6 Best Impact Wrenches for Compressor [2022 Updated]

Although they are not common among our tools, impact wrenches have become an interesting tool for those who do do-it-yourself or mechanical maintenance tasks.

Powerful, comfortable and light enough for you to use when carrying out any type of maintenance activity, these impact wrenches have to be adjusted in order to fit different tasks.

The Einhell TE-CI 18 Li key, with electrical supply, which has light weight and good ergonomics, is one of the electrical products that is included in the offer.

The Monster-Edition, made with an aluminum body, with adequate efficiency and a compact and light size, is designed for less demanding jobs.

Buying guide – What is the best impact wrench on the market?

The impact wrench is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of tasks. If you want to find out more about these tools and if they can help you, review the tips in our guide to buying the best impact wrench, and get all the information you need about these tools.

 Electrical or manual?

One type of impact wrench might work best for one task, but another type might work best for another job. If you don’t know which tool is right for you, you should probably buy one or two different types and see what works for you. They are suitable for mechanical work and other tasks where a larger workforce is needed, but not for small screws or other delicate objects because they can break, head or tear them. The electric impact wrench is recommended for use on small screws and for smaller-scale jobs. In this case, we have wired keys, which are the most powerful of the electric ones, as well as the wireless or battery-operated ones, which give total freedom when working, but offer less power. Depending on the use you are going to give it, you have a choice. It’s important to adjust it to what you are going to do.

Operating power

The power of the key we are evaluating is influenced by how much it costs and the type of key that we are evaluating. Electric keys can be remarkable, depending on their applications, but they have more adjusted power. In the case of pneumatic models, the most powerful power is determined by the level of Torque they can achieve, as well as the working pressure. The larger the wrench, the more powerful it will be with respect to the diameter of the nut that it can work with. If you don’t have a compressor or don’t have enough air to shoot a gun, you have to supply it. It’s not a problem in electric models where there is a plug nearby and a good battery to use the product. According to the watt that the power tool has, the power is measured. We have to compare the size of the nut that they support with similar products. The power of the most powerful products is 1,000 watt, which allows for a force to move everything.

Ease of use

The ability to be held comfortably in the hands of the user is something that we must consider. This tool needs to be easy to use and comfortable to hold. As far as power is concerned, we don’t need a rocket scientist to operate it; we need a tool that gives us the power to work on our cars with confidence. It’s always a good idea to compare products to similar products. It isn’t the same to compare a small wrench with a small diameter as it is to compare an impact wrench for trucks.

6 Best Impact Wrenches for Compressor [2022 Updated]

This is the tool that you should use if you need an impact wrench. When doing heavy work that is difficult to handle, it’s very effective that it’s an additional force. It’s a great option for your home improvement projects at a very low price.

1. WORKPRO 20V Cordless Impact Wrench

When you have to drive a screw into a hard-to-reach place or when there’s not enough, the Einhell TE-CI 18 Li model is an efficient tool for you. The best performance tool has a tri- motor that is capable of moving nuts, bolts, and all other types of fasteners.

It is fast and efficient, which results in maximum results with minimum effort. The maximum amount of Torque for heavy-duty work is 150 Nm. Even if you’re using the product for an hour or more at a time, there is still enough Torque to get the job done. The ergonomics of the product make it easy to control through the electronic control system. You will be able to do any kind of work, because you are comfortable.

WORKPRO 20V Cordless Impact Wrench, 1/2-inch, 320 Ft Pounds Max Torque, 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery with Fast Charger, Belt Clip for Easy Carrying
  • 🎁 Great for Father's Day Gifts
  • Compact and Powerful: With powerful motor, this 20V impact wrench delivers 320ft pounds of max torque and...

This tool has three lights in the front area that illuminate the work area so that you have complete security of seeing what you are doing. Compared to other impact wrenches whose construction does not meet the requirements, this tool has a solid and robust construction that allows you to get the best performance, and it’s a short tool.

At the same time, it protects the internal motor and lightens the weight of the product by using a highly resistant aluminum shell. A small weight that is barely around a kilo helps to facilitate its use, while maintaining its due resistance.

The corners and other elements don’t suffer during use because it has rubber protections strategically placed. To be able to wear it better and handle it easily, it also has a special clip that you can use to hang the product on your belt. In addition to being very sturdy, the Impact Wrench Impact Tool Caddy also allows you to store your impact wrench in it and keep it from deteriorating or staining when you store or transport it.

