8 Best Heat Guns [ 2022 Updated ]

Still not able to choose the heat gun that best suits your needs? No problem! Our buying guide is made to offer you all the useful information on the subject, in a clear and simple way.

However, if you do not have much time available to deepen your knowledge on the subject, then you can take a look at the different models that we have examined in detail, which are listed in order of importance and according to market demands.

In first place is the Bosch EasyHeat 500 , a heat gun intended for hobbyists and DIY lovers that stands out for its excellent quality-price ratio, while in the second we find the Bosch Professional GHG 23-66, which on the other hand is the most appreciated by the professional user range thanks to its superior performance.

8 Best Heat Guns [ 2022 Updated ]

And here we are with the detailed analysis of the eight heat guns currently most in demand on the market, sorted according to characteristics, performance, value for money and the number of units sold.

Bosch heat gun

1.Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun, 1.600W heat gun

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In the first position in our ranking we find the one that, according to the opinions of buyers, is considered the best heat gun of 2021 among those intended for home and hobby use: the EasyHeat 500 produced by the German company Bosch.

Its structure is light and compact, which makes it extremely handy and easy to use even for novice hobbyists; the handle is comfortable and on the back is covered with a layer of soft non-slip rubber, in order to increase the effectiveness of the grip; the red button for adjusting the temperature is also located on the rear side of the handle.

Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun, 2 Temp Settings 750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF, Great for Soften paint, Caulking, Adhesive, Putty Removal, Shrink Wrap, Bend Plastic Pipes, Loosen Rusted Nuts or Bolts
  • DUAL TEMPERATURE HEAT GUNS: The HT1000 Heat Gun offers a 750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF temperature setting to...
  • HEAT GUN FOR HOUSEHOLD PROJECTS: Use this heat gun to soften paint, electrical wire shrinking, caulking,...

The Bosch heat gun, despite being a mid-range power tool intended for hobby use, is one of the best sellers thanks to the reliability of the well-known German brand. Do not be afraid if at the first use it emits a strong smell of cooked plastic, it is completely normal and in subsequent uses it does not happen anymore.


Price-quality: The EasyHeat 500 is advantageous in all respects: it has the typical reliability of the Bosch brand, is made with excellent materials, is durable and has an excellent quality-price ratio to say the least.

Adjustable: The power of 1,600 Watts allows you to generate two different temperature levels: 300 or 500 degrees Celsius, with an air flow that can be set at 240 or 450 liters per minute.

Lightweight and easy to handle: Weighs only 470 grams, is compact and extremely handy and easy to use, even for novice beginners; the supplied accessories only include the case.


First use and accessories: At the first start it emits a strong odor, which then disappears in subsequent uses; the accessories supplied do not include the nozzles, which must be purchased separately.

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Professional heat gun

2. Makita HG6530VK Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit

For those wondering where to buy a professional heat gun, on the other hand, we strongly suggest taking a close look at another model also produced by the German company Bosch, but for the specific Professional line: the GHG 23-66.

In comparison to the EasyHeat 500 model examined previously, in fact, the Bosch Professional heat gun stands out first of all for the level of performance offered, clearly superior, and for a highly respectable accessory equipment which, in addition to the transport bag, also includes five nozzles. different.

Makita HG6530VK Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit with LCD Digital Display
  • Push-button temperature control (122 - 1, 202°F) for precise control over a wide variety of applications...
  • Slide switch sets three air flow settings (cooling, low, high) for greater versatility

Professionals who have had the opportunity to use it report that it is the best heat gun for those with intensive use needs; its design is compact but more refined than the hobby model, the handle is equipped with a guard for the fingers, the superior power allows you to reach a maximum temperature of 650 degrees quickly, with an adjustment range starting from 50 degrees .


Professional performance: The temperature adjustment range varies from a minimum of 50 °, for “cold” applications, up to a maximum of 630 °, with an air flow ranging from 150 to 500 liters per minute depending on regulation.

Constant Speed: Unlike heat guns intended for hobby use, the GHG 23-66 generates a stable airflow at a constant speed, even when set to the highest temperature.

