8 Best Impact Wrenches for Changing Tires [2022 Updated ]

Impact wrenches are more expensive but also more efficient than traditional models; if you want to buy one but don’t know which one, in our buying guide you will find more information that will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

In our ranking, however, you will find the eight models currently most requested on the market; buyers have particularly appreciated the Teccpo TDIW01P , both for the completeness of the accessories and for the performances, which have nothing to envy to professional devices, and the Milwaukee M12BID-0 , a battery-powered device with compact dimensions, extremely light, easy to handle and easy to use.

8 Best Impact Wrenches for Changing Tires [2022 Updated ]

Most of the models in our ranking are intended for hobby use, of course, but some offer above-average performance. In addition there is also a professional model, ideal for mechanics and tire specialists.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Impact Wrench

Although the Teccpo company has only recently appeared, it has already gained considerable fame in the production sector of power tools for hobby and artisanal use, and is already in competition with the historical brands in the sector.

The TDIW01P, in fact, ranks first among the best impact wrenches of 2021, bypassing even those produced by the most famous companies, thus making it one of the best-selling models online.

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Impact Wrench with Hog Ring, 3/8-Inch, Tool Only (DCF883B)
  • Compact (5.70" front to back), lightweight (3.4 lbs) design fits into tight areas
  • Three (3) LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release, provide visibility without shadows

Its great success on the market is mainly due to the performance offered, which with a tightening torque of 350 N m, are very respectable, and to the completeness of the package, which contains the screwdriver, the battery, the battery charger, three spanners. compass and the rigid case to keep everything and transport it if necessary. The only flaw is the lack of a power regulator; nevertheless, its performance has satisfied even the needs of professional mechanics.


Powerful: Despite being a cordless impact wrench, the TDIW01P is characterized by a very high power level, with an N · m coefficient higher than that of many professional category pneumatic models.

Performance: The 4Ah 18V battery offers enough autonomy to withstand an entire day of work in the workshop at a fast pace; this aspect, combined with the power, surprised even the professional user segment.

Complete: Cordless impact wrenches are usually sold without the battery, which must therefore be purchased separately; the Teccpo, on the other hand, is complete with everything: battery, charger, socket wrenches and hard case.


Regulator: Unfortunately the regulator is missing, so the Teccpo always works using the maximum of its power and tightening torque.

2. Milwaukee 2962-20 M18 18V Fuel 1/2″ Mid-torque Impact Wrench

 The Milwaukee M12BID-0 is another battery-powered model and is appreciated by both the hobby and professional users, especially thanks to the fame of the US brand.

Milwaukee 2962-20 M18 18V Fuel 1/2" Mid-torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring
  • Friction ring (hog ring) ensures quick and easy socket changes
  • Tri-LEDs deliver high definition lighting to increase workspace visibility with less shadows

The strengths of the impact wrench are the extremely compact dimensions, which allow it to be used even in confined spaces, the compatibility of the coupling, which allows you to use the batteries of other Milwaukee power tools belonging to the M12 line, and the price, which it is on average accessible. It is also equipped with LEDs to illuminate the work area, REDLINK circuit to protect the tool and battery from overloads and an ergonomic handle; the tightening torque, however, is limited to just 112 Newton per meter.

The only flaw, according to the buyers’ opinions, is the total absence of accessories; if you do not already have other Milwaukee M12 power tools, in fact, you will be forced to buy the battery and the charger separately.


Reliable: The Milwaukee brand is a guarantee at every level, both amateur and professional; and in fact this impact wrench is characterized by excellent performance, moreover the REDLINK technology also protects the battery from overloads.

Compact: The small size and economical handle allow it to work even in the tightest spaces, making it particularly suitable for home use and as an emergency equipment in the car.

LED: Unlike other impact wrenches, this one also has a handy LED to illuminate the work area, so it can also be used in poor visibility conditions.


Accessories: The battery, the charger and any case must be purchased separately, thus further affecting the overall cost.

