8 Best Concrete Mix for Garden Edging [2022]

If you want to buy a concrete mixer to mix concrete, you should take a look at our buying guide because there are many different models on the market and not all of them have the same type of performance. It is a good idea to read up on your shopping experience as price changes can be quite substantial.

If you want to go straight to the point, you can choose any of the eight models that we have reviewed and compared for you. These are the most requested concrete mixers on the market, and they differ in terms of both production capacity and intended use.

The Imer Minibeta4 is a professional and innovative design, specially designed to work indoors, and the Boudech 70L is intended for domestic and hobby use.

8 Best Concrete Mix for Garden Edging [2022]

Below you will find the concrete mixers that currently occupy the first eight positions in the ranking of the models most requested by consumers, and as you can easily guess, most of them are all economic models appreciated above all by hobby and amateur users.

1. Fast 2K Fence Post Mix and Concrete Alternative 

One of the best concrete mixers of 2021, which are currently available on the market at low prices, is this model produced by the company Boudech, a brand specialized in the production of a wide range of equipment for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

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The basket has a diameter of 450mm and a maximum internal capacity of 70 liters, which is enough to adequately mix a total weight of about 60 kilograms of cement, sand, binder and water.

It is driven by a 275 Watt motor and is equipped with a metal frame with wheels, so that it can be moved easily, and a tilt system with an ergonomics lever instead of the traditional steering wheel, in order to reduce space.

The Boudech is a small and economical concrete mixer, it works well, but produces modest quantities of cement, so it is recommended above all for domestic use, even for applications not strictly connected to construction.


Price: The market success of the Boudech concrete mixer was sanctioned above all by the accessibility of the cost; not surprisingly, in fact, it is one of the most requested among the different models sold online.

Slow but efficient: Although the amount of cement that can be mixed at one time is limited to around 60 kilos, the Boudech is efficient and does its job well.

Compliant with CE regulations: The motor has a power of 275 Watts and, even if slightly, it generates a noise level that is still below the threshold set by European regulations.


Instructions and finishes: The finishes are of mediocre quality, furthermore the instructions are scarce and unclear, but being an economic model you cannot expect too much.

2. QUIKRETE 110110 Concrete Mix 10LB

For those who are wondering where to buy a professional concrete mixer, instead, we recommend taking a look at the Minibeta produced by the Trentino-based company Imer Group; in fact, according to the opinions of professionals, compared to other similar models.

QUIKRETE 110110 Concrete Mix 10LB
  • It is easy to use
  • It is highly durable

The Imer model is designed for use indoors, it is structured in such a way that the tank, motor and tilt lever are all positioned on the same axis, and it is able to take up space, thanks to this system. It was very, very low. The bowl has a total capacity of 134 liters and a mixing capacity of 100 liters, despite being a small bowl.

The Minibeta is one of the best-selling models in this specific user range, and the excellent performance offered by this concrete mixer, as mentioned before, are especially appreciated by professionals.


Small footprint: The special architecture is specially designed to take up minimal space and allow it to work indoors and in small spaces, preparing the concrete mix directly on site.

Double version: The same model is available in two versions, one with the steel tank and one with the HDPE plastic tank, depending on the buyer’s needs.

Design: It has a new design that allows it to take up little space and to be easily disassembled and transported even by car and in most elevators, to reach the upper floors without difficulty.


Expensive: The price is quite high and therefore out of reach for hobbyists, but this is understandable as it is a high quality professional mixer.

3. Sikacryl Ready-Mix Concrete Patch, Gray

The cheapest model in our guide is marketed by the vidaXL brand and it has a tank capacity of 63 liters. It is a model similar to the one examined previously, but slightly more modest in terms of quality, cost and performance.

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The mini concrete mixer is powered by a 220 watt motor and can mix a total quantity of mortar, or cement, which does not exceed 40 kilograms at a time.

