10 Best Brushcutters for Skid Steers [2022]

Whether you are a gardening professional or need to fix your own garden, the use of a specialized tool that makes it easier for you to cut the lawn will be very useful to leave cleaner and more perfect finishes.

In these cases, choosing a brush cutter is the ideal solution, as it is a perfect tool for removing weeds or small bushes from our garden and for clearing the bush.

The market today offers numerous options to choose from, including the Bosch AFS 23-37, brush cutter with a powerful 950 watt motor for best results and offers easy change between blades and line.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that integrates an air filter that reduces engine wear and has a double grip handlebar for greater stability, you can opt for the Greencut GGT650 brush cutter .

10 Best Brushcutters for Skid Steers [2022]

To choose between the best brushcutters of 2022, we have to know very well how we will use it. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the main characteristics and the most salient differences between gasoline, electric, wheeled or manual models, so that you can buy the best brush cutter.

1. Weed Wacker Weed Eater

The Bosch AFS 23-37 electric brush cutter is a tool suitable to be used by any adult user, thanks to the practical strap and the adjustable handle, allowing it to be easily adapted to your size. You will obtain efficient and impressive results in your gardens thanks to its powerful 950 watt motor and at a very comfortable price, since it has one of the cheapest costs on this list.

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This versatile model allows a quick and easy change between the blades and the cutting line depending on what you need to work on a large surface or if you are faced with resistant and thick weeds.

With the purchase of this model you get a blade disc with three blades, a spool for 3.5 millimeters cutting wires, three cutting wires, an additional handle and a cap. This model has approximate measurements of 92.6 x 24 x 6.3 centimeters and weighs about 5.3 kilograms.

If you are preparing to acquire a tool that helps you keep weeds and bushes clean, it is important that you know the positive and negative characteristics between each model and thus choose the best brush cutter of the moment so that you are completely satisfied with the purchase.


Versatility: This model allows you to choose between using blades, which are very suitable against dense undergrowth, or using the ideal cutting line for large fields.

Power: It integrates a powerful 950 watt motor that provides perfect operation, obtaining extraordinary results on any type of terrain.

Comfortable: Both the grip and the strap are fully adjustable, providing better balance for optimal and enjoyable work.

Weight: It is a comfortable tool to carry thanks to its reduced weight of approximately 5.2 kilograms.


Price: A user comments on the net that the only drawback he finds is the high price of the spare parts for this model.

2. COOCHEER 58cc Weed Eater 4-in-1

This tool is considered by many users as the best value for money brushcutter on this list. This model stands out for its powerful 65 cc 4.9 hp two-stroke gasoline engine, which allows you to do more efficient work in less time.

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It integrates a practical double element air filter that helps reduce the wear that the engine suffers with each use. It has a practical Tap’n Go system that offers an easy exchange between cutting accessories, allowing to work on different types of herbs or bushes optimally.

The double clamping handlebar increases stability and comfort when using this tool, so you can carry out long working days with greater comfort. In addition, this gasoline brush cutter has a 1-liter fuel tank, so it gives you a great autonomy of operation.

When we are looking for a new tool we look and compare between the functions and the price, often looking for the cheapest on the market. However, it is also important to know which is the best brushcutter brand on the market today.


Engine: This powerful 65 cc 4.9 hp two-stroke gasoline engine allows you to work on the most difficult terrain.

Start: It integrates an Easy-Start start function with which you will not waste time putting this tool into operation.

Spare parts: Thanks to its Tap’n Go replacement system, you can exchange cutting accessories quickly and easily according to the difficulty of the terrain to be worked.

Filter: It integrates a useful double element air filter that helps to extend the useful life of your tool’s motor.

Tank: Includes a fuel tank of up to 1 liter, offering uninterrupted work.


Accessories: Several users of this brush cutter claim that the accessories included in the packaging are of poor quality.

3. PROYAMA 42.7cc 2 in 1 Extreme Duty 2

The Husqvarna 129R brushcutter is considered one of the best semi-professional models of the moment, since it integrates a 27 cc E-TECH II engine and with a power of up to 800 watts, allowing to work without difficulty on the most difficult gardens and with the thicker weed, maintaining a low level of toxic gas emissions.

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It integrates a fully adjustable and ergonomic handlebar, which allows to carry out the work in the most comfortable way. Included with the purchase of this model is a standard harness and a very thick grass cutting blade. Starting the machine is designed so that the engine starts quickly.

