10 Best Hot Air Guns [2022 Updated ]

With the help of a hot air gun it is a lot easier to remove old paint residues or varnish without any problems. This can be a very good solution if you want to remodel your house or repaint a room. Before you buy a heat gun, you can always consult the buying guide.

That way you can pay more attention to certain factors and take them into account. You can always just click through to the top 3 in which we list the 3 best hot air guns. The Einhell TH-HA 2000/1 hot air gun is a powerful device that you can use even during large soldering jobs.

The Trotec HyStream 2000is a more than worthy alternative. It is a very powerful device that is equipped with a strong motor that has a capacity of up to 2000 Watts.

Hot Air Guns Buying Guide

With a heat gun you can easily and quickly remove paint. When purchasing such a product, it is best to take into account a few factors. We briefly discuss some of those factors such as temperature control and range, power, other options, accessories and price.

Temperature regulation and range

A heat gun uses warm air to remove paint more easily, but you still need a triangular paint scraper to easily scratch the paint away. When purchasing a heat gun, take into account the temperature range of the device. For some jobs you will need a higher temperature so it is important that you check what the maximum achievable temperature is.

It is also useful if you can regulate the temperature yourself, because not every job needs the same temperature. This also allows you to work more efficiently and prevent damage to walls or floors. With some devices you can also set the amount of air produced.

Heat guns can reach a temperature of 750º Celsius so that the paint softens so that you can easily remove it. If you then opt for a model with a rotating handle, you can even treat hard-to-reach places.

The power of such a device also plays a role because the higher the power of a heat gun, the higher the usable temperature will be.

Multiple applications

In addition to loosening paint, you can use a heat gun for many other applications. For example, you can use the device to deform or even solder plastic pipes. You can also shrink or bundle cables with it, melt cracks in plastic, defrost products and smooth leather with it.

Some people use this appliance to light a fireplace or barbecue. Because the hot air is enough to set firelighters on fire, you no longer need matches.

Another useful application of a heat gun is to remove weeds. If you heat the weeds for a few seconds with the gun, it will die and you can easily remove the weeds. This is a safe way of working because you do not use fire or chemicals.

This brings us to safety while using such a gun. Most appliances are equipped with a thermostat that automatically switches off the hot air function if the temperature gets too high. When the appliance has cooled down enough, the function switches back on automatically.

If the device also has a cold airflow function, you can use it to cool down material faster.

Useful Accessories

When purchasing a hot air gun, it is possible that you will receive different nozzles. These mouthpieces all have a separate application so that you can perform different tasks. We briefly discuss some of the most important mouthpieces.

With a hook mouthpiece you can perform jobs where it is necessary that the heat of your gun is spread over a certain surface. This is useful for soldering or bending pipes. A reducing nozzle is used to direct the heat from the gun to a specific point on the workpiece. This makes it possible to work more precisely.

A shielding nozzle is the ideal accessory for removing paint from around windows as it keeps the airflow from reaching the windows. This prevents damage to the windows. Finally, you can also use a reflector nozzle to process shrink sleeves.

But there are also other accessories available, such as a handy storage case to store your hot air gun and mouthpieces. That way you can easily take the device with you when you travel. Also remember that you will need a paint scraper to remove the paint after heating it up with the heat gun.

Price tag

The price of a heat gun varies as some types are more expensive than others. The amount of accessories you get and the options available will also influence the price of such a device. Nowadays, it is better to research different devices first and compare them online based on the reviews of other users.

That way you will be able to find many great offers and gather interesting information about the strengths and weaknesses of each product. Decide for yourself what budget you want to set aside for buying a heat gun and how much you will use the item.

Heat gun reviews – top 5

A heat gun is perfect for removing old paint or varnish. Every DIYer should have one in their home. We have compared 5 different ones based on online reviews, feel free to take a look at our list and decide for yourself which is the best heat gun!

Recommended products

 1.DIAFIELD Fast Heat Hot Air Gun, 

This powerful machine is even suitable for soldering work and for fitting plastic pipes. You can set the power in two stages to achieve the desired temperature and amount of air. It comes with 4 different mouthpieces for optimal use.