3. Toolman Lithium-ion impact wrench

In comparison to the Milwaukee examined previously, the TD110DZ is the model that comes closest, both in terms of performance and in terms of technical characteristics. The Makita impact wrench, in fact, is a battery-powered model with compact dimensions, equipped with an ergonomic handle covered in soft rubber to increase comfort and grip on the tool, and even equipped with a LED to illuminate the area of work.

Toolman Lithium-ion 2pc Batterie Rechargeable Cordless brushless motor Lithium-ion Power Impact Wrench Driver kit 1/2" 20V ZTP010B
  • 20V Li-ion Cordless Impact Wrench no speed:0-2650rpm/0-3100RPM
  • Extra Long Battery Life: Two 3000mAh li-ion battery (about 50 min of use in standard mode)

The power is only slightly lower than the Milwaukee, as the tightening torque is 110 N m, but on the other hand the Makita costs a little less and the package, even if it does not include the battery and the charger, offers at least the carrying case.

Its performance is also suitable for professional use; the only limitation, however, is given by the type of battery, a 10.8V CXT, so you have to buy the original battery with its charger.


Price: Although it does not actually fall into the category of power tools sold at low prices, the Makita impact wrench is characterized by a very affordable price, and the package also includes the carrying case.

Powerful: The torque of 110 N · m also makes it suitable for professional use; moreover, the reputation of the brand is well known, which is why, in addition to excellent performance, the tool is also reliable and safe.

Compact: The compact dimensions make it extremely manageable and allow it to reach even the smallest spaces with ease, such as the internal corners of furniture for example.


Battery: In addition to not being supplied, the battery has a voltage of 10.8 Volts, so you have to buy the original Makita one.

4. KUCCMO 21V Cordless Impact Wrench

If you’re wondering where to buy a new electric impact wrench at a reasonable price, then this model might be for you. The EW 1100 is produced by the German firm Matrix and is powered by the mains, by means of a cable, which according to the manufacturer’s specifications develops a nominal tightening torque of 450 N · m.

KUCCMO 21V Cordless Impact Wrench Kit, Max Torque 442 Ft-lbs (600Nm), Impact Wrench 1/2 Cordless, 3200 RPM Power Impact Wrench, 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery, High Torque, Suitable for Car and Home Improvement
  • 🔧 【Powerful Torque Wrench with Variable Speed 】 Equipped with a powerful motor, KUCCMO 21V impact...
  • 🔧 【 Forward & Reverse + Auto Brake-Stop 】 The side button can easily achieve the forward statue...

The absorbed power, in fact, is very high since it reaches 1,010 Watt, moreover it is used entirely as the screwdriver has no speed regulator. In addition, the classic selector to reverse the direction of rotation is also missing, so to screw and unscrew it is necessary to press respectively down and up on the cradle button.

The performances are very good, even if in most cases the EW 1100 never gets to use the maximum torque; but the tool is heavy and the assembly is not the best.


Resistant and functional: The manufacturing materials are solid, even if of average quality, so the tool is extremely resistant; even if spartan, moreover, it is functional and does its job.

Powerful: The nominal tightening torque is 450 newton per meter, making it extremely powerful and capable of unscrewing even the tightest bolts. Precisely for this reason, however, it must be used carefully.

Equipped: The Matrix EW 1100 also has the further advantage of being well equipped; the package, in fact, includes the hard case and a small set of four socket wrenches of different sizes.


Weight and smell: The smell of the tool just out of the package is decidedly unpleasant; the high weight also makes it unsuitable for intensive use.

5. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 3-Speed 1/2 in. Impact Wrench

The TE-CW 18Li BL belongs to the large family of Power X-Change cordless power tools produced by Einhell, whose batteries are interchangeable with each other. Furthermore, since the power supply voltage is 18 Volt, the Einhell impact wrench can also be powered by a non-original battery, as long as it has the compatible coupling.

For this device, in fact, two different purchase options are available, the single power tool and the starter kit, which also includes the case, the battery and the charger. Obviously, the single screwdriver has a much more accessible cost, and is more convenient for those who already own other Einhell Power X-Change power tools.

