.

Inverters buying guide

With an inverter you can convert the voltage from 12V to 230V or vice versa. These devices are very useful in places where, for example, you do not have a socket. This can be very useful for people who go camping a lot. If you are planning to buy an inverter offer, you can take into account the following recommendations: voltage and power, efficiency, noise, standby power and price. Use this information to buy the best inverter.

Inverter voltage and power

An inverter that converts voltage from 12V to 230V must be supplied with a DC voltage of 12V. This is the normal voltage of a car battery and in many cases you can connect an inverter to the cigarette lighter of a car.
You need an inverter to make a certain appliance work, and that appliance needs a certain power. The power of a device is shown in Watts. However, there are some inverters that express the maximum power that can be delivered in Volt Ampere. The problem is that these quantities are not equal to each other.
The difference in the two values depends on the device you will be connecting to the inverter. However, there is a rule of thumb you can use in this case. Usually an inverter with 100 VA can be loaded with a device up to 70 Watt.

The return

The efficiency of an inverter is expressed in %. This comes down to how much energy is effectively converted. By converting raw materials or energy, a part of this energy is always lost. With an inverter, this loss is not as great as with a petrol engine, for example. A petrol engine has an efficiency of only 25% because the rest of the energy is released as heat. Because this creates extreme heat, your car has a cooling system.
The efficiency of an inverter that converts 12V voltage to 230V is about 90%, which is quite high. The problem is that an inverter can become very hot if it is overloaded. To solve this, most models have a fan that starts automatically. Choose an inverter with the highest possible efficiency, the product will not belong to the cheap inverters, but provides a better conversion.

How much noise does the device make

An inverter always makes a bit of noise, the problem is that the device will make more noise the more it is loaded. This can cause a disturbing and humming noise that can bother some people. Especially if you use the inverter in the same room where you sleep.
The problem starts when the inverter is overloaded. At that moment the fan of the appliance will start and this can cause noise nuisance. Unfortunately the noise level of the fan is not shown on the packaging of the inverter so you don’t know in advance whether it will be noisy or not. It is therefore impossible to compare the different products on the basis of noise level. You can opt for a model with a limited power without a fan.

Standby power

If an inverter is switched on, but no other devices are connected to the device, the inverter still loses energy. This is called the standstill loss and can be quite high. With some inverters, this can ensure that your car battery is empty after a few days without connecting another device.

Check the standby power of the inverter so that you know what the consumption is of an inverter that is not being used. Good inverters have a standstill loss of 4 Watt or have a power saving mode. This mode ensures that the inverter switches itself off regularly to save energy.

This also has a disadvantage, it takes a few seconds before the device that you connect to the inverter is supplied with power.

Price of the inverter

Most inverters do not cost too much money and it is always possible to find interesting offers. You can easily buy an inverter online and have it delivered to your home.
Most online stores regularly offer promotions, so you can subscribe to the newsletter so that you are immediately notified when a new promotion is available. Keep in mind that shipping costs can still be charged to have the item delivered to your home.
Budget and compare the pros and cons of each product so you can find the best deal for yourself.

Inverter reviews – top 5

An inverter is used to convert the voltage into the correct amount you need for your appliances. This prevents devices from experiencing short circuits and it is safer to use some devices. Take a look at the following five top quality products to choose the best inverter for yourself.

Recommended products

1.300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Charger Converter

You can connect this cheap inverter from HQ to the 12V battery of a car or a boat to convert the 12V DC voltage to 230V AC. This way you can connect a lot more equipment. The device is equipped with a USB output to connect MP3 players or digital cameras.
The device has a power of 150 Watts and a peak power of 300 Watts. If the voltage is too low, the device switches off automatically. Thanks to its compact shape, you can easily take this item with you wherever you go.

Only one buyer thinks the price is just a bit too high, but the rest gives a positive advice about this inverter offer. It is made of top quality and is very easy to use. You can easily use or charge your 220V or 230V devices.

300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Charger Converter with 4.8A Dual USB Ports (Blue)
  • 【Premium 300W Power Inverter】- New Upgraded version car power converter, provides 300 watts...
  • 【FastCharging & Widely Use 】 -This modified sine wave car power inverter features dual 110V AC...

If you are looking for a decent inverter, it is recommended to take a look at this model from HQ. It is not only a powerful and durable inverter, but also one that is very compact at the same time. This makes it easy to take the device with you wherever you go.


Connection options:
you can connect this device to the 12V battery in your car or boat without any problems. In this way it is possible to change the 12V DC voltage to a 230V AC voltage in a good and safe way.
you will notice that the device switches off almost immediately when the voltage drops drastically.
This inverter has a minimum power of approximately 150 Watts and a maximum power of more than 300 Watts.


according to one customer, the price tag of this inverter would be a tad too high.

2.BESTEK 500W Power Inverter DC

As the title indicates, this converter is suitable for converting 24V voltage to 230V. This way you can always use 230V devices in your car or on a boat. The inverter is equipped with a built-in battery charger to automatically charge the battery. The device has a normal output power of 600 Watts and a peak output power of 1500 Watts.

It is cooled by an integrated fan and is protected against short circuits. It also has protection against incorrect connection of battery terminals and an input voltage that is too high. If the battery voltage is too low or if it overheats, the device switches off automatically.