You also get a paint scraper with it to remove the residue. You can put the machine down while working because it is protected against tipping over, so there is no danger. With the storage case you can also easily store and transport it. It has a power of 2000 Watts. It is part of the cheap hot air guns.

The online reviews give a mostly positive advice for this product. It is very easy to use and has a beautiful design. Good quality for a cheap price and you get handy accessories. The rollover protection is a plus for many. The only downside is perhaps that the storage case is of lesser quality.

1850W Heat Gun Variable Temperature Settings 112℉~1202℉(44℃- 650℃), DIAFIELD Fast Heat Hot Air Gun, Durable& Overload Protection, with 4 Nozzels for Shrink Wrap,Vinyl, Crafts, Epoxy Resin
  • Fast Heat Up & Adjustable Temperature -- 1850W Heat Gun produces strong, stable power with quick heat up...
  • 800H Service Life -- The components of this hot air gun are made to last, and encased in a...

Judging by the number of reviews, we can deduce that this is the most popular heat gun. Perhaps this also has to do with the fact that the product is sold at the lowest price. The device is useful for soldering work and comes with 4 attachments and a paint scraper.


Accessories: the hot air gun comes with different nozzles to perform work efficiently. You will also receive a paint scraper for easy paint removal and a storage case to store the device.

Cheap: the low price makes this product affordable for most buyers, even those on a budget can now buy a good quality device.

Adjustable: you can choose between two different settings to adjust the temperature and airflow. You can also place the device safely because it is protected against falling over.


Overheating: the device sometimes gets too hot, which could even cause the protective cap to melt.

2.SEEKONE Heat Gun, 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

The Trotec HyStream 2000 has a maximum capacity of 2000 Watt.

It is ideal for shrinking foil and shrink hoses, but also for bending and welding plastics, for example. It is a device that can be used for many purposes. 

It reaches a temperature of up to 650 degrees Celsius and weighs about 1 kilo. This device also belongs to the cheap hot air guns. It’s only a little bit more expensive than the Einhell.

The users of this device are largely satisfied and you can see that in the reviews. It is easy to use and you get good quality for a cheap price. It is durable and it is useful that you can set the temperature yourself.

SEEKONE Heat Gun, 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit with 572℉&1112℉ Dual-Temperature Settings and 4 Nozzles for Shrinking PVC,Stripping Paint, Crafts
  • ★【Powerful Power in 2 Modes】 SEEKONE 1800W heat gun heats up quickly in seconds and can generate...
  • ★【Fire-resistant material & Overload Protection】our hot air gun uses qualified material which can...

It heats up quickly and cools down quickly after use. The only minus comes from someone who said that he does not have a Dutch manual.

This powerful hot air gun is suitable for welding plastics and reaches a maximum temperature of 650º Celsius. The device is cheap and lightweight so that it does not put a strain on your arms or hands.


Powerful:the device has a power of 2000 watts and reaches a maximum temperature of 650º Celsius. This allows you to use the device to weld plastics, seal roofs, remove carpeting, and so on.

Adjustable temperature:you can set the temperature of the device between 50 and 650 degrees. You can adjust the airflow in five steps, namely from 15 to 30 cubic meters per hour.

Cheap: the low price of the device is a plus for many buyers, especially because of the powerful power of the device.  


Unsafe: the appliance can become very hot making it unsafe to use around children. Do not leave the device lying around.

 3.Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun,

The Bosch hot air gun has a motor with a power of 1800 Watt.

It has a cold setting so that the processed material can cool down faster. It comes with a sturdy plastic storage case.

It is suitable for removing lowering, but also for soldering and tinning or loosening glue connections.

You have 3 positions to regulate the temperature and the air volume. It also switches off automatically when overloaded.

There are only a few opinions about this product online, but they are positive. So it really looks like a hot air gun offer.