Main Advantage:

The capacity of this impact wrench is much higher than that of other products on the market, so that you will be able to move those nuts and bolts that normal screwdrivers are not able to handle.

Main disadvantage:

Compared to other impact wrenches that are sold complete, in this case it is necessary that you buy both the charger and the battery that powers the product separately, since they are not included in it.

2. Astro Tools 1894 ONYX 1/2″”THOR” Impact Wrench

The best impact wrench for sockets up to 12 ” in diameter is the model 515.1210 from the German brand KS Tools. It has a maximum Torque of 1,690 Nm, which is great for fastening or loosening any socketst wrench up to 12 ” in diameter.

Astro Tools 1894 ONYX 1/2""THOR" Impact Wrench
  • The most powerful impact wrench in its class on the market. Even with long impact extensions and...
  • Rated 940 ft-lbs traditional Max Torque (compare to 1,600+ ft-lbs nut-busting or bolt-breakaway)....

It has a double hammer mechanism that makes it very fast and high performance, and its long service life is another advantage. For those who love doing things themselves, or for those who want to be able to do things themselves without any assistance, this is the tool you need. It has everything you need to make the repair or do the job yourself with ease and confidence.


Weight – One of the most appreciated aspects of the KS Tools Monster Edition 515.1210 Impact Wrench is its weight. This option has a weight of just 2.15 kilograms thanks to its resistant aluminum casing which makes it quite light and easy to handle.

Dimensions : in addition to its weight, the dimensions of this impact wrench also help as they allow a practical manageability of the tool by the user and if you consider other models, this is one of the most compact.

Ergonomic : following the positive line of design and appearance, we also want to mention that this key has an ergonomically approved design. This refers to the fact that it has the right shape and materials to offer you comfortable handling and safety such as a non-slip rubberized handle.

Torque : perhaps one of the characteristics that interests you the most is its type of performance, therefore we want to indicate that the impact wrench 515.1210 Monster Edition from KS Tools is capable of applying a maximum torque of 1,690 Nm when removing and 510 Nm when tightening. , so you can do any type of work quickly.

Case : on the other hand, as an extra bonus, this model includes a practical case so you can keep it in order and take it comfortably wherever you want.

3. AVID POWER 20V MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

This model has an electronically commutated motor, which is smaller and more energy efficient. It doesn’t have brushes, which makes it much less likely to breakdown. It is a wireless device because it works with an 18V battery. It can achieve a no-load speed of 0 to 3400 rpm, as well as a maximum of 4200 ipm.

AVID POWER Cordless Impact Wrench, 1/2 Impact Gun w/ Max Torque 330 ft lbs (450N.m), 20V Impact Driver Kit w/ 3.0A Li-ion Battery, 4 Pcs Drive Impact Sockets and 1 Hour Fast Charger, Electric Impact
  • Powerful - Equipped with a high spec powerful motor, this impact wrench provides maximum productivity by...
  • Variable Speed & Bright LED Light - With variable speed trigger, you can very easily control the speed of...

It can deliver a Torque of up to 200 Nm. In both homes and small specialized workshops, it can be used for demanding applications. This is the reason why it is one of the best impact wrench. It is important to understand the pros and cons of an item before purchasing it. There are some good points and some bad points to this product. Now is the right time to consider them.


Motor: It brings an EC motor of advanced technology, which has no brushes to avoid breakdowns, consumes less energy and at the same time reaches a speed of 3400 rpm, to easily carry out different projects at home.

Bit holder: The bit holder is not directly connected to the motor, which reduces kickback and twisting effect on the wrist. It also works with 1/2 “outside squares and 1/4” inside hexagons for added versatility.

Practicality: It measures only 14.7 x 25.3 cm and weighs around 1 kg, making it a small and light tool, very easy to move from one place to another.


Presentation: It is necessary to pay attention when choosing the presentation, as there are several options and the price may vary depending on the number of accessories included.

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4. K I M O. 20V Cordless Impact Wrench

The EinhellBT-HS 12 model is a good example of the best impact wrench on the market. The tool has a power of 2.3 W and a current of 12 V, which allows it to develop a maximum moment of force, front and back, of 260 Nm.