Efficient and safe: Its 2,300 Watts of power allow it to reach 650 ° in a very short time, and thanks to the thermal protection on the heating element, there is no risk of overheating.


Price: Unfortunately it is the most expensive of the heat guns examined, so it is only suitable for professional users and the most demanding hobbyists who do not have budget problems.

Battery-powered heat gun

3.BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun, Dual Temperature (HG1300)

The new trend of compact power tools is that of battery power because, even if on the one hand it affects the price, on the other hand it considerably increases the practicality of use. In third place, therefore, we find the R18HG-0 battery-powered heat gun from the Japanese company Ryobi, known for the production of mid-range power tools for hobby users.

From an economic point of view it ranks between the Bosch Professional and the Bosch Hobby, but despite being a reliable and above all practical to use model, thanks to the absence of the thread, its performance is inferior to both models previously examined.

BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun, Dual Temperature (HG1300)
  • VERSATILE USE – 1,350 W heat gun is useful for a variety of applications, such as stripping paint,...
  • DUAL TEMPERATURE SETTINGS – Switch between 750°F and 1,000°F temperature settings.

On the other hand, it is a much cheaper model than the similar ones produced by the most renowned companies, which in any case are very few given the particular nature of the power tool. The battery obviously has to be purchased separately, as also happens for the competing models, on the other hand the accessory equipment includes two nozzles.


Practical and easy to handle: The advantage of battery-powered heat guns is that they are free from the clutter represented by the power cord, so they are much more practical and can be used practically anywhere.

Efficient: Even if the maximum temperature reaches “only” 470 °, it does so in just 60 seconds. Consequently, the Ryobi, despite being intended for the hobby user range, is an efficient and functional heat gun.

LED: The further advantage is to have an integrated LED that allows you to illuminate the work area, which allows it to be used even in poor visibility conditions.


Autonomy: Being a hobby power tool, the battery tends to discharge quickly, especially if the gun is set to the maximum temperature.

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Heat gun for welding PVC

4. Sea Baby House 1.600W heat gun for plastic and PVC hot air welding

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The one produced for the Sea Baby House brand is a heat gun for welding PVC and plastic, but the specific intended use is not the only peculiarity of this power tool.

Although it is a generic type tool, in fact, that is not branded by a specific brand in the sector, it offers professional performance and for this reason it is characterized by a fairly high cost. Despite this, it is one of the most requested among the models of this type currently sold online and is also appreciated by many professionals, who alternate its use with professional pistols produced by “official” brands, and therefore by far more expensive.

The Sea Baby House, in fact, although elementary in design, is powerful and reliable, in fact the temperature emitted can vary from 30 ° to 700 °; accessories include the manual, two different welding nozzles, a silicone pressure roller and some plastic rods.


For Welding: This is a heat gun for hot air welding, to be used specifically for plastics and PVC.

Professional performance: It has a power of 1,600 Watts and a temperature adjustment range that goes from a minimum of 30 ° to a maximum of 700 °, the air flow is constant at 230 liters per minute.

Well equipped: It is sold in a set which, in addition to the gun and the user manual, includes two different types of nozzles plus a silicone roller and some plastic bars to be used for welding.


Limitations of use: Except for PVC, which can also be welded to acrylic plastic, other types of plastics can only be welded if they have the same composition.

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Einhell heat gun

5. Einhell 4520184 TC-Ha 2000/1 Hot Air Gun

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With the Einhell heat gun we actually move into the range of models available at low prices; the first thing that catches the eye of the TC-Ha 2000/1, in fact, is the cost which is easily accessible. It goes without saying that this is a tool designed exclusively for domestic and non-intensive use, but which in its small size, all in all, is efficient and functional.

This heat gun is among the most requested by those who do not want to spend a lot and the credit is due both to the reliability of the brand, and to the ability to reach 550 degrees and an air flow of 500 liters per minute. The alternative is represented by the temperature of 350 degrees and 300 liters per minute, so you can choose between two different heat stages according to your needs.