It is compact and light and develops a maximum torque of 215 N · m; it is equipped with the standard half-inch socket for the socket wrenches, it also has the adapter to mount the bits and the LED for lighting. The only flaw is the lack of a power regulator.


Compact and robust: The Einhell impact wrench is compact and relatively light, which allows it to be used even with one hand; it is also made with good quality materials, so it is durable and sturdy.

Versatile: In addition to the standard half-inch socket for socket wrenches, it also has a bit adapter; therefore it is extremely versatile as it can be used for both bolts and nuts and screws.

Power X-Change: The compatibility of the batteries with the other power tools of the Power X-Change line is another of the advantages of this screwdriver.


Adapter and regulator: The power regulator is missing, moreover the adapter for the bits of mediocre quality and when subjected to excessive effort it tends to disassemble.

6. UVOL Cordless Impact Wrench with toolbox

The KS Tools Monster is considered the best impact wrench among those intended for professional use, but it only ranks sixth in our ranking because it is a high-cost niche model.

UVOL Cordless Impact Wrench with toolbox, 1/2 Inch Chuck, Brushless Motor Battery Power Drill/Driver with 3 Sockets & 13 Driver Bits, Power Impact Wrench with Battery & Charger, 21V/4.0Ah (BX8501)
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE USE】2 in 1 UVOL Impact Wrench can also be used as an Impact Driver/Driller for...
  • 【POWERFUL BRUSHLESS MOTOR】Brushless motors has 300% great power than brush motors, this 21V impact...

The Monster is a high performance pneumatic impact wrench also equipped with the percussion mechanism, consequently it is characterized by an extreme power, in fact it is able to develop a torque of 1,690 newton per meter. Its characteristics, therefore, make it particularly suitable for intensive use in the professional field, especially in mechanical workshops and tire specialists.

From a structural point of view it is very well done, with the aluminum casing in order to reduce the weight to a minimum, which is still double compared to a hobby-grade impact wrench; KS Tools also produces a wide range of spare parts for this model.


Professional: Of the various models examined in our ranking, the Monster is the only professional category screwdriver. The high level of performance makes it ideal especially for mechanical workshops and tire specialists.

Powerful: It can reach a maximum torque of 1,690 N · m and is also equipped with a percussion mechanism and a selector that allows you to set three different power levels for the torque.

Handy: Despite the weight slightly exceeding two kilograms, the KS Tools impact wrench is very handy and the ergonomic handle with non-slip grip increases the comfort of use.


Expensive: The price is substantial, but it is perfectly understandable since it is a tool designed to meet the needs of professionals.

7. TMG 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

The TMG 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench Kits a hobby category model produced by the German company Bosch for its line of Home and Garden power tools, easily recognizable thanks to the green body.

TMG 20V Cordless Impact Wrench kit, High Torque, 1/2" Chuck, 330 Ft-lbs, Brushless Impact Gun with 2.0Ah Battery& Fast Charger, 5Pcs Drive Impact Sockets with Tool Bag, 3 Variable Speed
  • Brushless Impact Wrench: Our TMG motor is more efficient and durable than traditional brushed motor. 1/2...
  • Variable Speed: Equipped with variable speed trigger,our impact gun offers 3 speed up to 2600RPM. This...

The TMG 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench Kitis intended primarily for domestic use, and is designed to overcome the power limits of normal electric models; the torque developed by the TMG 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench Kit, in fact, reaches 130 N · m, against the maximum of 40-60 of traditional domestic screwdrivers.

Furthermore, a further feature that underlines its intended use as a hobby is the coupling, designed mainly for drilling bits and tips, but still compatible with socket wrenches for nuts and bolts.

Despite the excellent conditions, however, the PDR 18 LI is penalized by a price which, although proportionate to the quality of the product, is decidedly high. Furthermore, its performance is good but inconsistent, as it sometimes stops for no apparent reason.


Versatile: Although born as a tool for domestic use, the PDR 18 LI is characterized by a good versatility; in fact it can mount both the bits and the socket wrenches for screwing and unscrewing, and the bits for drilling.

