7 Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal [2022]

The demolition hammer is widely used on construction sites and for renovations, but the specific model to buy must be chosen above all on the basis of the frequency and type of use for which it is intended. In the guide you will find more information on this, as well as reviews on the most popular products.

These are listed in order of importance and according to a criterion that takes into account not only their performance, but also factors such as the intended use, price and quality level of the product.

In first place is the Makita HM0871C SDS-Max AVT , which offers balanced performance, suitable for both hobby and professional users, while in second place we find the Bosch Professional GSH 3 E SDS-Plus , especially suitable for non-refurbishment works. too demanding.

7 Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal [2022]

And here we are at the ranking with the seven best demolition hammers of 2022, sorted by order of liking and based on data relating to their market success. In the first places, obviously, are the specimens for hobby and mixed use.

1. XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric

The opinions of buyers are almost unanimous: the first place among the best demolition hammers of 2021 certainly deserves the Makita HM0871C, due to its peculiar characteristics and excellent value for money.

The device, in fact, stands out for the AVT system, which is capable of reducing vibrations to a point that makes it seem almost inefficient; as soon as you sink the tip into a concrete wall, or a stone pavement, you immediately realize the incredible level of performance of the tool.

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack hammer Concrete Breaker W/Case, Gloves
  • It is perfect for demolition, trenching, chipping, breaking holes in concrete, block, brick, tile stucco,...
  • Adjustable 360 degree foregrip provides extra control that makes it easy to conveniently adjust based on...

The further advantages are represented by a higher power than other similar but more expensive models, by the electronic speed regulation system on twelve different levels and by the compatibility with drills equipped with SDS-Max shank, which is the professional standard. The only flaw, however, consists in the total absence of points; the package includes only the hammer and the carrying case.


Powerful: With its 8.1 Joules per stroke, the Makita demolition hammer is one of the most powerful in its class; the motor absorbs 1,110 Watts and generates an adjustable speed from 1,100 up to 2,650 strokes per minute.

AVT system: The vibrations produced are almost nil, both in the working and non-working phases; this is made possible by the AVT and Soft No-Load systems, both integrated into the power tool to reduce operator fatigue as much as possible.

SDS-Max: Compatibility with bits equipped with SDS-Max attachment makes it ideal for intensive professional use, as well as for amateur and hobby use.


No accessories: The bits must be purchased separately, unfortunately, as the package includes only the hammer and its carrying case.

2. Mophorn 3500W Electric Demolition Hammer

The Bosch Professional GSH 3 E demolition hammer, on the other hand, is one of the best-selling models in the hobby and semi-professional category; in comparison to the Makita examined previously, in fact, it is decidedly lighter and characterized by less power and the lower-class SDS-Plus attack.

The GSH 3 E weighs about 3.5 kilos, a power per stroke of only 2.6 Joules and a 650 Watt motor capable of generating a maximum speed of 3,500 strokes per minute; the performance offered by the tool, therefore, is modest and makes it suitable above all for restoration and renovation works, where it can be used for the removal of tiles and tiles, plaster, layers of mortar and glue, as well as for bare steel rods in reinforced concrete.

Mophorn 3500W Electric Demolition Hammer Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker 1400 BPM Jack Hammer Demolition Drills with Flat Chisel Bull Point Chisel (3500 W)
  • Replacement Chisels Included: There are two chisel bits: flat chisel and point chisel, meeting a variety...
  • Exceptional Performance & Top Quality: It features 1400BPM and 3500 watts of motor power. Supporting the...

The only limitation is given by the non-adjustable speed, you can only “start” gradually by dosing the pressure on the start button.


Reliable: Being a tool produced for the Professional line of the Bosch company, it is reliable and resistant; it can be safely used intensively, even if only for superficial demolitions.

Vibration Control: Like the more powerful demolition hammers, the GSH 3 E also has an efficient system that reduces vibrations, and consequently the operator’s fatigue.

Complete with tips: The further advantage is given by the presence of two tips in the accessory set, a 250 mm pointed chisel and a 260 mm tile trowel.


Modest performance: As the SDS-Plus attachment suggests, the Bosch demolition hammer is efficient but not suitable for professional jobs that require large demolitions.

3. XtremepowerUS 61103 Jack Hammer

Do you want to know where to buy a new lightweight yet powerful demolition hammer designed especially for intensive and continuous professional use? Then take a look at the H41MB model, produced by the well-known Japanese company.

The Hitachi demolition hammer has an extremely compact design and a lower weight than the Makita examined previously, even the motor absorbs a lower power, only 930 Watts, but is able to generate a force of 10 Joules for each single blow. . It is equipped with SDS-Max attachment, of course, and in addition it also has the Vario-Lock system that allows you to change the orientation of the tip so as not to be forced to rotate the whole tool in case of need.