This model is ideal for moving to any job, whether at home or outdoors thanks to its total weight of 10.9 kilograms. It has a displacement of 27.5 cubic centimeters and a top speed of 8,000 RPM. The fuel tank capacity is 0.343 liters.

So that you can choose the brush cutter that best meets your needs, you must be attentive to all the positive and negative characteristics that each model offers, such as whether it works with gasoline or electricity.


Engine: It integrates a 27 cc E-TECH II engine with high power of up to 800 watts and low level of toxic emissions, with which you can carry out your work easily and without complications.

Capacity: The maximum capacity of the fuel tank is 0.343 liters.

Handlebar: Thanks to its adjustable and ergonomic handlebar, you can work more comfortably for a longer period of time.

Starter: It integrates a special starting system that makes it one of the fastest and easiest models to start.


Harness: A user of this model comments that the harness was a bit uncomfortable at first.

4. Weed Warrior Brush Cutter Weed Trimmer Blade Head

The practical Hyundai HYWT5080 brush cutter is an excellent purchase option, if what you are looking for is comfort of movement. This model offers a novel double-handlebar design and large built-in wheels that make it extremely easy to move on the field.

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This model integrates a powerful 7,500 RPM engine, 1,560 watts of power and 50.8 cc displacement, so weeding work has never been so easy and comfortable. It offers a cutting diameter of up to 42 centimeters and a fuel tank of up to 0.8 liters, giving you the possibility to work without interruptions.

This wheeled brushcutter comes packaged with approximate dimensions of 42 x 42 x 58.7 and weighs around 13 kilograms. It has a fully foldable shaft, facilitating its storage.

Faced with so many options that the market offers us, sometimes deciding on a new brush cutter is a bit more complex than we think. It is important to pay attention to the weight and ergonomics of this tool, so that we can work comfortably and without exhausting ourselves.


Engine: This model integrates a powerful two-stroke model HY51 engine with 50.8 cc of displacement and a maximum power of 1,560 watts, ideal for forced work.

Speed: It has a speed of up to 7,500 revolutions per minute, guaranteeing efficient work against the most difficult to cut weeds.

Tank: Thanks to its 0.8 liter fuel tank you can carry out the work without so many interruptions.

Wheels: It incorporates a pair of robust wheels that greatly facilitate its movement on difficult surfaces.


Head: Several users of this model comment that the head springs jump when placing wire to cut.

5.  Suncanri 21V Grass Edger Lawn Tool, 

If you are still wondering which is the best brush cutter, we recommend you look carefully at this model from the renowned brand Kawasaki, which stands out for its powerful 2,000 watt 2-stroke motor that allows you to work on the most difficult and dense terrain in a comfortable and comfortable way. effortless. The two segments together with the crankshaft and chrome cylinders extend the life of the engine.

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It is a multifunction brush cutter, which incorporates a very simple electronic ignition system and a diaphragm carburettor that makes starting easier. Likewise, it offers great control over the tool, since it has a multifunctional grip and a rotating handle, thus facilitating the movement of the tool.

This Kawasaki brush cutter integrates a practical anti-vibration system with Silenblock that considerably reduces operator fatigue, as well as new air filters that prolong the useful life of the engine, lengthening cleaning intervals and offering greater protection.

If you have not yet decided which brushcutter to buy, we recommend you look at this efficient model, since it integrates a powerful, high-quality motor that allows you to carry out jobs efficiently and quickly, while having a long useful life.


Engine: The powerful 2,000 watt Kawasaki two-stroke engine that it integrates allows efficient and effortless work even in the face of the most difficult weeds.

Handle: Integrates a multifunctional handle that provides maximum control over the tool.

Handlebar: It includes a practical rotating handlebar that facilitates the transfer of the brush cutter to the place where you need to use it.

Filter: This model has an engine with an air filter that prolongs its useful life, since it reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance.


Price: It can be commented as a negative point of this model that the price in the market is much higher than other similar models.

6.  Electric Weed Wacker Cordless Trimmer,

It has a 2-stroke engine with catalyst, primer and electronic ignition, contributing to a healthier environment. In addition, it has a transmission with a metal gear and rigid shaft made of steel, for greater strength and durability. For this reason, it is a product for semi-professional or intensive use, suitable for all types of gardens.

