8 Best Bodybuilder Tapes [2022]

Masking tape is a strip of paper that has a low-intensity glue to allow easy removal later. However, their uses are so varied that it is possible to find many tapes on the market, which could make it a bit difficult to buy.

As a solution, we will only highlight the most popular models, such as the Coral Tools 71500 , which is a 3-pack of blue ribbons, which favors better viewing on light surfaces.

Another interesting option is the Tesa 210267 tape , which offers 50 m of quantity and is free of solvents, so it does not generate strong odors.

8 Best Bodybuilder Tapes [2022]

The main function of masking tapes is to create straight lines and protect areas when painting. However, being such a useful product at home and professional level, there are many purchase options. Therefore, we have made a list with 8 of the best bodybuilding tapes of 2022.

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It is a blue masking tape, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, either in DIY projects or in professional jobs. In this sense, it is able to withstand direct sunlight for greater resistance.

Plus, it comes in a pack of 3 25m long rolls, enough to use for a wide variety of jobs. Also, you can get the presentation of a roll with 50 m of quantity to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Regarding their adherence, these tapes can be used on surfaces with smooth or irregular textures, whether concrete, glass, metal, moldings, among others. As if that were not enough, they offer a width of 25 mm, in this way, you can apply paint on narrow surfaces with greater precision.

The best masking tape of the moment should give you durability and versatility, as it happens with this model. For this reason, we invite you to review its main characteristics in more detail.


Resistance: The tapes in this set offer resistance to UV rays, allowing you to place them indoors and outdoors.

Adhesion: They have a good adherence to use on cement, metal, glass, moldings, among other materials.

Color: They are dark blue tapes, so they are easy to see when working when applied over light paints.


Removal: It is advisable not to leave them under the paint for a long time, as it could be difficult to remove them later.

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This is a 50mm wide masking tape, allowing you to cover a large area. In addition, it comes in a presentation with 50m of tape, this way you can use it in a large number of projects before it runs out.

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It offers a 2-day period of time to remove it before it sticks too much to the surface, allowing you to wait for the paint to dry properly before removing the tape. Similarly, it is made of paper to facilitate cutting and removal.

On the other hand, it has an adhesive coating to offer a good grip. It is also a solvent-free product, so it is not harmful to the environment and does not produce unpleasant odors. As if that were not enough, it is easy to dispense for convenience.

If you need an affordable masking tape, you should consider the pros and cons of this presentation, since it is one of the cheapest.


Removal: It can be removed up to 2 days after placement without leaving any residue, which provides greater functionality.

Width: Offers 50 mm width to paint more safely with a roller or brush.

Material: It is made of plain paper, so it can be torn by hand for easy insertion and removal.


Color: It is a beige tape, which can make it difficult to see on white or light-colored surfaces.

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It is a precision masking tape that is presented in a pack of 4 rolls; 3 of 30 mm and 1 roll of 20 mm width, which allows you to work on thin surfaces and areas of different dimensions. For this reason, they are suitable for use in projects that require very delicate finishes.

On the other hand, the tapes can be easily removed from the wall without a trace, as they have a low but efficient level of adhesion, allowing you to stick them safely in complex areas.

In terms of quantity, each roll offers 50m, so this package provides a total of 200m of tape, enough to use on multiple projects before it runs out. As if that weren’t enough, they can adhere to porous and irregular surfaces, such as bare walls and street pavements.

If you are looking for the best quality-price ratio masking tape, then it is recommended that you know this model in more detail, since it has several rolls and does not cost too much money.


Quantity: Offers 200 m in total, which is enough quantity to carry out different projects.

Uses: They are suitable tapes for packing, grouping products, labeling boxes or painting in corners and other narrow spaces.

Removal: This tape can be easily separated from the surface without leaving a trace.


Glue: The glue on the tapes could lose effectiveness in a short time, so they are indicated for quick jobs.

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It is a colored masking tape that comes in a presentation of 6 rolls of 25 m each, in this way, you can use them in different projects, such as making crafts, labeling boxes, painting walls, marking objects, among other options. .

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In this sense, they come in the colors orange, pink, red, yellow, blue and green, which allows you to use them according to the background of the surface to create contrasting lines. It is important to mention that they have a width of 25 mm to place in small areas or use in jobs that require some precision.

On the other hand, they do not damage the surfaces where you place them, since they do not leave glue residues or pieces of tape when they are removed, which favors safety. Likewise, they can be applied on metal, concrete, ceramic, wood, among others.

It is normal to wonder which is the best masking tape among the variety of products available, so before making a decision it is advisable to know this model in detail.


Precision: They are suitable for making straight lines with precise edges, which can favor better finishes.

Resistance: They offer resistance to UV rays and do not fade after use.

Colors: They come in the colors orange, yellow, blue, green, red and pink, which allows you to combine them according to your needs.


Surfaces: They may not adhere optimally to surfaces with a glossy finish, so it is advisable to press them hard during installation for better adhesion.

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This is a set of masking tape that includes 8 rolls with a width of 36 mm, to cover surfaces effectively before painting. Plus, each tape is 45m in length, allowing you to reach a length of up to 360m for added durability.