XtremepowerUS 61103 Jack Hammer w/Point & Chisel Bits Electric 2200W Demolition Construction Concrete Breaker Punch Drill
  • It is perfect for demolition, trenching, chipping, breaking holes in concrete, block, brick, tile stucco,...
  • Adjustable 360 degree foregrip provides extra control that makes it easy to conveniently adjust based on...

It is suitable for intensive demolition, both of external cladding and of reinforced concrete walls and floors, driving posts and creating grooves; but it is recommended to wear ear muffs during prolonged use.


Powerful: With its 10 Joules per shot it is able to pull down a reinforced concrete wall with the utmost ease, and with a decidedly lower power absorption than the hammers belonging to the same category but produced by other companies.

Vario-Lock: The chisel can be adjusted in twelve different positions, so as not to have to force the operator to assume strange and uncomfortable poses while working, as happens with other demolition hammers.

Complete with accessories: Apart from the hammer, the package includes the carrying case, the comfortable side handle that can be positioned on the right or left depending on the needs, and a chisel.


Noise: The noise is quite loud, so it is advisable to wear headphones while using it; especially if you have to use it continuously.

4. AOBEN 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

The main advantage of the German company’s power tools consists above all in their low prices; precisely for this reason, in fact, among the products sold online are those characterized by the widest market demand.

The Einhell demolition hammer is no exception; apart from the advantageous price, another of its strengths is characterized by the power: 1,500 Watts and a strength that reaches 32 Joules per stroke. Given the characteristics, therefore, the tool is equipped with the SDS-Max attachment, so as to be able to mount the tips and chisels intended for intensive professional use.

AOBEN 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill with Vibration Control and Safety Clutch,13 Amp Heavy Duty Demolition Hammer for Concrete-Including 3 Drill Bits,Flat Chisels, Point Chisels.
  • 【POWERFUL MOTOR】 AOBEN electric Rotary Hammer Drill is equipped with 13 Amp (1500W) motor that...
  • 【EASY TO OPERAT】 Three function modes can be easily switched - hammer only (chiselling-only), hammer...

Its flaw, on the other hand, typical of Einhell production, is that it is still a low-cost product; and in its specific case, therefore, the attack has a noticeable oscillation that puts a strain on the tips. The original supplied, moreover, is of low quality and breaks quickly.


Economic: The price of the Einhell demolition hammer is the best you can find taking into account the power category of the tool; so it’s great for those who can’t afford to spend big bucks.

Powerful: With 32 Joules of force for each single blow, it is the most powerful hammer among all the ones we examined in our guide; potentially it is also suitable for the most intense jobs, provided you grind it and use higher quality tips.

SDS-Max: Even if the Einhell demolition hammer is of the semi-professional category, thanks to the SDS-Max attachment it can also perform demanding jobs in the professional field, albeit in a non-intensive way.


Tip attachment and materials: The attachment for the points plays a role, and the latter oscillate during use; some parts are also made with poor quality materials that are easy to break.

5. VEVOR Demolition Jack Hammer 3600W Jack Hammer

The main feature of the DeWalt demolition hammer, which differentiates it from the other specimens examined so far, is that of being a combined 2 in 1 model, that is, equipped with the rotary function that allows it to also perform drilling in masonry and concrete.

The version in question is the one with the strength of 6.1 Joule for each single stroke, but it is also available in three other versions, respectively with 8, 13.3 and 19.4 Joules, depending on the needs of the case; in rotary mode it allows you to drill holes with a diameter ranging from 12 to 40 millimeters maximum using the drills, and up to 100 millimeters if using crowns.

VEVOR Demolition Jack Hammer 3600W Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker 1800 BPM Heavy Duty Electric Jack Hammer 6pcs Chisels Bit w/Gloves & 360°Swiveling Front Handle for Trenching, Chipping, Breaking Holes
  • Replacement Chisels Included: There are six chisel bits: clay spade chisel, shovel chisel, large scraping...
  • Exceptional Performance & Top Qualit: Its marvelous performance in demolition is one particular feature...

It is also well cared for as regards ergonomics, and in fact it is equipped with a second handle that can be oriented in any position; moreover, the compact dimensions allow it to be used easily even in small spaces.


2 in 1: In addition to the swing movement, the DeWalt hammer also has the rotation that allows it to drill into the hardest materials, such as masonry, rock and reinforced concrete. But the drilling diameter with the drills is limited to 40 millimeters.

Compact and ergonomic: The compact dimensions make it ideal for working in confined spaces; it is also equipped with a second adjustable handle, thus offering a high level of comfort of use.

Reliable: The DeWalt company is particularly appreciated for its reliability and high production standards, and its tools are widely used in both the hobby and professional sectors.


Cost: The price places it in the medium-high range, so if you are looking for a cheap demolition hammer it is better to choose a model from another brand.