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The bar has a diameter of 28 mm, so it provides greater firmness, this way, you can use it safely for intense work. However, it weighs only 9.3 kg, so it is not as difficult to carry as other similar machines.

This Garland brush cutter incorporates a handlebar with a diameter of 22 mm, which allows a firm grip and you can fold it without using tools for easier storage, since it provides a 90Âș turn. On the other hand, its line head has the tap & go system, which offers an easier and faster change of the reel. In addition, it comes with a 3-point steel blade, which allows cutting young grass, as well as small roots with some thickness.

If you want to keep your garden in good condition, you should buy an efficient and practical brush cutter. For this reason, we invite you to review the characteristics of this model in more detail:


Engine: It incorporates a 2-stroke engine that has a power of 1.4 kW and 1.9 hp, for semi-professional use.

Ecological: It has a catalyst, starter and electronic ignition, so that it is more friendly with the ecosystem.

Head: Thanks to the head’s tap & go technology, you can change the spool of thread quickly and without using special tools.


Disc: Bring a single basic 3-prong disc, so for special jobs you will have to purchase accessories separately.

7. Heavy Duty NK-63OAT Professional Brush Cutter 

This modern and powerful Honda brush cutter has the powerful GX 25 4-stroke mini engine, suitable for use in different tasks associated with gardening, such as pruning and cutting hedges. In addition, it has a nominal power of 0.72 KW with a displacement of 25 cm3, so it offers great performance.

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It also has a double anti-vibration system in the clutch, which allows you to work safely and silently, since it reduces vibrations by up to 30% to avoid damage to your health, in this way you can work comfortably. Also, its engine is manual starter, to facilitate its use.

On the other hand, this brush cutter is designed to work with both nylon line and metal disc, to offer more options according to the needs of your garden. In addition, it has a head protector for greater safety and an ergonomic handlebar, which facilitates a firm hold.

If you are fond of gardening or work in it professionally, you must have good quality tools, so it is recommended that you review the pros and cons of this model:


Engine: It has a powerful 4-stroke mini GX 25 engine, with a nominal power of 0.72 KW and 25 cm3 of displacement.

Vibration : It has a silent double anti-vibration system that facilitates work.

Cut: It offers the possibility of working alternatively with nylon thread or metallic disc.


Support: This model of brush cutter does not have a support backpack, to lighten the load when it is used in long-term projects.

8. Trimmer Plus TPB720 Brushcutter

This Anova brush cutter has a 1.5 kW, 2 horsepower gasoline engine and a displacement of 51.7 cc, which guarantees the necessary power to work efficiently in difficult terrain. In addition, it offers a vibration reduction system to prevent hand and body injuries.

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  • 4-TIP STEEL BLADE: Reversible blade with cutoff guard gives it power to slice through heavy brush.

It comes with a 3-point disc and the practical Tap-n-Go head, capable of ejecting the thread and adjusting it automatically with a light tap on the ground, which facilitates its use. It also includes a primer and a Walbro carburetor, which allow a smooth engine start.

On the other hand, it has a practical and convenient padded backpack-style harness, specifically designed to relieve weight, promote good posture and muscle movement, allowing you to work more comfortably and prevent fatigue during a long day.

To carry out gardening work and achieve good results, you must have a practical and functional brush cutter. In this sense, it is convenient that you review the pros and cons of this model:


Ignition: It incorporates a carburetor and primer, indicated to offer you a smooth start.

Harness: It has a padded harness to promote posture and reduce fatigue.

Engine: It has a powerful 1.5 kW gasoline engine with 2 HP and 51.7 cc.

Cutting: Includes a 3-point metal blade and Tap-n-Go head, suitable for working on difficult terrain.


Handlebar: Your handlebar is not ergonomically designed, which could cause discomfort.

9. Airbike Brush Cutter Weed Wacker Weed Eater Edger Lawn Tool,

This efficient Alpina brush cutter is equipped with a Euro2 2-stroke gasoline engine, which has a displacement of 42.7 cc and 1.25 kW of power, making it suitable for working on any type of garden. In addition, it is equipped with a 1-liter capacity gasoline tank, which provides enough autonomy to work for a long time.

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It has a soft-start anti-vibration system, so it requires minimal effort to use. It also has a two-wire nylon head and a steel disc, which give it greater resistance and versatility to carry out different jobs.

On the other hand, it has a resistant harness and double handlebars that facilitate its use, because they give you the possibility of balancing the weight of the motor between the arms and the back, to cause less fatigue and avoid injuries during the work days.