The quality of the manufacturing materials and the assembly, however, are mediocre, consequently the durability of the tool is proportionate to the intensity of use; even the nozzles are poor and deform quickly under the action of heat.


Economic: Undoubtedly the distinctive feature of this Einhell pistol is its low price which makes it easily accessible even to those who do not have a high budget available.

Versatile: The appliance allows you to choose between two temperatures (350 and 550 degrees) and between two speeds of air passage.

Safety: It can be used without worries, both for the stability with which it is positioned vertically and for the presence of the anti-overheating protection.


Materials: The quality of those used for the body and the nozzles is modest, which translates into the risk of it spoiling rather quickly. On the other hand we are talking about a particularly cheap article.

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Tacklife heat gun

6. Tacklife HGP73AC Professional Electric Hot Air Gun 2000W

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The Tacklife heat gun is equally intended for home and amateur use, but is slightly more expensive than the Einhell; in this case, however, the price difference is justified by the improved performance.

The power is the same, 2,000 Watts but, unlike the Einhell gun, the Tacklife allows you to adjust the temperature at will within an arc ranging from 50 ° to 600 °, so that it can also be used for “cold” applications. The adjustable air flows are two instead of three. The supply of accessories, on the other hand, does not include the case for storage and transport but consists of four nozzles instead of three.

It is light, handy and functional, fairly robust despite the fact that it is made almost entirely of plastic, and is ideal for occasional home use and for DIY enthusiasts; but it is absolutely not recommended for professional or intensive use.


For hobbyists: If you don’t have big needs but only need it for occasional use, the Tacklife is the ideal heat gun, with slightly above average performance.

Adjustable: Unlike other similar models intended for hobby use, in fact, the Tacklife heat gun offers slightly more power and a wider than average adjustment range.

Convenient: The price is very affordable and the quality is perfectly proportionate to the cost, so it is excellent for those who do not want to spend excessive amounts.


Carrying Case: The accessory package includes four nozzles but not the carrying case, which would have been very useful for storing the tool and easily transporting it when needed.

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TECCPO heat gun

7. TECCPO TAHG07P 2,000 Watt advanced electric heat gun

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We are talking about a recently established company in the power tools sector, which is in any case comparable to other brands, even more renowned ones, and whose products are available in the cheapest range of the market.

The TECCPO heat gun is in fact similar to the other two that precede it in our ranking: it has a power of 2,000 Watts, a temperature adjustment range on three levels: 50 °, 480 ° and 600 °, and two different air flows which vary according to the set temperature.

From a structural and design point of view, it is well made, compact and easy to handle, it is also equipped with thermal protection against overheating and given the maximum temperature that can be reached, some consider it almost semi-professional; in spite of everything, however, it still remains a low-cost electric tool, so the temperature regulation lacks precision and is not suitable for intensive use. On the other hand, it is excellent for occasionally stripping iron and for desoldering electronic components.


Versatile: The range of accessories includes five different nozzles, which considerably increases the versatility of use of the TECCPO.

Domestic use: If you need a heat gun to remove paint from iron, for example balcony railings, or window frames, this model is extremely functional and efficient.

Three temperature levels: The temperature is adjustable on three levels: 50 °, 480 ° and 600 °, therefore it offers a good versatility and can also be used to unsolder electronic components from printed boards.


Case and performance: Also in this case the limit is represented by the absence of the case and the level of performance, which is limited to amateur applications.

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Mini heat gun

8. Etepon ET021 300W mini heat gun for DIY

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We conclude our ranking with the ET021 mini heat gun, produced for the Etepon brand and characterized above all by its low cost. Its dimensions are even more compact than the models examined previously, since the Etepon has no handle, and the maximum temperature reached is only 200 °.

Despite its limitations, however, it is functional and is equipped with a safety device for temperature control, which interrupts the power supply to the tool in the event of overheating.

More than for hobby, however, Etepon is recommended above all for a type of do-it-yourself on a small scale, for example artistic decoration work on small objects, making candles and homemade soaps, to apply heat-shrink films, to make stamps in rubber and so on. However, its functionality as a paint stripper, given its reduced performance, is limited to not very large surfaces.