6. Snowtaros 2200W Electric Demolition Jack Hammer,

And here we are at the cheapest model of all those we have examined in our guide: the Hammer 7050 produced by the Italian company Valex.

Its performances are very respectable, it has a power of 1,300 Watts and a force of 15 Joules for each single shot, so it is able to face even the most demanding demolitions; at this point some will be rightly wondering: if this hammer is so powerful and handsome why is it so cheap? And the mystery can be revealed immediately.

Snowtaros 2200W Electric Demolition Jack Hammer, Heavy Duty Concrete Breaker with Flat Chisel & Point Chisel, with Carrying Case, Gloves
  • 【POWERFUL HAMMER BREAKER】This 2200W powerful heavy duty jack hammer with an impact rate of 1400/min....
  • 【DOUBLE CHISEL】This electric demolition jack hammer comes with 1 flat chisel and 1 point chisel,...

The Valex demolition hammer is placed in the same range occupied by the Einhell hammer; the typical limitations as a low-cost product, therefore, are given above all by the poor quality of the materials used to manufacture the non-vital components of the tool. In the specific case, then, there is the absence of the anti-vibration system, which has a negative impact in the case of prolonged use of the tool.


Economic: Also in this case it is necessary to point out the advantage of the low cost, which makes it particularly suitable for those who have occasional use needs and prefer to spend as little as possible.

SDS-Max: The attack makes it extremely versatile as regards the type of tips that can be mounted, also including those of the professional type.

Powerful: Even from the point of view of power it doesn’t joke: a 1,300 Watt motor capable of generating a force of 15 Joules allows it to demolish even the hardest materials.


No anti-vibration: Unfortunately there is no system to dampen the vibrations of the blows, so it is strongly not recommended for intensive use, especially prolonged.

7. BOSCH 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer,

We conclude our list with the Milwaukee Kango 540S, which of all those examined is the model that has the best features. The Milwaukee demolition hammer, in fact, apart from being produced by a brand that is nothing short of prestigious in the power tools sector, is an extremely well-made tool, of high quality both in terms of manufacturing materials and assembly, and for performance.

It is a combined model capable of both demolition and drilling, it has the SDS-Max attachment with Vario-Lock system, the safety clutch and the anti-vibration system; Furthermore, the gearbox is made of magnesium alloy and is able to optimally disperse heat and therefore withstand prolonged efforts.

BOSCH 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer, Bosch Blue
  • Power: Featuring a 14.0 Amp Motor and Constant Response Circuitry for Soft Start, Constant Speed Under...
  • CONVENIENT: Featuring the SDS max bit system for tool free bit changes with automatic bit locking, dust...

But if the Milwaukee Kango is the best demolition hammer among those examined, why is it at the bottom of this ranking? Simple: it is very expensive and is intended exclusively for professionals.


Professional: The Milwaukee demolition hammer is a tool specially designed for intensive professional use; its features, as well as the performance of the rest, are nothing short of excellent.

Combined: You can use it both to demolish and to drill holes in masonry, concrete and rock, with extreme ease and even for prolonged times, without fear of straining the tool too much.

SDS-Max with Vario-Lock: The perfect combination for the professional: the attachment for the SDS-Max tips and the Vario-Lock system that allows you to orient the tips without having to move the whole hammer.


Cost: The price is high, but the rest could not be otherwise given the quality and the main intended use of this power tool.

How to choose the best demolition hammers

Beware of health risks

Before deciding which demolition hammer to buy, it is good to remember that this, unlike other power tools, is a particularly risky tool that exposes the operator to various problems caused by the high vibrations and noise produced.

This premise is especially important for inexperienced users, who do not have real knowledge of this power tool and could be caught unprepared by using it without the necessary precautions.

Before understanding how to choose a good demolition hammer suitable for your needs, therefore, make sure you prepare yourself adequately by also purchasing a pair of ear defenders, safety glasses and properly padded work gloves.

The health risks that are run using the demolition hammer, in fact, are absolutely not to be underestimated; especially in anticipation of prolonged use.

SDS-Plus and SDS-Max

Unlike pneumatic hammers, demolition hammers use tips with a smaller diameter and therefore are characterized by a specific attack, this is in turn divided into two types which vary according to the intended use. The attack in question is called SDS, while the two variants are in turn called Plus and Max.

Another important requirement is the power, which is expressed in Joules; the higher the number, the higher the force of the blow obviously, and therefore the efficiency of the hammer in breaking high hardness materials such as reinforced concrete and rock. To determine the intended use, however, the type of attack is more important than the power.

Furthermore, the rule according to which the SDS-Plus and Max attachments are respectively mounted on medium and high power hammers is not always valid; in fact, on the market you can find demolition hammers with SDS-Plus attachment that have a higher power than some models with SDS-Max attachment.