The wheels allow it to be easily moved when needed, and its small size makes it easy to transport and store. The inexpensive model has the only flaw, the poor quality paint, which tends to peel off quickly.


Economical: Like the Boudech, the vidaXL concrete mixer also stands out above all for its price, which is easily accessible even for those on a limited budget.

Modest but functional: Although the kneading capacity is limited to no more than 40 kilograms at a time, the vidaXL is efficient, functional and has no problem working for extended periods.

Solid: Despite being an economical model, it is made of steel and offers an excellent degree of resistance and solidity.


Instructions: The common flaw of inexpensive concrete mixers is the poor quality of the instructions, which makes assembly more difficult to perform.

4. Fast Setting Concrete Mix, Pail, 50 lb.

BS Macchine, the company that owns the SOGI brand, produced the BEM-200, a concrete mixer with a capacity of 200 liters and a powder-coated steel tank.

In spite of its capacity, the machine is mainly designed for home and hobby use and is characterized by a light structure and two rubber wheels that make it easy to transport. It is powered by a 900 Watt motor and has a safety pedal to release the rotation handle and two kneading blades located inside the drum.

Since it is intended for hobby use, it does not excel in stability, and the rotation handle is small, it requires more effort to pour the concrete.


Spacious: The tank with a capacity of 200 liters allows you to mix an entire wheelbarrow of cement in one go and therefore to significantly reduce working times.

Compact: The small size makes it ideal for both indoor use and for transport, in fact it is designed specifically for home and hobby use.

Efficient: Despite being an unprofessional concrete mixer, it is a reliable machine that does its job efficiently.


Stability: The slim and light structure makes it easy to move but negatively affects the stability, making it a little wobbly.

5. Sakrete 65201030 40 lbs. Concrete Mix

Sogi is a brand owned by the Italian company BS Macchine srl, which specializes in the design and construction of machine tools, which are intended for both hobby and professional use.

Sakrete 65201030 40 lbs. Concrete Mix
  • Sakrete concrete mix
  • A mixture of portland cement

The BEM-200 is a piece of equipment that falls into the hobby category, but is designed to be able to tackle jobs of a certain size; it is in fact a large concrete mixer, with a 200 liter tank driven by an electric motor with a power of 900 watt .

The quality-price ratio is favorable, because the frame is made of steel and the mixer is powerful and functional, capable of producing one large concrete wheelbarrow at a time, or two small ones.

The BEM-200 is very noisy, but always within the terms of European regulations, even though it has a low price.


Big and powerful: The 900 Watt motor and the 200 liter bowl allow you to mix a quantity of cement equivalent to one large wheelbarrow, or two small ones, without problems.

Flywheel: The tipping system is a flywheel and not a lever, so it is extremely practical to use and can be locked in eighteen different positions depending on the needs of the case.

Instructions: Unlike other models more or less similar in terms of features and cost, the BEM-200 is also well done with regard to documentation and instructions, clear and inclusive of the part relating to maintenance.


Structure and noise: To contain the overall weight, the frame structure is very slim, plus the engine is powerful but also quite noisy.

6. Quikrete Concrete Mix Bag 10 Lbs.

Among the mid-range models, the Zipper ZI-BTM 120 concrete mixer stands out, which buyers have been able to appreciate for its good structural characteristics; obviously it is a classic cup mixer of compact dimensions, which is destined for small jobs.

The tank has a capacity of 105 liters, equivalent to a quantity of dough of about 75 liters at a time, and the Zipper is appreciated for the anti-torsion properties of the frame, which make it extremely stable.

It’s more powerful than the other models we’ve looked at because it’s equipped with a 550 Watt motor, which is more powerful than the other 200 and 250 Watt models we’ve looked at. For this reason, it only ranks sixth in our ranking because of the cost being above average.


Reliable: Zipper is a German company well known for the reliability of its products, and in fact the quality of the materials and assembly of this electric mixer are above the average standard.

Stable and powerful: Despite the modest capacity, the Zipper is above average also in terms of engine power and the stability of its structure, reinforced with anti-torsion beams.

