8 Best Floor Paints for Wood [2022 ]

There are many brands, sizes and materials of manufacture for floor paints, but they are suitable for homes, businesses, roads, sports courts, garages, etc. We recommend some of the most outstanding floor paints for that reason. One of them is the Proa ST654P, as it is suitable for indoor and outdoor garages, and it also offers quick drying, in approximately one hour. The Acrylic Nazza is a transparent varnish that enhances the natural colors of concrete, terracotta, bricks, tiles, and other building materials. It gives the concrete the ability to cure.

8 Best Floor Paints for Wood [2022 ]

If you want to buy a high-quality product, you should check out the following list, where we present some of the best floor paints of 2022. It’s possible that some of them will work for your company or home, since there are several brands, colors, materials and much more.

Rust-Oleum 367604 Home Interior Floor

This could be the best value for money floor paint, as it is one of the cheapest, but it also offers UV protection, so you can use it outdoors without any issues. It comes in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, white and blue, so you can choose the one you want to paint your floors in.

Rust-Oleum 367604 Home Interior Floor Coating Kit, Semi-Gloss Charcoal Gray
  • Ideal for updating outdated flooring at a fraction of the cost of replacement and adheres without...
  • Water-based formula works with a wide range of flooring types including ceramic tile, porcelain tile,...

If you need this paint for large spaces, the brand has several containers of 4 or 10 liters to choose from. If you are going to paint a small project, you may want to use the 750 liter container. The paint that is used for garage floors is suitable for interiors and exteriors, as well as giving a satin finish.

The latter makes the floor stand out and better decorates the place. The main qualities of this economical Proa ST654P paint, so review each one carefully before making the purchase.


Type: This is a garage floor paint that offers a glossy finish that is striking to the naked eye.

Drying: Dries in 1 hour normally, under average temperature and humidity conditions.

Formula: It has a one-component formula that withstands UV rays, so it works very well outdoors.


Durability: The paint deteriorates after several washes, which could be annoying for users who perform this task frequently.

Rust-oleum 358871 Water-based Floor Paint

This may be the best floor paint because it brings out the original color and texture of the material, regardless of whether it’s concrete or stone.

Rust-oleum 358871 Water-based Floor Paint
  • Rust-oleum 358871 Water-based Floor Paint

If you want to change the tone of the floor, you can purchase a Nazza universal color, but it is a transparent acrylic varnish. In addition, this paint for exterior cement or stone floors allows the material to breathe, so that it expels water and has a long useful life. We inform you that it has a satin finish to the surface, to highlight the floor material a little more and make the environment look better.

The container is made of resistant plastic and comes in different quantities, 5, 10, and 25 liters, so that you can buy according to the needs of the moment. Perhaps the pros and cons of this paint will help you make the best purchase decision.


Type: It is a paint for concrete or stone floors, in addition, it offers a transparent finish.

Durability: The paint does not create a film, because it adheres very well to the pores of the soil, which provides greater durability.

Breathable: Although it is quite resistant, it allows the soil to breathe, expelling the humidity that it may have due to the climate of the place.


Gloss: It doesn’t have a lot of shine, so if you are looking for a paint that reflects light, you should try other options.

Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint

The floor paint has a yield of between 5 and 6 m2 per coat and can be dried between 8 and 10 hours from the first application. For the best results, the painted surface should not be walked on for at least 48 hours. The paint has been made to cover and protect the concrete.

INSL-X SU031009A-01 Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint, 1 Gallon, Light Gray
  • Durable, skid resistant finish anti slip paint for interior or exterior application, excellent color...
  • High traffic slip resistant paint for concrete that’s ideal for stairs, walkways, patios, and more.

It offers a glossy finish to the material, which will make the floor look better. It allows to obtain floors with greater resistance to wear and tear, as well as to chemical products. It supports splashing and continuous submergence in both salt and fresh water.

It will be of great help in soils that are exposed to high demands because it is very resistant to organic solvents and wastewater. Nazza could be the best brand of floor paints, as it specializes in the manufacture of these types of products and offers options for a variety of surfaces.