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As for practicality, these tapes can be torn by hand and detached in a simple way, which facilitates the placement and removal. They also offer resistance to humidity, leave no residue when removed and have good adhesion capacity.

As if that were not enough, they are Eco Friendly tapes, since they do not contain solvents, additives or other chemicals that pollute the environment. In the same way, this allows its use by allergy sufferers, since they do not generate bad odors.

The best masking tape should provide clean finishes and ease of use, just like this pack of Kreppefix tapes. Let’s know its pros and cons.


Quantity: Set includes 8 standard color rolls providing a total of 360m for optimal performance.

Safety: They are tapes made without solvents or additives, which favors a safer use for allergy sufferers.

Width: Each tape is 36mm wide so they offer a standard size for use on most projects.


Resistance: They are not very resistant to long periods of exposure to sunlight or outdoors, so they are suitable for indoors.

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It is a highly durable masking tape, since the glue does not dry until 14 days after the tape is applied, that is, enough time to remove it without the need to apply heat or use strong solvents.

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In this sense, it offers a medium-level adhesive power, which facilitates its removal after painting the surfaces. It is important to mention that it has an intense blue color, so it is easy to see it under the paint for greater practicality.

On the other hand, it is possible to use it both indoors and outdoors, since it is capable of resisting the direct impact of UV rays. In this way, it can be placed on windows, ceilings, doors, among others. Also, it has a width of 36 mm, which allows you to apply it in various spaces comfortably.

Scotchblue is the best brand of masking tapes according to the opinion of many, so if you are looking for a quality model, you should know this model.


Glue: Glue dries in 14 days, providing ample time for easy tape removal.

Resistance: Offers resistance to UV rays, allowing you to use it indoors or outdoors.

Finish: When removing the tape, it does not leave glue residue on the surface, which provides better finishes.


Quantity: It is a 41 m tape in total, which could be little compared to other models on the list that offer more.

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It is a pack of bodybuilding tapes that includes 7 rolls in total, including 6 of 30 mm and 1 of 20 mm, so they are mainly indicated for use in professional jobs that require precise finishes. Similarly, their dimensions allow you to place them in small areas for greater functionality.

On the other hand, they offer a high level of adhesion, so it is possible to stick them on uneven surfaces without fear that they will come off. Also, they can be unrolled quickly, which provides greater practicality.

Importantly, these tapes leave no glue residue, so they can provide cleaner, more professional finishes. As if that were not enough, each roll offers 50 m of quantity, which gives you a total of 350 m of tape.

If you are still wondering which masking tape to buy, it may be appropriate for you to review in more detail some of the most outstanding aspects of this model.


Quantity: The set includes 7 tapes of 50 m each for use in large-scale jobs.

Adhesion: They stick effectively to smooth or uneven surfaces, which increases their versatility.

Utility: They can be used to pack, label boxes and cover surfaces before painting.


Resistance: The material of the tapes may not be very resistant, so it is possible that they will tear when removing. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them with due care.

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This masking tape offers a high power of resistance to humidity, so it can be used in humid spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen. Similarly, it does not deteriorate when in contact with paint.

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In addition, you can leave it attached for a long time, since it remains ready to be removed up to 14 days after its placement, which allows you to wait for the paint to dry efficiently and use it in different types of activities.

Also, it can be easily removed by simply pulling the end of the tape towards you, which favors practicality. It is important to mention that it has a width of 25 mm for precision work and offers up to 50 m of quantity to cover the needs of different projects.

If you want an affordable masking tape, you should know more about this model, since it is one of the cheapest. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Adhesion: It is a low adhesion sensitive tape, so it can be easily removed.

Finishes: It can give you professional finishes with straight lines and clean edges.

Resistance: Offers resistance against humidity, allowing you to use it with different types of paint safely.


Color: It comes in a soft pink presentation, so it could be difficult to see if you place it on light surfaces.

Shopping guide

Masking tapes are made with thin saturated crepe paper, which makes it easy to cut and unroll, however, there are other characteristics that you should consider when purchasing one, such as strength, adhesion, ease of removal and amount of tape. In this sense, we have developed a guide to buying the best masking tape, with all the information necessary to make a good decision.


The strength of the masking tape is a very important characteristic that must be carefully reviewed, since the usefulness of the product in different environments depends on it. Therefore, we can find bodybuilding tapes for interiors and others that also work for exteriors.

In general, the exclusive models for interiors offer resistance only to humidity, which makes them suitable for placing on walls, floors and ceilings at the time of painting, since precisely by supporting direct contact with liquid substances they can prevent leakage of paint between the edges of the tape.

On the other hand, products suitable for interiors and exteriors offer a higher degree of resistance to sunlight, so they can be placed on the outside of windows, doors and structures that are continuously exposed to the elements. In the same way, this type of tape is the most appropriate to create straight and clean lines when painting pavement or making signs, which also favors its versatility.

In either case, it is very important that the tape you choose is made from high-quality paper, otherwise it could tear when dispensing from the roll or removing it from the surface.