Ideal for objects: The characteristics of the Etepon make it suitable above all for small DIY works of artisanal and artistic mold, for the domestic manufacture of soap and candles and for applying heat-shrink films.

Competitive price: The price of the ET021 is just under thirteen euros, therefore it is accessible for all budgets, including those of the most attentive savers.

Safe: Despite being a low cost model, the ET021 is well made and above all safe, in fact it is equipped with the thermal protection device that trips and cuts off the power supply in case of overheating.


Maximum temperature: It only reaches 200 °, so its usefulness is limited to certain applications and, above all, to non-intensive use.

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How to choose the best heat guns

If you want to know which heat gun to buy without running the risk of paying too much for an oversized tool for your needs, or paying little but finding yourself with an insufficient tool, it is good to establish some important selection criteria.

The cost and intended use

The cost of a heat gun ranges from 10-15 euros for the cheapest models up to 160 euros and more, depending on the structural and technical characteristics, the level of performance and the intended use; to understand how to choose a good heat gun, therefore, you must first have a clear idea of ​​how it will be used and how often.

The intended use, of course, is one of the first discriminating factors for choosing the most suitable tool; a professional user, for example, will naturally need a heat gun that offers a high level of performance, resistant to heavy use and that offers the ability to adjust the temperature in small steps, in order to do the job with maximum precision possible.

The hobby sector, even if less demanding than the professional one, is however quite articulated since it often includes also craftsmen and professionals who work on a small scale; if the needs are domestic or amateur, then you can do without looking for the top performance and move towards the models of the medium-low range.

The technical characteristics

The primary function of the heat gun is to emit a jet of hot air, but the temperature of the latter is functional to the different applications and, depending on the model chosen, may have limits in the maximum or minimum ceiling that can be reached and in the possible adjustments. .

From the welding of copper pipes, for example, to the stripping of paint and the application of sheaths and heat-shrink films, the useful temperature range goes from about 300 ° to 500 ° degrees; the so-called “cold” applications, on the other hand, are those that require lower temperatures, therefore from 300 ° to 50 ° just, while some professional applications may require temperatures of up to 650 ° and above.

Therefore, most of the hobby heat guns are able to generate hot air with temperatures from 300 ° to 500 °, in some cases even from 50 ° to 500 °, while the professional ones reach up to 630 ° -650 ° or more, as the case may be.

What most distinguishes one model from the other, however, is the adjustment range; the economic heat guns, of medium and low cost, have a limited adjustment of two, maximum three temperature levels, while the professional ones can be adjusted at intervals of 10 ° -20 °, in order to offer maximum versatility of use.

Do-it-yourself and artistic craftsmanship

If you need the heat gun only for a momentary contingency, to remove paint and refurbish the fixtures for example, or for occasional and occasional home renovations, artistic crafts such as embossing, or other applications where a particular is not required performance level, then you can also orient yourself on a model from 15 to 50 euros at most, depending on the needs of the case.

The heat guns belonging to this price range are qualitatively inferior to the professional ones obviously, also in terms of performance, but in their small way they are still functional and relatively efficient, as long as they are not used intensively.

How to remove paint from wood with a heat gun

The right temperature and time of application

One of the fastest and most efficient methods to remove paint from wooden surfaces consists precisely in the use of the heat gun, but to do a good job you have to follow very specific rules.

The first thing to do is to set the right temperature, which in this case is between 500 ° and 600 ° depending on the age of the paint to be removed; in fact, the older and drier the paint, the higher the set temperature must be. Some heat guns allow “fine” adjustment, with intervals of 10 ° or 20 ° degrees depending on the model, unlike the cheaper ones which are calibrated on standard temperature levels.

Once the chosen temperature has been set, the nozzle of the gun must be brought close to the painted surface, remaining at a distance of no less than about 5-7 centimeters; as soon as you see the air bubbles forming under the paint, you will have to move the gun away and start removing it. It is also good to pay attention to the exposure time, especially at the maximum temperature, because otherwise you run the risk of burning the wood below.