6.56FT Long Heat Gun, Uptdae Version Homidic Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun, Electric 300W Portable Heat Gun for DIY Craft Embossing, Shrink Wrapping PVC, Drying Paint, Clay, Rubber Stamp
  • ★ Long Cable Enough for Crafting : 6.56FT Long Cable !!!!! Hot air shrink gun was made of high quality...
  • ★ Suitable for:This excellent compact heat gun can be used for heating shrinkable film, embossed...

It is easy to use and you get quality for the price you pay. It is durable and has a beautiful design.

Bosch is one of the best brands when it comes to tools. You can also see this in the quality of the PHG 600-3. This hot air gun has a cold setting so that you can cool materials quickly and is protected against overload. In addition, the product comes in a sturdy case.


Multiple modes: you can choose from three settings to change the temperature and airflow of the device. In addition, the device has a cold mode to work at a low temperature or to cool materials quickly.

Safe: the device has a heat protection that you can remove to work in hard-to-reach places. In addition, the device is protected against overload.

Comfort: the closed handle and the soft grip provide optimum comfort during work.               


Mouthpieces: you will receive only one mouthpiece with this device. If you need other mouthpieces you will have to buy them yourself.

4.Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

This heat gun is perfect for removing paint. You have better control over it thanks to the rotating handle and the inline grip improves range and safety. It is also perfect for lighting the barbecue. You can use the paint stripper freestanding so that you can do other work with both hands, such as soldering or bending pipes.

It has 3 positions to set the desired temperature and airflow yourself. It also has a removable heat shield to make it easier to work in tight spaces. With the hanging loop you can easily store it and let it cool down.

Only one review has been written about this product but it is completely positive. The buyer of this product uses it both at home and at work. You can get into all corners with it, even the tricky ones. It is slightly more expensive but the quality is very good. The buyer really likes this product and does not want another hot air gun.

Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit Dual Temperature Settings 572℉~932℉ (300℃-500℃), Durable&Overload Protection, with 4 Nozzles for Crafts, Shrink Wrapping/Tubing, Paint Removing, Epoxy Resin
  • ▶【Strong Power With 2 Modes】1800W heat gun provides strong power to quickly heat up to...
  • ▶【Dual Temp Control & Overload Protection】 AcmyslaT heat guns provide dual temperature control....

You can turn the handle of this hot air gun for optimal control. The device is perfect for removing paint and you can even use it to start a barbecue. You can choose between three different positions and thanks to the hanging loop you can easily hang the device.


Safe: the heat screen protects you against the high temperatures, but you can also remove this screen to work in difficult places.

scraper: the device features a built-in scraper so you can scrape while you’re blowing the hot air. That way you can perform both functions with one hand.

Accessories: the device comes with 4 different mouthpieces and a handy case to store the device.          


We have not found any negatives about this device yet. So we can only conclude that it is a top product.

5.SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

The Makita electric hot air gun is the most expensive device on our list and therefore not suitable for people who want to spend little money.

It is double insulated and is suitable for paint stripping, thawing, drying and even soft soldering. It has 2 different temperature settings and 2 different airflow settings.

It is easy to use, partly thanks to the ergonomic soft grip so that it fits better in the hand.

There are currently no online reviews written for this product. We cannot therefore give you advice based on that.

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit Variable Temperature Control with 2-Temp Settings 4 Nozzles 122℉~1202℉(50℃- 650℃)with Overload Protection for Crafts, Shrinking PVC, Stripping Paint
  • ▶ 【Strong Power With 2 Modes】 SEEKONE 1800W heat gun provides strong power quickly heat up to...
  • ▶ 【Variable Temp Control & Overload Protection】 Unlike other dual temperature heat guns, our heat...

This Makita product is in a higher price range but is suitable for different applications. You can choose between several positions and the ergonomic handle ensures that the device fits comfortably in the hand.



you can choose between two settings for the temperature and two settings for the airflow of the device.


the device is comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic soft grip. So you can continue to work for a long time without being bothered by your hands.

Applications:You can use this hot air gun for multiple purposes such as burning off paint, soft soldering, drying, thawing and so on.   


High price: Due to the high price of the product, many buyers will ignore this gun and opt for a cheaper alternative.

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