Powerful and functional: The Bosch impact wrench is great for small home maintenance jobs, especially thanks to the greater power it can offer compared to a traditional model.

Compact and Lightweight: The small size and weight make it extremely handy and easy to use, even for absolute beginners.


Expensive: The price is higher than the average, especially taking into account the fact that the battery and its charger are to be purchased separately.

8. WORKPRO 20V Cordless Impact Wrench

The latest model reviewed in our ranking is produced for the Liftmaster brand, and is the cheapest of all the ones we reviewed.

WORKPRO 20V Cordless Impact Wrench, 1/2-inch, 320 Ft Pounds Max Torque, 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery with Fast Charger, Belt Clip for Easy Carrying
  • 🎁 Great for Father's Day Gifts
  • Compact and Powerful: With powerful motor, this 20V impact wrench delivers 320ft pounds of max torque and...

It is an electric impact wrench for car wheels designed specifically as an emergency equipment for vehicles, in fact it is supplied with a power cable with the cigarette lighter plug and is sold in a carrying case that also includes a second power cable with battery terminals, a spare fuse and two further sleeves of different sizes.

Its maximum torque is 340 N · m, moreover it is also the only impact wrench in our list to have an LED display to visualize the torque, whose intensity can be set using the appropriate buttons located under the display; in any case it is still a low-cost model, so its performance is somewhat limited.


Emergency kit: The Liftmaster impact wrench is designed as an emergency kit for drilling, in fact it is equipped with two power cables, one with the plug for the cigarette lighter and the other with the terminals to be connected to the battery.

Display and regulator: It is equipped with both the power regulator for the tightening torque, which can be set within a range from 80 to 340 N · m, and the LED display where the latter can be viewed.

Economic: The price is negligible to say the least, especially considering that it is a well-equipped kit that includes, in addition to the screwdriver and power cables, two additional socket wrenches, a spare fuse and the case to keep everything. .


Performance: Being an economic model its performances are obviously limited; it is suitable just for emergencies, in case of a puncture.

How to choose the best impact wrenches

The electric version of these appliances has only appeared in recent years, so it is still difficult for many to pinpoint which impact wrench to buy. The confusion is mostly generated by the power tool’s power and its actual capabilities.

Basic features

To understand how to choose a good impact wrench you first need to know how it differs from normal electric models and why power is so important for the intended use.

In fact, this tool, until a few years ago, was used exclusively in the industrial sector, in mechanical repair shops and in those of tire specialists; the devices used, moreover, were all pneumatic, that is, operated by compressed air. In recent years, however, thanks to the advent of induction electric motors and the technological evolution of batteries, it has finally been possible to create compact electric impact wrenches capable of generating a torque that, in some cases, is similar to that of professional compressed air models.

The advantage of electric impact wrenches, especially battery-powered ones, lies above all in their easy handling and full freedom of use; but most of the models found in the low-medium price range are intended for hobby and amateur use only. Those intended for professional use are particularly expensive, because they are able to generate a much higher tightening torque.

The tightening torque

The tightening torque is nothing more than the force applied to the torsion of the screw, or bolt, and is measured in Newton per meter, indicated by the abbreviation N · m.

The torque generated by a traditional screwdriver can vary from 20-60 N · m for hobby models up to 60-120 N · m for those intended for professional use; Impact wrenches, on the other hand, far exceed these values ​​and are characterized by a significantly higher torque.

In this case, in fact, it starts from about 110-400 N · m generated by the hobby models, up to 1,500 N · m and over for models intended for professional use; however, even impact wrenches capable of generating a torque between 300 and 600 N · m can usually be used in a professional environment, especially in small mechanical repair shops and tire shops.

The supply of accessories

An extremely important aspect that must be paid close attention when choosing an impact wrench, especially a battery-powered model, is its range of accessories. It is good to be prepared for the idea that this type of equipment, in fact, is more expensive than traditional ones, and that the expense can further increase if the batteries and other accessories are to be purchased separately.

