10 Best Forklifts for Warehouse [2022 Updated ]

If you are preparing to carry out some works in your garden but you need a tool that allows you to move rocks and debris easily without having to make so many trips and thus wasting a lot of time, then, without a doubt, acquiring a wheelbarrow will be very useful. for this and other jobs. Currently, you can find a wide variety of models to choose from, among which the Truper 11777 stands out , a 120-liter capacity truck, which will allow you to move large volumes of debris on each trip, just as you can move large amounts of weight because this model resists up to 530 kilograms. Another interesting alternative is the Relaxdays 10020045 model., which has a foldable steel frame, making it practical to store and move from one place to another. In addition, it has a weight of only 5.3 kg.

10 Best Forklifts for Warehouse [2022 ]

If you are looking for the best wheelbarrow on the market, the first thing you should do is know what use you are going to give it, so that you can choose a model that you are going to use completely and intensively, whether you are working on a construction site or just to fix your garden. We want to help you make a comparison between the best forklifts of 2021, so that you choose the model that best suits your needs.

Hand truck

Truper 11777

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If you are looking for the best value for money truck, this model may be the solution for you, since it mixes a good load capacity and great durability at an unbeatable price. In case you are working on a construction site and need to move large volumes of waste, this tool will make your job easier thanks to its 120-liter capacity.

Don’t be afraid to use this heavy-duty hand tool, as it has a great support capacity thanks to its resistant material, so this model is made to support up to 530 kilograms without any problem.

To facilitate its transfer, they have incorporated a reinforced pneumatic rim that provides a pleasant and fluid movement thanks to its metal bearings and bearings. Although this hand truck comes disassembled, this model is very easy to assemble. Its measurements are 96.8 x 64.5 x 40 centimeters.

In order to acquire the best truck of the moment it is necessary to consider several important aspects, from the main functions, to the cheapest models. For this reason, we recommend this truck, which stands out for its large volume capacity.


Volume: This model will help you move large amounts of waste in fewer trips thanks to its 120-liter capacity.

Resistance: This truck can easily support up to 530 kilograms, so you can do heavy work.

Displacement: You can easily manipulate this truck through difficult terrain thanks to its reinforced pneumatic tire.

Bearings: The wheel incorporates high quality metal bearings and smooth movement.

Assembly: This model has a very simple assembly, so you will not have any problem assembling it on your own.


Material: It must be taken into account that the material with which it is made is plastic, so if you exceed the maximum supported weight, you could break it.

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Folding trolley

Relaxdays 10020045

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This is one of the most practical trucks today. It has a folding structure made of resistant but at the same time light steel, while the loading surface is not made of metal but of polyester, so it weighs only approximately 5.3 kg.

In addition, it incorporates ergonomic plastic handles that offer a good grip, thanks to the non-slip surface. It is good to mention that the package includes all the parts and materials for assembly, so you do not have to make an additional expense.

For greater functionality, it has approximate general measurements of 66 x 64 x 112 cm, but when folded it measures 115 x 64 x 40 cm. In this sense, it is easier to store and move than conventional forklifts. It also has a maximum load capacity of 30 kg and 56 liters, so it is recommended for moving plant debris and garden products at home.

Keeping the garden in good condition can be a simpler task if you have a folding wheelbarrow, which is why it is worth thoroughly reviewing the characteristics of this model.


Practicality: It is one of the lightest and has a folding mechanism to facilitate transport and storage.

Materials: The main frame is made of steel and features a polyester cargo tray for added strength and durability.

Capacity: Although it is compact, it has a capacity of approximately 30 kg and 56 liters.


Use: It is indicated only for use in home gardening, since it is not resistant enough to use it at an industrial level.

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Waldbeck Heavyload

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To find out which is the best truck, we recommend taking this model into account, since it offers great resistance and maximum support, making it one of the user’s favorites. This product allows a large amount of volume of up to 120 liters, facilitating your work.