K I M O. 20V Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 inch, Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench Kit 250 Ft-lb 3000 RPM, Li-ion Battery Fast Charger 7 Sockets 3 Extension Bars, Power Impact Gun for Car Home
  • 【Upgrade to KIMO Brushless Motor】Thanks to the 25 years of technology accumulation at power tool and...
  • 【3000 in-lbs Brute Power, 3600 IPM】KIMO 20V cordless impact wrench has a useful balance of size,...

The EinhellBT-HS 12 was specially designed to easily tighten and loosen tire nuts, either at the end of their useful life or due to a breakdown on the road, for which it includes a 3.5 connection cable. The length of the cigarette lighter allows it to be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. The best feature of this wrench is that it has a 12 ” size mounting shaft and includes a set of 4 couplings for 12 and 21mm nuts.

It is comfortable with its 2.7 kilograms of weight and accepts a maximum thread size of M

If you are tired of looking at catalogs and wondering if you should buy an impact wrench, the EinhellBT – HS 12 offers you a great solution.


Adapter : so that you can always get out of trouble on the road, the Einhell BT – HS 12 impact wrench includes a practical adapter cable to connect it to the car’s 12 V power.

Cable : in addition, its 3.5 meter cable will allow you freedom of movement if you need it to change a flat tire.

Briefcase : and thanks to the transport case, you can always keep the key in order for when you need it.


Force : Some consumers indicated that this impact wrench is for simple tasks since mechanical use as such requires more force.

Limitation : also, it must be borne in mind that this model does not include a standard plug since it is designed to be used with the car cigarette lighter.

5.Milwaukee 2962-20 M18 18V Fuel 1/2″ Mid-torque Impact Wrench

One of the cheapest impact wrenches on the market is the Silverline 719770 pneumatic impact wrench. It has a low power at a no-load speed of 7,000rpm and a modest Torque of 312 Nm, which is ideal for fastening nuts or bolts, which do not require much endurance.

Milwaukee 2962-20 M18 18V Fuel 1/2" Mid-torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring
  • Friction ring (hog ring) ensures quick and easy socket changes
  • Tri-LEDs deliver high definition lighting to increase workspace visibility with less shadows

The pneumatic impact wrench has four different settings, from 1 as a minimum adjustment to 4 as a maximum, through the oscillating bolt that regulates the air flow. For the price of this item, there are better options out there. If you’re looking for a cheap tool, then this could be your best choice. It’s an average performer in all areas, but it has the benefit of being low priced.


Weight : this impact wrench has a weight of just 1.1 kilograms, making it one of the lightest models on our list, thus facilitating its sustainability.

Stages : it has four different stages of torque so you can apply the one that best suits what you are loosening or tightening.

Resistance : It is manufactured with robust and resistant finishes that make it appear quite durable.


Use : Netizens indicated in their reviews that the Silverline 719770 impact wrench is mostly for home use because it does not have the strength of a professional wrench.

Ergonomics : Plus, its full-length metallic finishes can make it a bit uncomfortable to use.

6. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench

This electric impact wrench is an option for the best electric impact wrench because it doesn’t need a compressor and can be used anywhere electricity is available. The 2093 is backed by the Italian brand Ribitech and works with a power of 1050 W that develops an idling speed of 2,200 rpm in two firing positions, offering a maximum Torque of 500 Nm and a maximum Torque of 350 Nm.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench with Detent Anvil, Cordless, Tool Only (DCF899B)
  • 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench has up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque and 1200 ft-lbs of max breakaway...
  • DEWALT 1/2 inch impact wrench has a compact design of 8-13/16-inch in length

In reverse position the maximum is reached. Depending on the number of Nm, the tightening Torque can be electronically adjusted from 10 to 10. The Porter Cable brand of impact wrench is an excellent one that will save you time and energy. It is available in three models: PC1704, PC1904 and PC2114.


Power : first of all, in the advantages of the Ribitech impact wrench 045000516 we must highlight its power. It works with a power of 1050 watts, so it is powerful enough to facilitate DIY, repair, mechanical and more jobs.

Dimensions : it has dimensions of 37.2 x 30.8 x 11.8 centimeters and although it is a little larger and more robust than the previous model, it is still very easy to handle and customers indicate that it feels stable.

Handle : it has a special ergonomic handle designed to offer you maximum comfort while using it as it has a non-slip rubber coating that will allow you to hold it firmly and safely.

Cable : also, its cable has an anti-twisting tangle system that will prevent cable pulling while you have it in use by being able to rotate the cable according to the movement of your hand on the equipment.