BESTEK 500W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with Alligator Battery Clamp 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger ETL Listed
  • BESTEK power inverter: America's #1 power inverter brand. Provides 500W continuous DC to AC power and...
  • Powerful charging: Dual 110V AC outlets for powering larger devices such as laptops and tablets or any...

Only one buyer has currently written an opinion about this device but the review is completely positive. You can even use it to hook up a microwave oven for those who have to make long car journeys like truck drivers. The quality is top notch and the device is easy to use.
Just like the previous device, this inverter also comes from the well-known brand HQ. We therefore suspect that this may well be one of the most popular brands and perhaps also the best brand for some buyers. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the properties of the device.


thanks to this converter you can convert a voltage of 24V to a voltage of 230V without any problems.
you don’t have to worry about the battery of this inverter. The device is equipped with a powerful built-in battery charger. This ensures that the battery of this inverter will always be automatically charged.
Output Power:
the device is equipped with a minimum output power of approximately 600 watts and a maximum output power of no less than 1500 watts.
the device is equipped with protection against short circuits and against a particularly high input voltage. In addition, a protection is also provided when wrong battery poles are connected.


At the moment there is only one single review in which the buyer gives a positive opinion about this device.
See the price on bol.com

3.BESTEK 150W Power Inverter DC 12V 

This product is suitable for converting voltage from 12V to 230V. It is a compact device that you can even place in the cup holder of your car. The device is equipped with a built-in USB connection to connect devices such as an MP3 player.

The output power of this unit is 100 Watts and at peak times it reaches 200 Watts. The device switches off when the battery voltage is too low and is protected against overheating. It is also equipped with protection against overload, short circuit and too high input voltage.

BESTEK 150W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter, Thinner Design with ETL Listed, Grey/Black
  • Patented Isolation Voltage Protection: BESTEK 150W Car Power Inverter equipped with low pressure and high...
  • Smart Dual USB: 4.2A output USB ports with smart IC that can automatically detect your devices to deliver...

To date, there has been one review posted on this article and it gives good advice. The quality of the device is top notch and you can easily take it with you in the car to connect your laptop, for example.
Once again we are dealing with an inverter that belongs to the now well-known brand HQ. This model is really ideal if you are looking for an inverter that can easily convert a 12V voltage to a 230V voltage.


compared to some other devices, you will notice that this is a particularly compact product. So you can easily take it with you and store it anywhere.
USB connection:
This inverter is equipped with a handy internal USB connection. That way you can connect a device such as an MP3 player without any problems.
Output Power:
the device has a powerful minimum output power of more than 100 watts. The maximum output power is no less than 200 Watts.
this inverter is not only protected against overload and short circuit, but also when a high input voltage or a low battery voltage is detected. Even in case of overheating, the inverter will switch off immediately.


we suspect the price tag might be an issue for some buyers.
See the price on bol.com

5.PowerDrive PD3000 3000 Watt Power Inverter Features

This inverter is suitable for converting voltage from 230V to 12V. This plug is the perfect product if you want to connect a car battery charger to a regular socket. It converts AC voltage to DC voltage and is only suitable for indoor use.

You can of course also use this converter to convert appliances from 220V to 12V, the input can be between 100V and 240V. You do not have to pay a lot of money for this product because it belongs to the category of cheap inverters.
Opinions on this product are divided. According to some buyers, the product is of good quality and works properly. Other buyers, on the other hand, think it’s a bad purchase because it doesn’t work and there is also too little information to know what the device is actually for.

With this 230V to 12V adapter you can convert a voltage AC to a voltage DC without any problems. And this can be very useful. However, we recommend that you always first look for the pros and cons of the product. You can view these below.


if we compare it with the other 4 devices from this list, we can conclude that this inverter does indeed have the lowest price.
This device has a wide input range that is between 100V and 240V.


Little info:
according to a small minority of buyers, there is just a little too little information available to better understand the device.
Moderate quality:
some customers are convinced that the quality of this inverter is not excellent at all.

6.BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V

This Carpoint inverter converts voltage from 230V to 12V. It is suitable for connecting your cool box.
The input may be between 200 and 240V. The device is equipped with overload, short circuit and overheating protection. You connect this device to the socket and then you can connect 12V devices via the adapter. The device is made of ABS plastic.

This product has not yet been reviewed by buyers. Due to a lack of reviews, we can therefore not formulate any advice about this inverter offer. You have the chance to be the first to write an opinion about this article.

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter
  • BESTEK Advantage: America's leading power inverter brand. Provides 300 Watts continuous DC to AC power...
  • Fast Charging: two 110V AC outlets for charging larger devices such as laptops and tablets, 2 USB...

Finally, you also have the option to opt for this Carpoint inverter. This model converts a voltage of 230V to a voltage of 12V without any problems. You could, for example, put this inverter to good use when you connect it to the cool box.


you can tolerate an input with this device that is situated between 200V and 240V.
the device is not only protected against short circuits, but also against overheating and even against overload.
This inverter is made entirely from particularly sturdy and durable ABS plastic.


No review:
because there are currently no online reviews posted, it is not so easy for us to look for any negatives.

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