5 Best Column Drills for Steel [2022 ]

It is not always easy to know what exactly is a solid drill press and which is not. That is why we have drawn up a buying guide in which we want to offer you a number of tips and advice. In this way, the search for the ideal drill press for you may be just that little bit easier.

We have also selected 3 top products that we would like to introduce to you. For example, the Bosch PBD 40 drill press is highly recommended by many users. It is a powerful device with which you can, for example, drill holes in metal without any problems.

Of course you can also just opt for the Powerplus POWX154 drill press. This device is particularly ideal for performing jobs with different materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

Column drilling machines buying guide

You can place a drill press on a stable surface to drill through hard materials. This drill is fixed so that you can drill in a stable manner. You can set the drilling depth and speed for precise results. When buying a drill press offer you can pay attention to the sturdiness and weight, the adjustability, the extras and the price. Use the information in this buying guide to buy the best drill press.

Firmness and weight

It is important that the drill press is robust and sturdy enough as this increases the accuracy of the drilling. The sturdier the device, the less likely the machine will move while drilling.
You can easily identify a robust device by looking at the base plate and other features. Choose a device with a large base plate, a thick column with a large diameter and which contains many metal parts. With a large base plate it is also possible to secure larger workpieces.
Another advantage of a robust drill press is that it has a longer lifespan than the less sturdy models. They will of course also weigh more and this can be more difficult to move them, but the high weight also provides better stability.

Adjustability of the device

The more you can move the drill press, the more applications you can perform with it. It is useful if you can adjust the height of the drill press table so that several people can use it. This also ensures that you can choose to work standing or sitting. It is also important that you can angle the table at certain angles.
The maximum drilling depth is also important. You have to pull down a lever to drill into the material, the lower you can push the lever the deeper you can drill.
Note the inner diameter of the chuck. This diameter has an influence on the drill bits that you can use with the drill press. Choose a device with a large inner diameter so that you can use more different drills. Most models can be set to a minimum of 1.5 mm and a maximum of 13 mm. Most drill presses work with a gear drill chuck. SDS is a better system, but this is rare on a drill press.
The speed is expressed in RPM (revolutions per minute) and is important when buying a drill press. The higher the RPM, the more materials you can edit. However, make sure you can set the speed because different materials need different speeds to work. Most devices have five settings.

Additional features

A drill press may be equipped with a laser that you can use to mark the exact location where you want to drill. Thanks to a laser, you can drill many holes in succession without having to turn off the device.
In addition to a laser, a drill press can also have a lamp that you can use to illuminate the workpiece when you work in a poorly lit room. This is also useful if you want to work in the evenings.
Of course, keep your safety in mind when using a drill press. You can choose a model that has a protective cap so that you cannot get dust or dirt in your eyes. This cover can get in the way for some people, but usually you have the option to remove it from the device.
Sometimes drills are immediately included with the purchase of a drill press. However, this is much more common with a cordless drill. You can still pay attention because otherwise you have to buy all the drills separately.
Finally, pay attention to the offered warranty. Most manufacturers give a 2-year warranty on the device, but if you find a model with a higher warranty, the quality is usually better. A manufacturer that offers a long warranty is convinced of the quality of the product.

Price of a drill press

Column drills are more expensive than a regular cordless drill, but you can also process multiple materials with a higher precision. You can compare different models to select the best offers.
Do not immediately opt for the cheap drill presses because the quality of these products may be disappointing. It is recommended that you read the reviews of other buyers so that you can learn more about the pros and cons of each product.
This information will make it easier to make a purchase decision. You can easily place your order online so that the device is delivered to your home.

5 .Dremel Drill Press Rotary Tool Workstation Stand of 2022

A drill press is a stationary drill that is placed on a stable surface such as a workbench. It is a stable device suitable for drilling through hard materials. To better inform you before your purchase, we have compared five different products based on the reviews of buyers. Choose the best drill press for yourself.

Dremel Drill Press Rotary Tool Workstation Stand

The Bosch PBD 40 is a drill press that is suitable for drilling holes in hard materials such as metal. The device makes it possible to use a constant speed and is equipped with a digital display to read the accurate drilling depth. It features a double-speed drive with plenty of power on the first position and high speed on the second.
The drill is tensioned automatically thanks to the precision drill chuck and the retaining ring ensures optimum attachment of the drill. The built-in laser allows you to drill more precisely and the LED lighting allows you to use it in poorly lit places. The quick-release clamp is used to fix round workpieces.

Dremel Drill Press Rotary Tool Workstation Stand with Wrench- 220-01- Mini Portable Drill Press- Tool Holder- 2 Inch Drill Depth- Ideal for Drilling Perpendicular and Angled Holes- Table Top Drill , Silver
  • Articulating Drill Press Stand: Drills perpendicular and angled holes in 15-degree increments, up to 90...
  • Tool Holder: Holds rotary tool at 90 degrees horizontal for tasks such as polishing metal objects,...

According to the buyers, this sturdy drill is convenient to work with, but the device does make some noise for one user. The device is of top quality and the laser function makes precise drilling much easier.
It is not always easy to make a good choice from the wide range of drill presses available today. This model comes from the Bosch brand, which is considered by many buyers as the best brand by far. Below you can already consult the properties of the device.


The device is equipped with 2 different speed settings. In the first position, a double-speed drive is used, and in the second position you can also count on a particularly high speed.
Precision drill chuck:
the precision drill chuck ensures that the drill press is clamped automatically.
Easy to use:
In addition, the device is also equipped with a handy LED lighting. This allows you to continue working when it gets dark. In addition, a built-in laser is also provided, which makes it possible to drill more accurately.