Taking care of the garden quickly and efficiently is possible when you have a good quality brush cutter. In this sense, it is necessary that you analyze its pros and cons:


Engine: It has a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a power of 1.25 kW.

Handlebar: It has a double adjustable handlebar, which provides greater control over the tool.

Cutting: Includes a steel disc and 2-wire nylon head for a precise cut.


Weight: It could be one of the heaviest brushcutters in this selection, weighing 12 kg.

10. Airbike Brush Cutter Weed Wacker

This innovative Greencut brush cutter is equipped with an efficient motor, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a nominal voltage of 40 V, which allows it to develop a rotation speed of up to 6500 rpm. In addition, it is compatible with 4.0Ah and 2.0 Ah batteries.

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It offers an autonomy time of 45 minutes when working with the nylon line head and 60 minutes when working with the disc. Also, its width of cut when clearing weeds is 260 mm and 380 mm above the lawn, so it is able to finish the job efficiently and quickly.

As a safety measure, it has a locking system on the accelerator, to avoid inconveniences due to accidental activation of the engine. On the other hand, it incorporates an LCD screen with a remaining battery indicator and, as if that were not enough, its design incorporates an ergonomic double-grip handle, to offer greater comfort.

If you are looking for a functional and efficient brush cutter that allows you to work with complete freedom of movement, you should consider the pros and cons that we have summarized below:


Display: It has an LCD liquid crystal display, which indicates the percentage of battery charge remaining.

Cutting: Its cutting width capacity is 260 mm for shrubs and 380 mm for grass.

Autonomy: It offers an autonomy of 45 minutes with a nylon head and 60 minutes with a steel disc.


Battery: A user considers it a disadvantage that this brush cutter does not include the battery and the charger, which implies an additional expense.

Shopping guide

The brush cutter is one of the most used machines in garden care, since it is capable of cutting weeds, grass and small bushes, allowing cleaning in areas of difficult access, where other larger devices cannot reach. However, it can be difficult to choose a specific model if we do not have knowledge about its characteristics, for this reason, we have prepared this guide to buy the best brush cutter, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


When making a comparison of brushcutters we can differentiate at least two types, those that work with electricity and those that need gasoline. This can be decisive to know the capacity that each one has, for this reason, it is good that you define in advance the use that you are going to give it, so that you can acquire a good and economical one that you can adapt to your needs.

Electric brushcutters are generally indicated for home use, as they are less robust and at the same time more practical. These can be divided into two groups, in the first there are those that work continuously connected to electricity through a cable, which can be more powerful but offer less freedom of movement. In the second group are those that have a rechargeable battery, which are used wirelessly, but tend to have less power, so they are recommended for specific jobs in small gardens.

In the case of gasoline brushcutters, these are specially designed for more advanced jobs, which require greater autonomy and resistance, for example, in case of having a very large garden. Although they can be heavier than electric ones, they also offer more power, which is why they are widely used by professional gardeners, since it offers the possibility of finishing the work faster.

If you are going to choose a gasoline brush cutter, you should also look at the type of engine, the 4-stroke can be quieter, consumes less and has two tanks, one for oil and one for fuel. The 2-stroke engine is the most common, since it offers enough capacity and does not raise the cost of the device too much.


Before asking how much a brush cutter costs, it is convenient to pay attention to the characteristics of the motor, since these are directly related to the power of the device, in this way, you will have a clearer idea of ​​the activities that you can carry out with each model. In this case, electrics have smaller and less powerful engines than those that run on gasoline.

The power of a gasoline brush cutter is measured in cubic centimeters (cc), so it is good to review this information for each model. If you are going to do simple jobs like mowing a small plot, about 25cc may suffice. On the other hand, to cut small weeds and shrubs you may need around 40 cc, but for the heaviest jobs a displacement of more than 50 cc is necessary.

In the case of corded electric machines, power is measured in watts, in this way, between 800 W and 1000 W can be enough for domestic work. For their part, cordless brush cutters with lithium battery have a measured capacity In volts and amps, some work with batteries of up to 40 V and 4.0 Ah, which means that they provide a performance very similar to the most professional devices, but with the advantage of being less noisy.


Although most brushcutters look similar to the naked eye, it is worth paying attention to certain design features, which influence not only the appearance of the tool, but also its practicality. In this sense, there are portable, backpack and even wheeled machines.