The combined use of the scraper

The bubbles that form are indicative that the paint layer has peeled off from the underlying surface, and when they cover most of the area exposed to the hot air jet it’s time to put the gun down and take a scraper or putty knife, and get started. to remove it.

During this operation it is advisable to always follow the direction of the grain, so as not to cause scratches and damage the surface of the wood; it is possible to use the gun and the scraper simultaneously, but always taking care not to bring the jet too close and to synchronize the position and movements of the hands, so as to proceed in unison and never in converging directions.

The corners and places that are difficult to access

Some points are difficult to treat, for example the areas of connection with the glass plate when working on window frames, or the corners and recesses if you are working on an old piece of furniture.

The glass protection nozzle, applied to the air jet outlet, is of great help in the case of window frames; but if the grooves or corners of a piece of furniture remain to be stripped, then it is good to evaluate the use of a solvent to remove the paint and, after having left it to act for about 12-18 hours, use the scraper or glass paper to remove the paint residues.

Frequent questions

What is the heat gun used for?

The heat gun, more commonly known as a heat gun or hot air gun, is a power tool that is in many ways similar to a hairdryer, both in terms of shape and principle of operation. What differentiates a heat gun from a common hairdryer, however, is the maximum temperature that the air jet can reach, which in some models can even exceed 600 ° Celsius.

Its applications are different and vary according to the type of heat gun used and its power; the most common use of this tool, however, is as a paint remover. Thanks to the hot air jet, in fact, it is possible to very easily remove the layers of paint from the most disparate surfaces: masonry, iron and above all wood; but its applications don’t stop there.

By regulating the temperature of the air flow, in fact, it is possible to apply heat-shrink sheaths or films, even for decorative purposes as is done on car bodies, soften acrylic plastics or weld PVC and other plastics, weld or unsolder water pipes. and electronic components, or thaw pipes and locks.

Furthermore, the more compact and less powerful models are used in the artisan and artistic fields for applications such as embossing, quick drying of glues and paints, modeling of clay and plastic, making of candles and homemade soaps and more.

What are the heat gun nozzles used for?

The nozzles that are applied to the heat gun allow to diversify the possible applications of this tool. Some are used to screen the glass when it is necessary to remove the paint from the edges of the frames, others are used to restrict the flow of outgoing air in order to concentrate it on a small area.

The most common types are the glass protection nozzles and the reducer ones, which we have already mentioned before, then there are the reflector ones, used to apply the heat shrinkable tubes, bend the plastic ones and weld the copper ones, the surface nozzle is mainly used for paint stripping, the grooved nozzle works for welding PVC tarpaulins together, and the welding nozzle, used for plastics and copper pipes.

The nozzles are obviously not universal, in the sense that some types can only be used with professional heat guns that have electronic temperature regulation.

Einhell TH-HA 2000/1 2,000 Watt hot air gun

With the Einhell heat gun we actually move into the range of models available at low prices; the first thing that catches the eye of the TH-HA 2000/1, in fact, is the easily accessible cost. In this case, obviously, these are tools intended exclusively for non-intensive domestic and amateur use, but which in their small way are all in all efficient and functional.

The Einhell is among the most requested in this precise market segment, thanks to the discreet reliability of the brand, indeed it is also slightly more powerful than the EasyHeat 500, since it can reach 550 ° and an air flow of 500 liters per minute. ; it is also equipped with a case and four different nozzles.

The quality of the manufacturing materials and the assembly, however, are barely mediocre, consequently the durability of the tool is proportionate to the intensity of use; even the nozzles are poor and deform quickly under the action of heat.


Low cost: One of the strengths of this heat gun lies in the very low price and easily accessible for all budgets, so it is ideal for those on a budget.

Well equipped: Apart from the instruction manual and the case for storage and transport, a small assortment of four different nozzles is also included in the accessories package.

Powerful: Considering the range to which it belongs and the purely amateur intended use, the Einhell heat gun also stands out for its above-average power.


Overall quality: Materials of manufacture, assembly and accessories, unfortunately, are of mediocre quality, but given the price it is completely understandable.

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