The cheaper models completely devoid of accessories, except for some sporadic cases in which the case, a few socket wrenches and some bits are included in the package; therefore the battery and its charger are to be purchased separately in most cases.

It is obviously possible to find kit packs that also include the battery and its charger, as well as an initial set of socket wrenches of different sizes and maybe a few bits, but you must necessarily move on to products belonging to the medium-high price range.

How the impact wrench works

The characteristics of the tool

In traditional screwdrivers the tip is driven by a shaft which is subjected to continuous rotation by the electric motor; the power generated by the motor, therefore, is applied entirely to the rotation of the shaft, which is why part of the same is dispersed instead of generating torsional force for the tightening torque.

In the impulse version this does not happen, as there is a mechanism that allows you to exert a greater pressure on the shaft, thus generating a greater torsion force.

The principle of operation

The primary elements underlying this mechanism are a compression spring, a weight, also referred to as an impact mass or striking mass, and a small T-shaped anvil. When the spindle is rotated by the motor, initially the compression spring and the striking mass rotate at the same speed; as soon as the weight begins to hit the anvil, however, the latter opposes a resistance to the striking mass, which consequently begins to rotate with a slower speed than that of the motor and the compression spring.

The difference in rotation speeds allows the spindle to rotate faster than a traditional screwdriver; the pressure that the striking mass generates on the anvil is also transferred to the tip, increasing the perpendicular pressure generated on the anvil, thus producing a greater tightening torque.

The friction

The high tightening torque of impact wrenches is ideal for minimizing effort when driving very long screws, or when tightening nuts or bolts. This tool, in fact, performs all the leverage work that is usually done with the arm, but in a much more efficient way and applying greater force.

Precisely because of the high power, however, it is easier to run the risk of breaking the screws or damaging the thread, to avoid this type of problem you can adjust the torque using the clutch mechanism.

In the cheaper models intended exclusively for hobby use, the clutch is usually automatic and acts autonomously, adapting according to the resistance that the screw or bolt has to torsion; in the medium-high range impact wrenches, on the other hand, the clutch can be adjusted manually and therefore optimally adapted to the type of work to be performed.

Frequent questions

What does an impact wrench mean?

The definition derives from the same operating principle on which this tool is based; inside, in fact, there is a mechanism consisting of a spring, a weight and an anvil. When the motor is activated, the spring transmits the rotation movement to the weight, which begins to beat quickly on the anvil; the latter, in turn, transfers the pressure of the blows received to the spindle, in the form of impulses.

What is the purpose of the pulse screwdriver?

The operating principle on which the impact wrench is based allows it to generate a much higher tightening torque than traditional models, consequently this tool is mainly used to tighten or loosen very long nuts, bolts and screws, which usually require the application of considerable force.

This makes it especially useful for mechanics and tire specialists, as well as for industrial workshops where it is used for the assembly and disassembly of engines, wheels and other mechanical components. The versions for hobby use, on the other hand, are used for home maintenance of the car or other vehicles, or at a handicraft level, for the assembly of furniture, shelves, shelves and other objects.

How much does an impact wrench cost?

The price of an impact wrench can range from around 60-100 euros for the cheapest models up to 1,500 euros and more for models intended for professional use. Other aspects that may affect the price are the supply of accessories and the type; on the market, in fact, you can find both pneumatic impact wrenches, operated by compressed air, and electric ones, and the latter can be powered either by cable or by battery.

What kind of impact wrench is good for changing wheels?

In general, the tightening torque of the bolts that secure the wheels of the car can vary from approximately 95 to 200 N · m; the exact specifications are given in the vehicle’s use and maintenance manual, but in the absence of the latter they can be established by using a torque wrench. If you want to buy an impact wrench for home use, therefore, to be used for the maintenance of your car, you need to choose a model that has a tightening torque between 100 and 300 N · m.

Where to buy an impact wrench?

This tool can be easily found at any well-stocked hardware store, or at a specialized dealer; in-store prices, however, may be slightly higher than the purchase options provided by the internet, where it is possible to go directly to the stores of the manufacturers or to e-commerce sites, such as Amazon.

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