When making a comparison of masking tapes, we can see that not all of them provide the same level of adhesion, so the glue of some could be more resistant than that of others. In this sense, there are tapes that do not adhere properly to glossy surfaces, which is why they are more suitable for use on rustic materials, such as pavement, concrete and non-laminated walls, as well as objects with reliefs. It is important to mention that among the most outstanding tapes are those that can be glued without any problem on any type of surface, be it glass, metal, wood, concrete, among others, so they are more versatile to solve problems at a professional level and domestic.

On the other hand, if what you want is a tape that is careful with the objects and surfaces where you place it, then you need a low-adhesion model, which allows you to remove the tape without leaving marks of any kind. However, these models may not be as effective at bonding efficiently to any material, therefore, they could peel off within a short time of placement, which is important to consider depending on the need.


The glue that makes up the underside of the tapes dries during use, causing it to increase its adhesion strength to the surface. For this reason, removal can be more or less difficult depending on the model you choose.

In this sense, it is possible to find tapes with adhesives that take between 2 and 14 days to dry. After the time is up, you may need to apply moisture or heat to the tape to soften the glue and remove it more easily. On the other hand, it is very important that the model you choose does not leave glue residue on the surface when it is removed, as this could reduce the quality of the final finish.

Quantity and width

When we talk about quantity, we are referring to the maximum extension that the tape reaches, which could also define how much it costs. In this sense, most of the rolls provide between 25 and 50 m in length. However, the true quantity of the tape will depend on the rolls included in the package, so it is possible to find a good and inexpensive tape that has only 1 roll of 40 m, but there are also packages of up to 8 tapes of 45 m that have higher performance.

Regarding the width, we can find models from 25 to 50 mm. In the first case, these are precision tapes, used mainly in reduced areas to obtain cleaner and more delicate finishes, while the 50 mm tapes are suitable to cover larger and wider surfaces. Also, it is possible to find 36 mm tapes, suitable for professional or domestic work, which favors versatility.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove very sticky masking tape?

Masking tapes that have a high adhesion capacity generally have a certain time in which they can remain glued. This is mainly due to the fact that the integrated glue tends to dry out, which increases the bond strength and makes it very difficult to remove. In this sense, to help detach it, you can wet a cloth with warm water and rub it against the tape.

This way, the moisture should soften the glue so that the tape comes off. In case this method doesn’t work, you can blow hot air over the tape with the use of a hair dryer. However, it is necessary not to keep the heat for a long time, as this could also damage the surface where the tape is located.

Q2: How to remove the masking tape after painting?

It is best to peel off the tape slowly, starting at the top of the wall all the way to the bottom. While peeling off, you should hold the closest end at a 45 ° angle to the painted surface, so the glue on the tape may come off more easily.

If the paint is lifting up with the tape, then you should pause the procedure and run a razor blade or razor around the edge. This can help you cut through the paint without messing up the work you have done.

Q3: When to remove the masking tape when painting?

Masking tape can help protect edges, corners, trim, and other surfaces from drips and stains. However, when the job is done, peeling off the tape too soon can cause the paint to not stay even or stain the area you are keeping protected. Also, removing the tape too late can cause the adhesive to harden and be more difficult to remove.

Therefore, it is advisable to wait at least one hour after you have painted the surface. Also, you can lightly touch the surface to see if it is already dry or read the manufacturer’s instructions to know the drying time of the paint. In this way, you can know the exact moment when you should remove the masking tape.

Q4: How to attach the masking tape for painting?

The first thing you should do is clean the area you want to paint, for this you can dip a sponge in a mixture of warm water with a mild detergent. Thus, it is possible to remove dirt in a simple way. Afterwards, you have to remove the detergent and wait for the surface to dry completely. Now, it is time to place the tape, you can start with strips of approximately 30 cm long, since in this way it is easier to control the tape during its placement.

It is important that each piece overlaps the previous tape a little to get as straight a line as possible. It is also a good idea to rub the tape against the surface to make sure the paint doesn’t seep over the edge.

Q5: How to use masking tape?

Applying masking tape is relatively easy, you just have to be precise to get a cleaner finish. Likewise, it is advisable to start its placement in a corner and move it as you unroll the tape. It is important to make sure that each section is glued correctly before continuing. You can also cut it into short chunks for more control.

Q6: How to remove the glue from the masking tape?

Warm water is often able to effectively remove masking tape residue from smooth or high-gloss materials such as linoleum, glass, and vinyl. However, on uneven surfaces it may be necessary to scrape the tape with a spatula or kitchen knife. Ultimately, you can slightly heat the remains using a hair dryer, then moisten the area with a little vegetable cooking oil. Being a liquid that naturally displaces water, it can help you remove the sticky substance.

Q7: How to make curves with masking tape?

There are special tapes to make curves, but if you want to make them with a normal masking tape, you must cut it into thin strips that you can easily turn during placement. Also, depending on the thickness of the curve you need, you can glue together several small pieces of tape to draw a bow. In this case, it is advisable to press hard on the tape to reduce wrinkles as much as possible.

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