Practical: The flywheel tipping system with eighteen distinct locking positions, similar to that of the professional models, makes it extremely practical to handle.


Price: Despite being an unprofessional model, it is characterized by an above average cost, but the quality and performance offered are also.

7. SculptCrete 5 lb. Shape-able Concrete Mix Concrete Clay

The concrete mixer produced by the German company Eberth has a steel frame with a wide plate at the base, which ensures a safe and stable support for the machine, and is also equipped with two rubber wheels that allow it to be moved easily .

SculptCrete 5 lb. Shape-able Concrete Mix Concrete Clay
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  • 30-45 Min. Work Time

The drum has a capacity of 140 liters and is suitable for mixing most building materials, and is connected to a motor with a solid steel ring gear.

Watt gives him the ability to work quickly and effectively. The Eberth 140L is a concrete mixer appreciated above all for small domestic renovations, both for gardens and for interiors, but the only flaw is the engine cover, which is completely devoid of slits for the passage of air and therefore increases the risk of overheating.


Solid and durable: Both the frame and the drum are made entirely of powder-coated steel, so it is a solid and sturdy machine.

Versatile: Can be used both for mixing mortar and cement, including screeds, and plasters for wall coverings.

Light but stable: It weighs just over 60 kilos and is equipped with wheels, so it can be moved very easily; the large support plate also makes it stable.


Engine cover: Better to replace or modify it, as it prevents air circulation and exposes the engine to the risk of melting due to overheating.

8. 1 qt Dap 31084 Bondex Ready-Mix Concrete Patch

The Intec concrete mixer is also a German product and on closer examination it has many points in common with the Zipper previously examined, also produced in Germany.

1 qt Dap 31084 Bondex Ready-Mix Concrete Patch
  • This product adds a great value
  • Interior/exterior use

This product, in fact, is driven by a 550 Watt motor and has a flywheel tipping system that can be locked in eighteen different positions; also from the structural point of view, it is very similar since it adopts the same design complete with anti-torsion joists.

The Intec’s tank capacity is 140 liters instead of 105, and it’s able to mix a greater quantity of cement than the Zipper.

At full load, the engine goes under stress and the transmission belt breaks quickly, despite the good conditions, because the power is not adequate to the capacity of the tank and the quality of components is mediocre.


Spacious: Compared to the average of similar concrete mixers, which usually do not exceed 105 liters in volume, the Intec has the advantage of being a little more capacious; to fully exploit its capacity, however, it is necessary to keep the mixture fairly liquid.

Sturdy frame: From the structural point of view it is an excellent model, sturdy, resistant and also equipped with anti-torsion beams; after all it is a German product, so in this respect it is reliable.

Cost: Even the quality-price ratio remains good, despite the limitations of the case. For a model intended for hobby use it maintains an excellent average.


Performance: Do not use it at full load for too thick a mixture, as the engine struggles and puts a lot of stress on the drive belt.

How to choose the best concrete mixers

To understand how to choose a good concrete mixer you must first of all know the type of use you intend to make of it and the place where it will be placed while working; as we will see later, these are fundamental elements to know with certainty which cement mixer to choose.

Concrete mixers for domestic use

It is advisable to orient yourself for the choice of the model if you know the type of use you are going for. For domestic use, we usually mean the renovation or modernization works of individual housing units.

The creation of a concrete screed in the garden, for example, of a curb, or the creation of a boundary wall or the renovation of walls and other load-bearing structures.

It is possible to move towards the economical range concrete mixers, whose cost can vary from 180 to 250 euros depending on the capacity of the drum and the overall quality of the materials and assembly; the common feature of this type of devices, moreover, is.

It is possible to find low-end concrete mixers with tank capacities of 60, 70, 100, 130 or even 150 liters, all of which are similar to the high-end models.