Resistance: Withstands highly corrosive atmospheres, organic solvents, sewage, splashes of alkaline chemicals, etc.

Finish: The floors that you paint, whether they are garages, industries, wooden surfaces or kennels will be left with a very striking glossy finish.

Cleaning: Makes it easy to clean, so the floor will look like new for longer.


Solvent: The product does not come with an epoxy solvent, so you must purchase it separately.

INSL-X CTS39989A-01 Tough Shield Floor and Patio Paint

It provides great resistance by being an elastic waterproof coating that serves as an outdoor floor paint. It is made from the same material as well as being formulated with it, which is characterized by its flexibility and good adhesion.

INSL-X CTS39989A-01 Tough Shield Floor and Patio Paint, Saddle Brown
  • Waterborne, acrylic enamel designed for a rugged, durable finish with good abrasion resistance...
  • Resists ponding water and has excellent wearing qualities for interior floor paint or exterior floor...

It can be a good option if you want to know what the best paint is for floors. It can be used to cover cracks and prevent water seepage on terraces or any type of surface that is constantly exposed to the elements. It yields 1 to 2 m2 for each liter of paint, so it’s important to mention that.

This product comes in a 5-liter presentation, but you can also get it at 750 liters or 20 liters, so it’s possible to choose the option that best suits your requirements. If you are looking for the best paint for outdoor floors, then you should consider some of the highlights of the product in more detail.


Fiber: It is a fiber paint that can be used in busy areas, which provides greater versatility.

Presentation: It offers 5 liters of paint, but you can also get it in different presentations, at 750 ml or 20 liters.

Color: It is available in red, gray and white, which allows you to combine it with the decoration of the place.


Coverage: It can cover up to 2 m² per liter of paint, which is a lower capacity than other products on the list.

Valspar 27-1500 QT 1 Quart White Porch

The paint can be applied to asphalt agglomerates, tennis courts, concrete, cement, etc. If you shake it before using it, you can get a correct mixture.

Valspar 27-1500 QT 1 Quart White Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel
  • This item is Valspar 27-1500 QT 1 Quart White Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel
  • Used For Painting Supplies, Paint & Stains Accessories

You must add 10% water in the first coat and 5% in the second coat. It can be used with a paint gun, brush or roller. Since it is a non-slip paint for outdoor floors, you can use it indoors as well. It’s suitable for indoor sports courts without fear of people slipping.

On the other hand, you should be aware that it has been made from light-resistant pigments. Thanks to this, it is resistant to abrasion and water. This is one of the cheapest paints, but it is a great quality for tennis courts and outdoor floors, and we invite you to review its pros and cons.


Application: It can be used for marking on pavement, concrete, tennis courts, asphalt agglomerates and other types of floors.

Resistance: It is resistant to both abrasion and water, so the paint will last a long time.

Safety: Because it is non-slip, people will walk or exercise without worry.


Color: The color is lighter than what you see on the packaging, but this does not influence its quality and durability.

Rust-Oleum Brands 285144 Charcoal Chalked Ultra Matte Paint

The paint for floors is appropriate for concrete surfaces, whether they are garages, sidewalks, streets, or any other spaces.

1 qt Rust-Oleum Brands 285144 Charcoal Chalked Ultra Matte Paint
  • Use on a variety of interior surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, canvas and easily distress to create a...
  • Low-odor, latex formula allows for easy clean up with soap and water

It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, which makes it versatile. It’s important that it’s resistance to the elements is highlighted so that it can cope with changes in temperature and contact with water.

The paint has greater adherence to the surface as a result of being formulated based on the resin. A durable coating can be created in this manner. It comes in a presentation of 2 liters of gray paint, which can be used to cover 16 to 20 m2 of surface.

It dries to the touch in less than six hours. One liter of catalyst is included in the package, which is combined with the paint to create a more resistant coating. With this product, the best floor paint of the moment, it should give you good performance on any type of surface. It’s important to learn more about its main characteristics.


Versatility: It is a suitable paint for both interiors and exteriors, which provides greater versatility.

