5 Best Cordless Drills and Impact Drivers [2022]

When you are looking for the ideal cordless drill, it is of course recommended that you know what options and possibilities the device has to offer. Find out by thoroughly reading our cordless drill buying guide.

If you don’t have much time for that, you can also just take a look at the 3 best devices that we have selected for you after a thorough study. For example, the Powerplus POWX0042LI is really highly recommended because of the excellent price-quality ratio.

In addition, it is a powerful device with a lot of potential and power. Also with the BLACK+DECKER BDCHD18BAFCcordless drill, you can be sure that you will go home with an excellent device. The device is quite compact, yet very powerful. This offers the possibility to perform many different tasks.

This top 3 is finally concluded with the Makita DDF453SFE cordless drill. It is a solid device that comes with 2 powerful and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

Unfortunately, you should not expect this device in the category of the cheap devices. The high price tag actually makes this almost impossible. This could be a problem for some people.

It is a handy device that has several possibilities. This way you can not only use it for screwing but also for drilling. Furthermore, many useful accessories and attachments are also included. Just think of a charger and even a sturdy and safe storage case.

Cordless Drills Buying Guide

A cordless drill is comfortable to work with because you no longer have to deal with cables. You can purchase different types of batteries for your drill and you also have a wide choice of many accessories. The power and the speed are important and of course the price. Read on to better inform yourself.

Different types of battery

First, you can choose a nickel-cadmium or NiCd battery. These are dry batteries that cannot leak liquids because none are present. This type of battery is used less and less these days because there are quite a few disadvantages associated with it.

For example, this battery loses capacity when you charge it earlier than necessary. However, technology has progressed and modern NiCd batteries no longer suffer from this effect. However, there are other factors that also cause loss of capacity, such as aging, too high a temperature and letting the battery charge for too long.

The second option is a nickel metal hydride or NiMh battery. This battery can store more energy than a NiCd battery, but has less power. This battery has replaced the NiCd battery because it does not contain the toxic substance cadmium. It is therefore better for the environment and for your own health. You can charge this battery whenever you want, you don’t have to wait until it is completely empty.
However, the most popular batteries today are lithium-ion or Li-Ion batteries. These batteries have a high energy density, so your drill can quickly extract a large portion of power from the battery. The battery also contains no lead acid so is up to almost 70% lighter than other batteries. The battery can be used for jobs where you have to drill for a long time.

Accessories for your drill

If you search carefully, you can find various offers for drills where you get useful accessories with your purchase. Just think of a storage case. This suitcase can increase the security in your home. Especially if you have children it is safer for them that the device is stored. You can usually also store extra drill bits in it and it is also useful to take your drill with you everywhere.

An extra battery is a recommendation for many people, especially if you are going to be drilling for a long time. You can then continue drilling with the spare battery while the other battery is charging. You can also easily take this battery with you in a storage case.

A fast charger is a sensible purchase in combination with the extra battery. With a fast charger you can charge your battery in just one hour. That way you’ll never be without a battery, because while you’re working with the spare battery, your first battery will be recharged quickly.

When purchasing your product, you often receive a set of drill bits in different sizes so that you can start drilling immediately. However, it is not a bad idea to buy extra drill bits so that you are prepared for any situation. The same applies to a drill chuck, but check first if the drill chuck of your choice will fit your drill.

Power, speed and budget

The power of a drill determines which jobs you can perform with this device. You have to pay attention to certain factors such as the torque and the voltage. The torque indicates how much energy the motor transfers to the drill head. Usually you can also set this, so you can use a low torque for careful drilling and a high torque for drilling that requires more power.

The voltage shows the energy capacity of the battery. A high-voltage drill is suitable for heavier work, while low voltages are only suitable for small jobs. Appliances of 12 Volt or less are best only used for light jobs. If you want to finish heavy jobs, it’s best to buy a device of 18 volts or more.

The speed of a drill depends on the speed. You can set this speed with the torque for optimal use. A high-torque, low-rpm position is perfect for driving screws in or out. Some models have three positions or more so that you have many more options at your disposal.

It is also important that a cordless drill is comfortable to work with. This will mainly depend on the handle. If you find a device with the description comfort grip or soft grip, you can be sure that it fits comfortably in your hand. You can compare many models to buy the best device for your needs.

5 Best Cordless Drills (Reviews) of 2022

Sometimes you have to drill a hole to attach that new cabinet to the wall. It used to be a lot of dragging to plug the drill with the extension cable into the socket and make sure you can move it enough.

Nowadays you have much more freedom with a cordless drill, no more problems with cables. We have compared 5 different cordless drills based on the reviews of online buyers. Read on and you might just find the best cordless drill for you!

Powerplus POWX0042LI Cordless drill 12 V

With this cordless drill from the well-known brand Powerplus, you get a solid device according to many buyers. Moreover, the price tag is not too bad and you could just spot the device between the cheap cordless drills.
It is a very powerful device that works on the basis of a Li-Ion battery. In addition, when you purchase the drill, you immediately receive 2 batteries. That way you can use one battery while you have to charge the other. There is also an LED light so that you can continue working in poorly lit places without any problems.
You have the option to choose from 2 different speed settings and no less than 22 torque settings. You will also receive a sturdy and useful storage case with the purchase. Despite the many advantages and the different possibilities, a small minority of buyers seem not to be completely convinced.
It is not easy to first and foremost find a decent cordless drill and on the other hand one that has an affordable price tag. With this device from Powerplus, this seems to work. So let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.