With this garden wheelbarrow, you will be able to load up to 320 kilograms of debris with ease thanks to its great resistance. This model is made of steel, which gives you safety and durability. Its approximate measurements are 136 x 59 x 71 centimeters and it weighs 13 kilograms.

You will never have tried another truck with greater stability thanks to its two lightweight rubber wheels, which can be easily air-blown and are attached to a very strong green galvanized steel chassis. It has a very comfortable rubber grip to the touch, facilitating maneuverability.

Waldbeck is considered by some users as the best forklift brand of the moment, so we recommend you take this model into account, which stands out for its great stability and maneuverability thanks to its double wheel.


Volume: With this practical trolley you can load a maximum volume of up to 120 liters, greatly facilitating your work.

Capacity: The load capacity of this truck is approximately 320 kilograms, allowing you to load a large amount of debris on each trip.

Materials: This practical model is made of steel, so it gives you great durability and long life.

Stability: Thanks to its two wheels you can maneuver like never before, since the truck offers good stability.

Light: It has great maneuverability thanks to its light weight.


Wheels: By including a pair of inflatable wheels in the design it is possible that at some point they will get punctured.

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Construction truck

The Walsall Wheelbarrow Company ATBIABGALV

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If you still don’t know which truck to buy, we recommend you look at this versatile model, since it offers easy loading and a resistant body made of galvanized steel, thanks to which it can support up to 120 kilograms of materials with ease, helping you in your work.

This model is perfect for construction or heavy gardening work in your home, as it is very easy to handle, offering a comfortable movement thanks to its resistant wheels, allowing it to be pushed on gravel or uneven terrain comfortably.

Likewise, this construction truck offers a comfortable and pleasant grip thanks to its special coating. It has a volume of up to 90 liters, allowing a large quantity of materials to be loaded. This truck, in the same way, stands out for having a quick assembly, being able to assemble in just 3 minutes.

Before choosing a model, it is necessary to first of all know how much use you are going to give the truck, so that you choose the most functional model for you. This product is suitable for both construction and gardening jobs thanks to its good quality.


Capacity: This wheelbarrow can load up to 120 kilograms, making it suitable for work in the garden of your house.

Volume: You will finish the job faster thanks to its capacity of up to 90 liters.

Versatility: This tool is an excellent option for construction work such as gardening.

Assembly: It offers a very simple assembly, allowing the truck to be assembled in just three minutes.


Work: Keep in mind that this wheelbarrow is designed for light gardening and construction work at home.

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Hand truck

WilTec 61306

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With this WilTec hand truck you can transport logs, plants, tools, bulk materials, sand or any other object that is necessary. Its storage capacity corresponds to 75 liters or 300 kilograms, being a spacious equipment that will help you optimize your gardening tasks.

For the manufacture of this front forklift a metallic type structure was used, previously treated against corrosion and enameled with professional black paint, providing resistance. For its part, the loading surface was built in robust green polymer, also offering an easy washing method as it can be exposed directly under the water tap.

Among other features to highlight we have the ergonomic grip area, which incorporates a soft and non-slip rubber coating. Likewise, the equipment has an adequate level of traction, due to the tires with deep channels that provide significant effort savings when mobilizing, thanks to the front steering axle.

WilTec presents a garden wheelbarrow with a resistant design and pleasant aesthetics, whose outstanding characteristics are presented below.


Cleaning : The robust polymer construction of the cargo area allows it to be washed directly under running water.

Structure: The structure offers an adequate level of resistance and stability due to its robust and anticorrosive metal construction.

Cargo: Its capacity is 17 liters or 300 kilograms, being suitable for transporting plants, logs, sand, among others.

Grip: The grip is ergonomic and safe, thanks to the soft and non-slip rubber coating.


Instruction manual: The information provided is not very precise with respect to the care to be taken to extend the useful life of the product.