Hardener: Includes a 1 liter of catalyst to combine with the paint and create a more solid and resistant layer.

Adhesion: It offers a good adhesion capacity, which increases the durability of the paint.


Repainting: It is necessary to wait approximately 48 hours to apply the second coat in humid spaces, which delays the work a bit.

Rust-Oleum 348192 Floor Topcoat Clear Shimmer Gloss gal

It is a non-slip paint that can be used for covering sports spaces that require a rustic and safe surface. In this way, it can provide a microporous layer that is air tight.

Rust-Oleum 348192 Floor Topcoat Clear Shimmer Gloss gal
20 Reviews
Rust-Oleum 348192 Floor Topcoat Clear Shimmer Gloss gal
  • 1-part concrete floor shimmer top coat
  • Brilliant high gloss top coat shimmer effect that enhances concrete appearance

It has a green finish that hides flaws on the ground and can be applied to tennis, basketball, or paddle courts. It’s available in red, gray and white to complement the space.

The formula has iron oxides that provide resistance to UVA rays, preventing the color from losing intensity to the type of use, and increasing its longevity at the same time.

In terms of quantity, it offers 15 liters of paint, but you can get 4 liters for small areas. It is good to know that it has an approximate yield of 6 to 8 m2 for each liter of paint.

It’s normal to wonder which floor paint to buy because of the variety of products on the market. You are invited to carefully analyze the pros and cons of the model.


Finish: Provides a microporous matte finish to prevent slippage.

Dilution: It can be diluted in water with a percentage of 15 to 20%, but it can also be applied directly according to your needs.

Quantity: It comes in a presentation of 15 liters, which is enough to paint from 90 to 120 m² approximately.


Transport: The paint can does not have a handle for transport, which could make it less practical compared to other products on the list.

INSL-X PRODUCTS EGF700099-EA RED Combo Decorative

The rubber floor paint comes in a brick red color and has been developed to waterproof horizontal and vertical surfaces such as roofs that use fiberglass.

INSL-X PRODUCTS EGF700099-EA RED Combo Decorative Floor Flakes, 12 oz
  • Transform any concrete floor into a beautiful surface with Insl-x decorative flakes for garage floors.
  • Easy to use and will disguise surface imperfections.

It’s very resistant to light, especially ultraviolet rays. It will be used to paint floors that are exposed to direct sunlight.

We can inform you that you can apply this product on plaster surfaces, as well as concrete or cement that has cracks, if you wonder what materials you can paint. It can be used for surfaces that need a paint with an anti-drip and anti-humidity effect.

In another vein, we mention that this paint comes in a 15-liter pot, but you can also choose the 4-liter container, which is very useful for small projects. It is possible to protect the floors with this paint, but before making a purchase, review its most important advantages and disadvantages.


Waterproofing: With it you can waterproof roofs, roofs or covers, so that no water enters your house when it rains.

Elasticity: Thanks to its elastic property you can use it on surfaces that shrink or grow due to climatic changes.

Size: It comes in a 15-liter bottle, so you can apply it on large surfaces.


Instructions: The jar does not include drying instructions, a useful aspect for greater efficiency when painting.

Shopping guide

To buy a paint that protects the floor and makes it stand out, it is important to know various characteristics, for example, types, quantity, protection, drying time, breathability and waterproof. You can review this guide to buy the best floor paint, where we explain each aspect in a simple way.

Types of floor paints

Since there are different types of floor paints, you should know this quality if you are comparing them. There are paintings that are used for sports courts that support a lot of footprints and jumps of people, as well as hundreds of impacts with the ball. Normally, this paint comes in different shades, so choose the one that best suits the track or sport you are in.

If you want to paint the floor of a garage, this type of paint may help you because of its high resistance to friction. It’s almost always a type of paint that you’re able to wash. If you want to know what liquids you can clean it, ask the manufacturer or check the product specifications. Cement and stone is one of the most widely used paints. If you need this type of paint, make sure that it doesn’t form a film and that it penetrates the well. When we talk about film, we mean that the paint does not adhere to the ground properly, which means that it does not last very long.