A portable brushcutter, as its name implies, is specially designed to have less weight and dimensions, but it also offers less power, therefore, it is not suitable for very intense jobs. This is suitable for small gardens in homes, since it works with a battery and its autonomy is limited compared to a gasoline one.

Backpack brushcutters can be carried on the shoulders, but in this case the weight is distributed differently, since they have a harness system to carry the motor on the back, as if it were a backpack. In general, they are used to carry out work in extensive fields, since they do not cause much physical exhaustion.

On the other hand, when it comes to very complex terrain, a brush cutter with wheels may be convenient, since they work as a kind of drag tractor, improving traction and facilitating the cutting of weeds. In addition, the wheels help support the weight of the device, making it more comfortable.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a brush cutter?

Once you have received the package, it is good to check that the product is complete, including accessories. In addition, you can do a power-up test before taking it to the field, this way, you will have the opportunity to make the claim immediately if it has a factory fault. One of the basic techniques for mowing with this type of machine is to make sweeping movements to the sides. It is recommended that for each sweep you accelerate to cut and release the accelerator at the end of the movement, so that the device has a margin of rest. If you are cleaning a slope, it is best to do it perpendicular to it, starting with the bottom.

Q2: Which brush cutter is better, Stih or Husqvarna?

It is important to take into account that both brands are experts in the factory and commercialization of forestry machinery, for this reason, both offer efficient and durable products. Stihl is a German company founded in 1926, so it has almost 100 years in the market for agricultural tools. In this sense, Andreas Stihl was the creator of the chainsaw and founder of the company. For its part, Husqvarna has its origins in Sweden and has been on the market since 1959. Today, it has factories in several countries around the world, one of the most important being the United Kingdom. This company offers products for professional and domestic use.

Q3: How to change the disc on a Stihl brush cutter?

The first thing to do is insert the pin into the hole pressing lightly, until the box is locked. If you have already done this step, it is time to remove the nut using a wrench and pressing in a clockwise direction, so you can remove the plate, the pressure disc and the blade. Then you can install the new part, first the blade, then the pressure disc and finally the plate. At this point, you can tighten the nut again and your brush cutter is ready to be used. Remember that each disc is designed for a specific use.

Q4: How to start a brush cutter?

If this is the first time you are using the brush cutter, the first thing you should do is identify the Stop / Start button, which serves as a safety lock, cutting off the power to avoid accidental start-up. If it is gasoline and has a bubble, it is necessary to press 3 or 4 times so that the fuel passes into the cylinder. Afterwards, you just have to close the choke to avoid the passage of air. You can now pull the rope several times hard to start the engine. When you feel that it has turned on it is advisable to accelerate a little, in this way you can reach the desired power. For electric brushcutters, all you have to do is unhook the safety and press the trigger.

Q5: How to clean the carburetor of the brush cutter?

If you are having trouble accelerating your gasoline brush cutter or it shuts down for no apparent reason, you will probably need to service the carburetor. If possible, make a note of all the screws and parts you remove so that when you reinstall the parts you will not be missing anything. With the help of an electric or manual screwdriver, you can remove the case completely, so that you have enough space and work is more comfortable.

Afterwards it is necessary to disconnect the hoses, one of return and the one that goes directly to the needle of the carburetor. It is recommended to open the fuel tank cap to release the pressure before disconnecting the hose. Completely disassemble the carburetor and clean each element with a pressurized air gun and a special spray cleaner for this purpose, which you can get at a good price in a virtual store. Finally, he puts the pieces back in place and turns on the machine to check that the problem has been solved.

Q6: How to change the shaft of a brush cutter?

This is a straightforward job as it involves just removing a few bolts, pulling out the axle, putting in the new one, and reassembling all the parts. However, some manufacturers offer the complete bar with the rod inside it, so you should review the prices well so that you can choose the most convenient option according to your needs and budget.

Q7: How to change the brush cutter line?

Start by opening the spool with the help of a screwdriver. It is advisable to use three meters of thread, but you have to fold it in half, so that they become two threads. Spools usually have an indicator arrow so you know which way to wind the thread. You must find the slot to fit the thread in the center of the spool and wind it in the correct direction.

The two ends of the nylon should fit snugly into the clips on the edge, each facing the opposite direction of the other. Then, you must pass the tips through the holes in the housing to reassemble the part. Finally, snap on the cap and reinstall the spool on the brush cutter.

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