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Caterpillar wheelbarrow

Hyundai IC200

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If you are looking for a tracked forklift, you will not be able to miss this model with the Hyundai quality seal, which since its introduction to the market achieved a pleasant position due to its resistant design, intuitive operation and compact structure. Therefore, when reviewing the purchase catalogs you will find multiple positive comments regarding the experiences of use.

Hyundai IC200 is a truck designed to be used comfortably both in any type of plantation and in your home garden, offering a structure with a load capacity of up to 320 kilograms, making it quite spacious.

It is important to mention that the engine integrated into the truck has a manual start-up and uses gasoline. In addition, it has four starting times and a total of eight speeds, with two of them for the march and the remaining six for the reverse of the equipment.

This powered truck offers powerful and intuitive operation, which you can better understand through the positives and negatives listed below.


Load: Its maximum load of 320 kilograms is spacious enough to load plants, soil, tools, among others.

Startup: The start-up is manual, so it is a fairly intuitive process to execute.

Speeds: Its engine offers eight speeds, being six of them for the reverse and two for the march, facilitating rapid movement.

Use: You can use it to move materials in any type of plantation or for domestic use in your garden.


Assembly: Assembly could be difficult for some people, so you should pay attention to the instruction manual.

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Transport trolley

Blinky 59711-10

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This Blinky transport trolley has a robust and spacious design, which you can transport in total comfort, thanks to the incorporation of a comfortable grip area with a soft, non-slip rubber coating. Likewise, a bearing system made up of four tires with deep channels stands out, which provide adequate traction on any uneven ground such as your field or garden.

To carry out the manufacturing process of the structure and the loading area, 100% stainless steel was used, so you will have a resistant equipment, capable of supporting a maximum of 400 kilograms without fear of deforming. In this way, you can transport the waste of the pruning carried out to the trees and shrubs, as well as dry logs, tools, containers, among others. Its assembly is quick and easy if you follow the instructions in the manual, since the equipment has several parts.

This is a spacious and sturdy wheelbarrow that you can use reliably for gardening due to its build attributes. Here are its pros and cons.


Load: It offers an important level of maximum load for the transport of branches, trunks and waste from pruning, being 400 kg.

Assembly: Assembly is intuitive and you have a detailed instruction manual to do it.

Wheels: All four tires offer great ground grip due to their deep groove design.

Grip: You will achieve a correct grip thanks to the fact that the handle was covered in non-slip rubber with a soft touch.


Flimsy: Some types of cargo that involve the transport of materials that are too rough may damage the finishes of the truck. But this can happen with any model.

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Motorized forklift

PowerBoss 170 litros

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If you are looking among the shopping lists for a high-end, resistant, powerful motorized forklift, with an intuitive and functional start-up, it will not be surprising that you find this model from the PowerBoss house among the first positions.

Its structure was made of galvanized aluminum, which gives the design stability and resistance to corrosion. It also offers a non-deformable body with a support capacity for a maximum of 250 kilograms, which is equivalent to a volume of 17 liters.

The equipment incorporates a Honda GXV 160 type engine, which is characterized by its high level of quality and economy with respect to fuel consumption. Similarly, its 4 x 4 transmission system stands out, through a chain connected to the motor wheels, four starting times to move on uneven terrain or slopes up to 30º and a pair of handles with soft rubber coating.

This professional truck has an attractive design, intuitive operation and fast loading method, so here we leave its pros and cons.


Engine: Honda’s GXV 160 built-in engine has optimal performance with four starting times.

Cargo: The cargo area is for 250 kilograms or 17 liters, being able to transport sand, manure, snow, earth, gravel, hay, among others.

Manufacture: The galvanized aluminum structure offers resistance to corrosion and stability.

Grip: The pair of integrated handles are completely ergonomic, incorporating a soft, non-slip rubber coating for added safety.


Homologation: The product is only suitable for private land, since it does not have the necessary homologation for its transfer on the road.