In fact, some professional demolition hammers, therefore with SDS-Max connection, are specially designed with limited dimensions and power to adapt to work in confined spaces; this particular type is required above all when renovations have to be carried out in small rooms, where the application of too high a power is not recommended.

Anti-vibration system and accessories

Another factor that distinguishes the various models on the market is the supply of accessories; usually, but not always, the economic range demolition hammers are distinguished by also offering one or more tips supplied.

The latter, however, are almost always of mediocre quality and break more or less easily depending on the intensity of use. Professional demolition hammers, on the other hand, are generally sold without points.

If you intend to buy a demolition hammer only for a contingent use, then you can also opt for an economic model and save something, but if you plan to use it frequently, even if for not too demanding jobs, it is better to choose anyway. a professional tool.

Furthermore, especially in the second hypothesis, be very careful to verify that the chosen model is equipped with the anti-vibration system; otherwise the tool could be extremely difficult to manage, as well as cause serious problems for the operator.

Frequent questions

What is the demolition hammer for?

The demolition hammer is a compact and much more manageable variant of the pneumatic hammer, and like the latter it is used for demolition. Unlike its big brother with pneumatic action, however, it is driven by an electric motor, and is equipped with an attachment that allows you to replace the type of points; consequently, by simply changing the tip type, it is possible to use it for the removal of materials of different types.

This tool is mainly used in renovation works, to remove tile coverings, for example, old terracotta floors or for the removal of concrete screeds, for the demolition of rocks or to bare the steel rods in the pillars and in the reinforced concrete walls.

Its use is required above all in the field of construction and public works, and obviously it is used both professionally and at an artisanal and domestic level, but always by those who have some experience with this type of tool.

Unlike other power tools, in fact, the demolition hammer requires a certain mastery and physical strength; in addition, adequate protections must be used, in particular ear muffs and fairly thick work gloves, in order to avoid health risks.

How does a demolition hammer work?

As we mentioned earlier, unlike the pneumatic hammer, which works thanks to the pressure of the air pumped by a compressor, and the hydraulic hammer which is instead mounted on special tracked machines, the demolition hammer is driven by an electric motor whose power varies according to the category of the tool, but is rarely less than 900 Watts.

The motor has the purpose of converting electrical energy into demolition force, expressed in Joules; the higher this number, the greater the breaking power of the hammer. Furthermore, the motor is not connected directly to the tip, or to the chisel, but to a plunger; the latter, in turn, hits the base of the tip mounted on the hammer, transmitting the force of the blow to it.

The tip is mounted on the end of the hammer with a special attachment, specially designed to withstand the intensity of the blows; the attachment also has a spring that allows the tip to return movement after receiving the stroke from the plunger.

Given its nature, therefore, the demolition hammer is an electric tool that generates a considerable noise emission and produces high vibrations; consequently its use, especially if prolonged, can cause more or less serious problems both to hearing and to the joints and to the circulatory system of the upper limbs, shoulders and hands.

Most of the models on the market are equipped with special damping systems designed to reduce vibrations and reduce the risks to the operator’s health; not all demolition hammers integrate the anti-vibration system, however, and it is not uncommon to come across extremely cheap models that do not.

How to disassemble a demolition hammer

As you can easily guess, there is no single guide for the universal disassembly of demolition hammers. Despite being electric tools made up of standard components, in fact, each model has its own specific structural architecture. The “standard” elements for example, such as the motor and the transmission box with gears, have a similar structure but can be placed in different positions depending on the model and manufacturer.

The same applies to the vibration system, which in some models is present while in others it is not, or is even replaced by a device of a different nature; even the attachment of the tips is not the same for all models, as some mount the SDS-Plus hobbyist type while others are equipped with the professional SDS-Max attachment.

Consequently, for the disassembly of a demolition hammer, it is always necessary to refer to the specific documentation of the model owned; in fact, in the attached manual there is a specific section with diagrams and step-by-step instructions relating to disassembly and the order in which it must be carried out.

If the documentation is missing, however, it is always possible to search on the internet or directly consult the support section on the manufacturer’s website, where it is usually possible to find the manuals and documentation of each individual model and download them in PDF format. .

How to grease a demolition hammer

Greasing the demolition hammer is a fundamental operation to guarantee the correct functioning of the tool and to ensure it has a long life; the operating dynamics of this particular electric tool, in fact, subject it to a structural stress higher than the norm.

To prevent the gears from undergoing premature wear, especially those of the transmission, and to avoid the risk that the tip can become blocked during use; it is advisable to carry out greasing at a variable frequency according to use, or at intervals of approximately 6-10 hours in case of prolonged use.

Remember to use specific lubricants for demolition hammers, or in any case products with a creamy and non-oily base; the lubricant must be applied both on the shank of the drill, before inserting it into the coupling, and in the special housing which is located above or below the main body of the hammer, depending on the model.

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