Weight : it is twice as heavy as the first option that we recommend for having 5.3 kilograms of weight, so it requires more effort when using it.

How to use an impact wrench

The construction trade uses a lot of different types of tools. The impact wrench is one of the tools that is used. I will show you how to use your impact wrench correctly to get the most out of it, now that you own it.

Check the user guide

It’s important for you to know your impact wrench’s different types and models because their power source is variable and it’s very important that you get to know that.

Connect the impact wrench to the power source

If you want to use a corded impact wrench, connect the battery to the charger and wait for the battery to be charged. If you need to change a battery on a corded or corded impact wrench, locate an outlet near the job to be done and plug the impact wrench into that outlet. The power switch for the impact wrench needs to be turned on.

Select the right head

If you need to loosen or tighten a nut or bolt, you need to locate the correct size head for the job and press firmly into the square sockets of the faucet. If your tool is connected, make the required change by connecting it to a different device.

Proceed to loosen the nuts

The rocker switch should be placed in the “Flip Nuts” position. You can get the key in both hands by touching it with your fingers. Use a smooth motion to loosen the nut on the piece of equipment. All the nuts need to be loose before this can be done. If you want to flip the rocker switch to tighten the nuts, first you have to remove the key from the rocker switch.

Proceed to tighten the nuts

This method can be used to tighten the nuts. The nut needs to be tightened by pulling the trigger all the way. The nut needs to be snug before you tighten. It’s possible that it’s necessary to loosen the nut and retighten it. If you tighten too much, the threads could be stripped. Do not tighten yourself. Place the sockets on the nut head if you want to tighten the first nut. Don’t pull the lever if you don’t know what’s going to happen. The nut will be tightened if at least 3 impacts are present. Don’t over-tighten the nuts because they may damage the machine.

Turn off the impact wrench

Next, proceed to disassembling the tool. Unplug the cord from the outlet or remove the battery, as applicable. Store your key and power cable properly.

Final thoughts

If it is raining or there is a strong storm, do not operate your impact wrench. An electric shock can occur when making adjustments, so it’s important to unplugged your impact wrench. It’s a good idea to be careful around kids and animals while using this tool.

The most popular brands

According to the customers’ opinion, DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee are the best brands for impact wrenches. Since 1924, this world-famous brand of tools has been around, and it has grown into an industry leader. More than 200 mechanical hand tools and 800 types of accessories are available from Dewalt. The brand has been able to acquire the high-tech tools for carpenters by expanding the variety of its equipment, giving it an innovative sense and of better quality with the revolutionary brand that it has acquired. It only has to be left to charge for a couple of hours and it does not discharge quickly, it has different items that work on battery with the impact wrench, and it only has to be left to charge for a couple of hours and it does not discharge quickly Monster has sponsorship of drivers like Kenseth and Ambrose, which makes it one of the most recognized brands in all of racing. It definitely doesn’t hurt that their product is so good.

The brand was founded in 1915 in the city of Nagoya, Japan, by Mosaburo Makita, with the initial name of “Makita Electric Works”. In 1935, after a long period of expansion, the name was changed to ” Makita” and again in 1948 to ” Makita Tools”. Today it’s a global brand in over 40 countries around the world and it is still built on the reputation of quality that it has earned with its customers. The small size of their equipment allows the user to feel good and comfortable when using it, which in turn makes them more productive because they are more portable. The company produces tools that are used in perfect automotive mechanics, for public services, for small spaces and for large mechanics, it also counts with different powers and a wide range of other tools.

The leading manufacturer and trader of heavy duty power tools and accessories for professional customers around the world is it. Since it was founded in 1924, it has focused on the idea of manufacturing the best tools, today it represents the best professional tools of the highest quality, durable and reliable that can be acquired according to the opinion of its customers. Although it continues to innovate with the Lok-Tor series, which is the widest line on the market, it has 18-volt batteries that are interchangeable. The drill continues to build its reputation in the manufacture of drills with innovative designs, and in a very compact way, as well as the famous saber saw, which is an ideal alternative for professional users, although there are several models in which the Super Sawzall saw with the only. Although it continues to innovate with the Lok-Tor series, which is the widest line on the market, it has 18-volt batteries that are interchangeable. These products are more likely to satisfy the needs of customers, which is proven by customer feedback, based on all of this business logic. If satisfied customers are willing to pay a higher price for a brand they can trust, then that will translate into a higher sales volume, right?

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