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Other products

Work 15000007

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If you are looking for a wheelbarrow to help you with the works around the home, this is a good purchase option for you, since it allows you to do light gardening and construction work comfortably. It incorporates a quality tray with a capacity of up to 90 liters, with which you can load a good amount of materials in a single trip.

This model has a design specially thought for a controlled emptying and easy to do with a simple inclination. It even allows you to alternate and exchange epoxy trays with galvanized trays, depending on your requirements and the work you are going to do.

It incorporates a pneumatic wheel that will allow you to move easily and comfortably over difficult terrain, being able to maneuver like a professional thanks to its practical handle. This practical model has approximate dimensions of 140 x 56 x 60 centimeters and weighs 15 kilograms.

One of the biggest recommendations, when buying a new truck, is to take into account its versatility, so that you can give the product intensive use. You can exchange the tray between models made of epoxy or galvanized.


Volume : This model has a tray that allows us to load up to 90 liters of capacity, so we can move a good amount of materials.

Wheel : You can easily move this truck through difficult terrain thanks to the pneumatic wheel that it incorporates.

Versatility : You can exchange the tray of this trolley between trays made of epoxy and galvanized, depending on the complexity of the job.

Construction : This model of truck is specially manufactured for construction, supporting high amounts of weight.


Paint : The yellow paint that covers the truck deteriorates over time, especially if it is not well protected.

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Forklift Accessories

Wheelbarrow wheels

Ferrestock FSKROM001

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Among the most widely purchased truck accessories is Ferrestock FSKROM001, which are strong, durable, light and accessible wheelbarrow wheels. Its structure is made of robust and solid rubber, so you can move on any terrain without worrying about a puncture, while the rim is made of metallic and galvanized material to protect it from corrosion generated by moisture.

Regarding its format, we first have the width of the rim corresponding to 12.5 centimeters and the diameter of its axle of two centimeters. Similarly, the wheel has a diameter – width of 36 x 8 centimeters respectively. With these measures, the properties of compatibility and good displacement are ensured.

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Guide to buying a forklift

If you want to acquire the appropriate gardening or agriculture equipment to more easily transport logs, branches, compost, sand, tools or any material necessary for the execution of your tasks, you will have to review this guide to buy the best wheelbarrow. In it you will find the main quality indicators to evaluate for the success of the purchase.

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Guide to buying

Truck type and operation
The models of forklifts that exist in the market are usually quite varied, so the selection may not be as simple a task as you imagined. There are many aspects to evaluate in order to carry a model that really suits our agricultural or gardening needs. For this reason, it is important to start a forklift comparison, which allows you to know in depth the main characteristics present in the products that have really caught your attention.

This type of products is very popular in the market, since they are a tool designed to make it easier to carry out some of our tasks in the garden or in the crops. In this sense, you can first find in the catalogs of the different brands some designs with a simple, compact structure and with a support surface designed for the transfer of light gardening items. This is the case of plants, waste product of the pruning of trees or shrubs, compost and any other small element.

On the other hand, there are the forklifts for professional use that incorporate a motor with manual gear and fuel supply. In this way, their mobilization suggests less physical effort on the part of the person when moving them, so they are much more practical equipment for the transfer of sand, earth, logs, containers and other robust materials within vineyards or open field plantations. .

The material used to manufacture the truck is an aspect of great importance that we must know before purchasing the product, as it will determine its durability, resistance and how much it costs. These are some of the reasons why you should verify this aspect, trying as much as possible that the raw material is certified and capable of offering a high level of quality.

For example, the models currently on the market offer metallic structures, built with stainless steel tubes, galvanized aluminum or brass. The first two materials have greater support, being less prone to deformation due to the weight supported. However, being robust, brass offers a level of resistance suitable for domestic equipment, which will not be used to transport heavy loads.