A lot of noise:
according to a single buyer you will have to take the noise into account. This can be very annoying and disruptive for some.

Powerplus Column Drill 500W 12FAST

This Powerplus drill bit is suitable for drilling in wood and wood-like materials, but also in metals and plastic. The device is equipped with a 500 Watt motor and you can adjust the top part to the height you want. The device has a laser system for accurate drilling.
You can set the drilling depth precisely and the tilting table has a size of 200mm x 200mm. You can also adjust the height of the table and the device has 12 different speed settings. There is a storage drawer in the base of the machine.
This drill press offer has been reviewed twice by users who give a positive opinion about it. The device is of good quality and easy to use. It’s a sturdy machine with a powerful 500 Watt motor and while the laser function is nice, it’s not really necessary.
Of course you can always opt for the Powerplus drill press. Just like Bosch, the Powerplus brand is one of the most popular brands. With this device you can drill in different types of materials without any problems, such as wood, plastic and even metal.


you will certainly be able to count this drill press as one of the powerful devices. It is a solid device that is equipped with a large power of no less than 500 watts.
it is possible to adjust the top part of this drill press to the desired position. This immediately makes it a lot more pleasant to work with. In addition, you can also adjust the drilling depth and the speed settings.
Laser System:
you will immediately notice that this drill press has a built-in laser system. In this way it is possible to work in a precise and precise manner.
it may not be the unit with the lowest price, but it is still a real drill press offer compared to the other 4 devices from this list.


Laser function unnecessary:
according to a small minority of buyers, the laser function is rather unnecessary.

Einhell Column Drilling Machine BT-BD 401 350 W

The Einhell BT-BD 401 is suitable for drilling in materials such as wood and plastic. The device is equipped with a powerful 350 Watt motor and has a five-stage speed that you can easily set. The drill spindle of this machine is very precise, thanks to the V-belt drive and the ball bearing.
The machine is equipped with a switch to turn the drill on or off and thanks to the zero voltage cut-off, the machine will not start automatically after a power failure. The depth stop is adjustable and the work table is height adjustable and tiltable.
Although only three reviews have been written for this top product, the buyers are still mostly positive. The product has a favorable price/quality ratio and is easy to work with. It is a sturdy and stable drill press that is also suitable for finer work.
If you are looking for a drill press that is suitable for drilling in wood-like materials as well as in plastic, then you should definitely take a look at this device from Einhell. This drill press is also equipped with a particularly powerful motor with a power of more than 350 watts.


Drill spindle:
Thanks to the combination of the V-belt drive on the one hand and the ball bearing on the other, you can be sure that this device has an accurate drill spindle.
the device has a handy on and off button. In addition, this drill press is also equipped with a zero voltage switch-off. If there has been a power failure, you don’t have to worry that the device will suddenly start working.
it is possible to adjust the height of both the depth stop and the worktable of this device.


Currently, only positive online reviews have been posted. As a result, it is not so easy for us to further inform you about possible negatives.
See the price on bol.com

Powerplus POW302 Column Drilling Machine 350 Watt

The Powerplus POW302 is ideal for drilling in wood, steel, aluminum or plastic. The work table of this device is rotatable, tiltable and adjustable in height. You can also secure the workpieces in it so that you can position them accurately for more precise work.
The device is V-belt driven and has 5 speed settings. The motor has a power of 350 Watts and is ideal for people who like to buy cheap drill presses thanks to the low price at which it is offered.
This drill press offer has caused great satisfaction among the online buyers. It is a compact device that takes up little space and is useful for many different types of jobs. The design is also popular with users.
Just like one of the previous devices, this drill press also comes from the well-known brand Powerplus. It is a powerful tool that can be used not only to drill in wood, but also in steel, aluminum and even high-quality plastic.


Crafting table:
you will notice that this device has a decent work table. You can not only tilt this work table, but also rotate it and even adjust its height.
Easy to use:
this device offers you the possibility to click your workpieces in place so that they do not shift and remain stable. This makes it possible to work much more accurately.
the device is equipped with a large power of no less than 350 watts. You can choose from 5 different speed settings.
compared to other devices it is quite a compact device. As a result, it does not take up much space and is also easier to store.


Manual drill anchorage:
according to a single buyer it is important to take into account that this device has a manual drill anchor.

Ferm Drilling Machine TDM1025

Thanks to its cheap price, the FERM TDM1025 belongs to the category of cheap drill presses and is suitable for people who do not want to spend too much money.
This device has a power of 350 Watt and thanks to the cast iron base it is a stable device. With the cross laser guide you are assured of precision while drilling.
The work table can be adjusted in height and at an angle of 45º for more comfortable work. The machine also has a safety switch and 5 speed settings.
Opinions are divided, on the one hand the device vibrates too much and the laser is inconvenient and on the other hand, buyers find the device convenient to use and are satisfied with the price/quality ratio.
If you prefer not to spend that much money on a solid drill press, it is a good idea to take a look at this FERM model. Thanks to the acceptable low price, you will be able to spot this device among the cheap ones without any problems.


the device is equipped with a powerful power of more than 350 watts. You can choose from no less than 5 speed settings.
the device is equipped with a cross laser guide, so that you can work very precisely and accurately.
User friendly:
the device is equipped with a solid on and off switch. In addition, it is possible to adjust the height and work more comfortably.


Moderate quality:
some buyers are not completely convinced of the quality of the device.

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