Battery capacity:
the device works with the aid of a particularly powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 1300 mAh. The charging time of the battery is approximately 1 hour.
the moment you decide to purchase the cordless drill, you will immediately receive 2 powerful batteries as well as a sturdy storage case.
Ease of use:
it is a very powerful device that also has a handy LED lamp. So if you are in a poorly lit workplace, you can still continue working.


according to one user, you would still hear a disturbing and whistling sound when using the machine. This is quite annoying.

Black+Decker BDCHD18BAFC Cordless Impact Drill – 18V

This cordless drill from the well-known brand BLACK+DECKER also appears to have received many positive reviews from various buyers. It is a handy device that comes in a sturdy storage case and where you immediately get 80 accessories.
The device operates on a Lithium-Ion battery and has a battery voltage of more than 18 Volts. You also have the option to choose between 2 different speed settings. There are also 11 pairing modes that you can choose from and thanks to the LED light you can continue working in the twilight.
It is a solid device and we notice that in most of the reactions. Most buyers are completely satisfied with the quality and durability. Only one user stated that the storage case does not offer enough space to safely store all accessories.
Compared to the previous device, you will have to pay a little more for this cordless drill. Yet you also get a lot in return. In addition to the cordless drill, 80 fun and handy accessories are also included.


The device has a handy LED light. This way you can continue working in the twilight without any problems.
Front slide battery system:
thanks to the front slide battery system, it is possible to change batteries quickly and easily.
the device works on the basis of a particularly powerful and durable lithium-ion battery. In addition, when you purchase the cordless drill, you will immediately receive 2 copies. This way you can continue to work continuously.
Easy to use:
it is a handy device that has 2 speed settings and 11 torque settings. The handle has a rubber anti-slip coating that provides a little more comfort.


No storage space:
despite the fact that the device is delivered in a solid storage case, a single buyer finds the case too small. This does not offer this user sufficient space to safely store the accessories.
See the price on bol.com

Makita DDF453SFE Cordless Drill 18V Li-ion

You can of course also opt for this handy cordless drill from the well-known Makita brand. Compared to the previous 2 devices, you may not immediately find this product among the cheap cordless drills.
The device works on the basis of a powerful and solid battery that you simply get with the purchase. In addition, a second battery is also included. This way you can continue to work while one battery is charging. The device is truly multifunctional because you can not only screw with it, but also drill with it.
As soon as you buy the device, you will notice that a decent storage case and even a charger are included. Despite the high price, users seem to be very satisfied with the excellent quality and durability of the device.
If you don’t know whether or not this cordless drill is something for you, it might be a good idea to look for the properties. To make it easy for you, we have already listed the advantages and disadvantages of the device.


it is actually a 2-in-1 device that is not only suitable for screwdriving, but also for drilling straight away.
the device works on the basis of a particularly powerful and above all very durable battery with a battery voltage of 18 Volt.
at the time of purchase, you will almost immediately be able to determine that the cordless drill is supplied in combination with 2 handy battery tools. You also get a storage case and even a charger.


Price tag:
unfortunately, you will not immediately have to expect this device among the cheap cordless drills. And that can be quite annoying.
Buy at bol.com (€212.36)

Dewa Cordless drill. DCD790S2 18V

This machine is ideal for drilling or screwdriving with small diameters.
It has a handy switch that regulates the speed, so you always have full control over your cordless drill.
Thanks to its small size, you can easily put it away in the cupboard and always have it at hand. You can use it to assemble furniture and many other applications.
It has two speeds and up to fifteen different settings for a more professional result!
Little bad to say about this product. Buyers find it convenient to use and are very satisfied with the price/quality ratio. It does not belong to the cheap cordless drills.
This drill is especially suitable if you want to drill or screw with a small diameter. For the do-it-yourselfer who needs a few small holes, this device is the ideal purchase.


Thanks to its compact size, you can also use this device in small spaces that are less accessible with a large device.
you can set the device to fifteen different positions, which ensures that you can work in a professional manner and achieve optimal results.
you immediately get two batteries so you don’t have to wait for the first battery to be recharged. Work without interruption until the job is done.
Thanks to the handy TSTAK case, you can safely store and take the drill with you.


No buyer is dissatisfied with this product, they only write positive points.
See the price on bol.com

Hitachi Hikoki cordless drill DS18DJL The Hitachi cordless drill has an electric quick-stop brake and you can adjust the speed continuously.
It also has 2 mechanical speeds and you can set up to 22 positions.
Just like the other machines in our list, this one also has an LED light to be able to work with little to no lighting.
The maximum charging time of the battery is 40 minutes.
There are no reviews online yet about this cordless drill offer, so we cannot give you advice based on that.
With this set from Hitachi you have many options. Especially for do-it-yourselfers, the case contains all the necessary objects and accessories. We briefly list the strengths and weaknesses of this product.


Value for money:
you receive an extensive set with up to 100 bits and drills for a cheap price.
thanks to a second battery you can continue working and the sturdy case ensures that your device can be safely stored and taken along.
Keyless chuck:
you can quickly and easily change drill bit or bit and lock it for more security.
thanks to the 22 different positions you can work professionally to achieve the best results.


according to the buyers, the quality of the drills and bits supplied is not good enough. Due to the handle on the top of the suitcase, it is not possible to stack another object on the suitcase.

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