Regarding the loading area of ​​the truck, you can find surfaces made of the aforementioned metals or others in polymer. If this is the case, you will not be able to fail to confirm that said plastic has a robust body, so that it does not easily deteriorate due to the constant loading and unloading of materials. It also highlights the presence of soft and non-slip rubber on the handles to provide a secure grip at all times.

Acquiring a truck with high quality standards, resistant, functional, with an attractive design, that is good and economical, is surely the ideal for every buyer. However, there is another aspect of great importance to be corroborated in this type of product, which we often let go unnoticed during the selection process.

This is the necessary approval so that mechanical type forklifts can move freely on the road, without violating any land traffic laws. Of course, if you plan to use it only on private land such as your home garden, orchards, nursery or any other field, then it will not be necessary for the truck to have been provided with such certification.

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Assembly and cleaning
It is important that you make sure that the assembly offered by the truck is simple to execute, as well as that the adjustment pieces such as nuts and bolts have been incorporated with the purchase. In this sense, you will save time and money by not having to purchase them separately. In addition, it is necessary for the product to attach its respective instruction manual, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the process of coupling the parts.

Similarly, there is the issue of cleanliness. Remember that it is an equipment designed to transport branches, pruning waste, compost, soil, containers, plants and any other material. For this reason, we must be aware that the cargo area will be constantly dirty, so it is essential that we can clean this surface comfortably, to prevent dirt from taking root and ending up deteriorating the structure.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a wheelbarrow?
The use of a forklift will depend on the model purchased. However, it is a completely intuitive process that will not generate complications. If the truck is a conventional model, you will only have to place the materials or objects to be transported in the loading area, take the handlebar and start pushing forward to move it.

On the other hand, the equipment that incorporates a starter motor will need you to pour gasoline into the respective tank, to start its manual start-up. Likewise, you can adjust the speeds for a movement according to your needs.

Q2: How to make a wooden wheelbarrow?
To build a wooden wheelbarrow you should check a website specialized in the subject, in order to select a model that is to your liking. Thus, you can make a small manufacturing plan and a list with the materials to be used, such as a robust sheet of wood, electric cutter, drill with its respective set of bits, screws, metal nails, screwdriver, wood glue and one by one. four compact format tires.

Then, trace the pattern of the wheelbarrow with the help of a ruler and pencil, to immediately cut out the silhouette and begin to join them to shape the wheelbarrow. Finally, it incorporates the bearings and adjusts the respective wheels. Remember to take care of the finishes, being recommended that you sand and varnish the structure.

Q3: How to remove the wheel from a wheelbarrow?
For the process of disassembling the wheels of the truck you will only need a few tools, being the case of a wrench or a set of screwdrivers. Then, you must remove the screws that secure each of the wheels, depending on the model you have. It is a fairly simple task, but it is also necessary that you pay attention to what is outlined in the instructions manual.

Q4: How to assemble a truck?
To assemble a wheelbarrow, the first thing you should have at your disposal is a clear surface where you can place all the pieces that make up the product. Keep in mind that these parts may vary due to the selected model, as well as the complexity of the assembly process may increase.

Regardless of the design acquired, the first thing you should assemble is the structure, since it is the platform that holds the other parts and, therefore, requires great stability to provide optimal performance. Then proceed to fix the bearing base and thereafter the wheels.

Likewise, place the handlebars or handles and finally, in the upper area should be the support arranged for the load. Do not forget that there are mechanical models, which require the assembly of the motor. In this sense, it would be preferable that you read the instruction manual carefully or review a web tutorial.

Make sure that everything fits correctly and that none of the screws have insulation, because if they do, you will have to change it immediately to avoid future inconvenience.

Q5: How many cubic meters does a truck have?
According to the basic manufacturing standards applied to trucks, we have that it can have an average of 0.22 cubic meters. Likewise, it is important that you take into consideration that this volume level can vary significantly, depending on both the model and the brand.

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