Although there are cement paints that can be used on tile, terracotta or other materials, it is a good idea to check whether or not the paint will work for the floor of the company or home. Similarly, there are special paints for businesses. It is possible to use them in factories and industries of all kinds because they are resistant to splashes of different chemicals. They are known to many people as industrial paints and you can find them in a wide range of colors. Before moving on to the next point, we want to explain that some of the paintings are not suitable for interiors or exteriors. You can’t use them outdoors if they can’t protect themselves from UV rays.

Quantity and yield

The fact of how much a certain floor paint costs can be influenced by this aspect. There are so many options that you may be able to find one that is good and cheap. Check the amount of square meters that you can cover with the paint container, as well as the number of liters it has, before buying it. Sometimes you can mix the paint with water to give it a better performance, so pay attention to the density of the paint. That is dependent on the brand and type of paint you buy.


There is protection against the sun and water in exterior paints. If you are going to buy paint for a garage or sports court, you have to be sure that it has those qualities. Ask the seller before making the purchase if you want to check the product specifications. In laboratories, detergent factories, mechanical workshops, and industry in general, other paints are very useful.

Drying time

Many people like to quickly paint the floor, but when multiple coats of paint are required, this task is very time consuming. In order to remedy this, some manufacturers offer paints that can be dried in a short period of time.

It is possible to put 2 or more coats of paint on the floor in a single day. Some people think that paints that take a long time to dry are more durable, but in reality there are brands that dry quickly and are of high quality. Depending on the floor that you will paint, the choice of drying time will be dependent. If the paint is for roads with a lot of traffic, choose the one that dries the fastest, as this will not stop the passage of cars for a long time.

Transpiration and waterproofing

When it comes to concrete, wood and stone, it’s important that the humidity does not degrade the material. The result will be film formation, if the paint is not Breathable. It is good that the paint is waterproof, as this will protect the floor more outdoors.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove the paint from the marble floor?

You can find special liquids on the internet that can be used to remove paints like rubber or epoxy. These liquids are usually used for marble floors. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to gradually remove the paint after you have obtained the liquid.

Depending on the layers of paint that the marble has, this task will be more or less simple. If you want to remove paint, don’t use abrasive accessories like sponges or wire brushes, they could scratch the marble a lot. It’s a good idea to clean the marble after removing the paint to make sure that the liquid you’re using doesn’t stain the marble.

Q2: How to make floor paint?

White wall paint is a good choice if you want to do the floor paint yourself. The paint should be mixed with a little white glue. The paint will cause the concrete to become porous. The goal is for a white mixture to be obtained. You can leave it the same color and apply it on the floor, but you can also dye it.

It is possible to do this process with colors that are used by continuous ink printers. Take some of the white paint and mix it with some of the color you want. If you want to get an orange hue, you can make combinations, for example red with yellow.

Q3: How to apply floor paint?

Cleaning the floor that you are going to paint is the first thing that should be done. There are detergents, water, and a broom that can be used.

The goal is to remove all the dirt and stains from the floor. Films can form if you don’t paint this task, and in a short time the applied paint will be damaged. If the floor doesn’t dry completely after washing, the paint will not adhere well, or it will lose some of its properties.

If you want it to work well, start with the first coat of paint, which can be sprayed with a spray gun. The traditional brush or roller can be used for applying paint. Apply a second and final coat of paint after the paint has dried. We talk about the layers of paint that you are going to place on the floor when we talk about hands. Depending on your preferences, you may want to put on three or more coats of paint.

Q4: What is the best paint for a garage floor?

Latex epoxies or acrylics are the most popular floor paints for garages. Their prices are high in some cases, but the former are more durable. acrylic latex paints are cheaper and last less than regular paints. Depending on the traffic in the parking lot and the length of time it takes to get there, the life of the paint varies from 3-4 years to 2 years. If your garage floor is concrete, it would be a good idea to buy an epoxy paint, because it will adhere better to this type of floor.

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