Their efficiency, however, is limited to small quantities of cement at a time, typically no more than one sack or one and a half sacks, just enough to produce one or two full wheelbarrows at most.

The concrete mixers for professional use

The models intended for professional use, on the other hand, especially in the construction sector and on construction sites, are distinguished above all by the motor, which instead of being single-phase is three-phase; Usually the power in Watts is also higher than in the economic .

As professional concrete mixers are characterized by higher quality standards, both in terms of materials and in terms of design and assembly, their efficiency is greater.

They are able to mix even the densest concrete mixes, and are also more solid and stable than cheaper models because the tipping system is replaced by a wheel steering wheel.

The cost for a professional concrete mixer can range from 250 to 800 euros depending on the model chosen. The figure rises further in the case of models that have special features, and this is true for both models intended for professional use and for those designed for home and hobby use.

There are also concrete mixers on the market that have specific characteristics intended for use in special conditions, as mentioned at the end of the previous paragraph.

In most cases, the peculiarity of these models lies first of all in the design, which is aimed at making the machine as compact as possible, and this type of concrete mixers are distinguished by having the motor in axis, or almost, with the center of rotation They are suitable for working indoors since they take up a small footprint, and on high floors because of their small size, which allows them to easily enter small elevators.

Not all concrete mixers are used in the construction sector, and there are also models designed to be used in the food industry for example.

Their appearance and operating principle are similar to those for concrete, but often have no internal blades or thin grids in their place. In these cases, the cost of the concrete mixer tends to be higher and to vary according to the specific model and its intended use.

Frequent questions

How much does a concrete mixer cost for concrete?

First of all, it must be remembered that cement can be purchased in powder form, in 25 kilogram bags, or already mixed; in the latter case the cost is calculated per square meter.

The price can vary depending on a number of factors, such as being purchased by a private citizen or a construction company for example, in fact for individuals it is higher than that made for companies. The cost of cement can increase by up to 40% if it is purchased in the region where it is purchased.

Further variations, then, are possible according to the type of cement and the degree of resistance; a cubic meter of concrete with a strength of 4.25 already mixed, for example, costs a company about 36 euros plus VAT.

Depending on the model, the truck for mixing concrete has a total capacity of about eight or ten square meters. Some of the newer four-axle models are capable of reaching twelve square meters. For a private citizen, the price for a concrete mixer is about 300 euros, while the price for a company is about $450.

It is true that the figures are subject to variation. Only guidelines are what they are. The actual numbers will be affected by things like selling through other than Amazon.com, discounts, and so forth.

How many cubic meters does a concrete mixer carry?

The capacity of a concrete mixer varies according to its type, the fixed models used in companies producing prefabricated elements, for example, can reach capacities similar to those of truck mixers, while the latter, known more simply as concrete mixer trucks, can carry from 4 to 15 cubic meters depending .

The capacity of electric concrete mixers used on construction sites and those for domestic use, on the other hand, can’t be measured in square meters since they are equipped with tanks whose capacity rarely exceeds 150 liters.

How to use a concrete mixer


The term concrete mixer is derived from the French béton, which means concrete, and is used to indicate the specific variant of the machine used for mixing concrete.

The concrete mixers all have the same structure, consisting of a container, called a tank, drum or cup, which is connected to a rotation system operated in turn by an electric motor, and the entire structure rests on a frame that acts as a support.

The tank is connected to a tipping system, which allows the contents to be overturned in the wheelbarrows, and the larger concrete mixers are also equipped with a hopper loading system.


The operating principle of a concrete mixer is similar to that of a common mixer, but the dimensions of the concrete mixer may vary according to the type.

The only thing different is that the concrete mixers have steel blades fixed to the internal walls, which rotates together with the container, increasing the yield in mixing all the elements well together: water, sand, gravel and binders.


Although there are some special petrol-powered models, most of the concrete mixers are equipped with electric motors; also in this case the dimensions affect the type of motor, the larger models are three-phase current, while the smaller ones use single-phase motors.

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