10 Best Band Saw for Metal [ 2022 Updated ]

On many occasions it is necessary to make very precise cuts, following patterns, to very hard materials such as wood and metal, so that they are perfectly cut, so a band saw is usually used due to the great power offered by this machine .

Among the most prominent is the FEMI 780XL , an ideal bandsaw for cutting metal that incorporates an 850W electric motor.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a model that has an ideal performance for cutting wood with a power of 230W and that achieves a high cutting speed of approximately 15 m / s, we recommend the Cevik CP28-182 band saw .

10 Best Band Saw for Metal [ 2022 Updated ]

If you don’t have much experience with these tools and you don’t know which bandsaw to buy, we recommend reading the following section, where we mention the most prominent models on the current market.

1.WEN BA3962 3.5-Amp 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw

The Femi 780XL metal band saw stands out for its electric cable motor, powered with 230V and 850W of power with two speeds, which allows the work to be carried out efficiently. In addition, it is one of the most compact saws with dimensions of 35 x 55 x 50 centimeters and weighs 7.71 kilograms.

This product includes a replacement and cleaning kit for the cutting blade, so you can keep the tool in better condition.

You will be able to work metallic materials of rectangular shape of 105 x 93 millimeters, circular of 105 millimeters in diameter and 102 millimeters in squares. On the other hand, with an inclination of 45 degrees, you have the possibility to work with materials of 70 x 60 mm, 72 mm and 68 mm.

WEN BA3962 3.5-Amp 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, Black
  • 3.5 amp motor creates cuts up to six inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide
  • Uses 72-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 inches in size

If you are interested in acquiring the best bandsaw, it is necessary that you know all the negative and positive functions of this and each model on the list.


Power : This tool is equipped with an 850W motor that offers efficient operation and two speeds.

Kit : This product includes a blade cleaning and replacement kit that will help you preserve the useful life of the saw much better and for a longer time.

Weight : Thanks to the reduced weight of 7.71 kilograms, you can easily carry this tool to work anywhere.

Material : This model is specially designed to cut metal thanks to its powerful motor.


Warm Up : When in operation, the motor of this tool can get quite hot.

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2.BILT HARD 2.5-Amp 9-inch Band Saw,

Bosch is considered the best brand of band saws thanks to the benefits that its products provide. This bandsaw features a 73.3-centimeter blade in length and a depth of cut of up to 63.5 millimeters.

Its light weight of approximately 3.38 kilograms will allow you to move easily and take this tool anywhere. In addition, this metal band saw includes a carrying case to accomplish this task.

You can carry out repairs with this tool at home or in the workshop thanks to the working speed of its electric motor of up to 162 RPM and powered by a 4.0 Ah 18-volt Li-ion battery.

BILT HARD 2.5-Amp 9-inch Band Saw, Benchtop Bandsaw for Woodworking, with Blade and Miter Gauge - CSA Listed
  • More Powerful Motivation: Product size: 29 x 19 x 14 inches, Product weight: about 39 lbs. Bilt Hard band...
  • Sturdy Adjustable Table: Cast iron table measures 12-1/4 x 11-7/8-in providing for a large and sturdy...

To choose the best bandsaw of the moment, take into account the use that you are going to give it and look at the important characteristics of each model. Here are the pros and cons of this band saw.


Mobility : This is one of the most compact models on this list, as well as being a very light device, weighing only 3.8 kilograms, so you can carry this saw comfortably and without exhausting yourself.

Blade length: This saw has a blade with a total length of 73.3 centimeters, which will allow you to cut large objects.

Depth of Cut : Although small in size, it offers an excellent depth of cut of up to 63.5 millimeters.


Utility : It can be a limited utility tool, so depending on the work you are doing, you should look at another model if you need more power.

3.Milwaukee 2729-20 M18 FUEL Deep Cut Band

If you are looking for a wood band saw, we recommend you look at this model with a 230W single-phase motor that allows efficient cutting work on this type of material. In addition, you can make cuts with a width of up to 20 centimeters and a maximum height of 8 centimeters.

The diameter of the pulley is 203 millimeters and it reaches a cutting speed of up to 15 m / s, allowing you to comfortably cut the chosen material. This model comes with the tape already mounted, in addition to including screwdrivers, screws and keys to adjust.

On the other hand, it has a weight of 15 kilograms and dimensions of 35 x 27.5 x 72 centimeters, making it ideal to place it in a workshop. It also includes a parallel guide that will help you make the cut accurately and cleanly. This model plugs into a socket to run, so it doesn’t run on a battery.

If you are making a comparison between the best band saws of 2021, you should be very attentive to all the highlights of this model.


Height of cut : Get a professional and clean cuts thanks to this tool with cutting height up to 80 mm.

Speed: This tool reaches a cutting speed of up to 15 m / s, allowing you to work quickly.

Motor : It incorporates an electric motor with power of up to 230W that will let you work with wood easily.


Metal : This model is made specifically for cutting wood, so if you are looking for a band saw that cuts metal, you should choose another tool that allows you to cut that material.

4.WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed

This wood band saw is among the cheaper alternatives on this list but it offers good cutting results thanks to its high performance 350W motor.

On the other hand, it has a 30 x 30 cm work surface that can be tilted up to 45 degrees to achieve specific cuts. Also, with this tool you can make cuts with a maximum height of 90 millimeters and supports cutting thicknesses of up to 23.3 centimeters.

This equipment generates a noise level of 67 dB and has a 2.15 meter power cord. In addition, it has an IP20 protection class, reaches a speed of 415 RPM and the dimensions of the saw belt are 1570 x 6 millimeters.

WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw for Metal
619 Reviews
WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw for Metal
  • Huge cutting capacity makes cuts up to 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep
  • Variable speed operation adjusts the blade speed anywhere from 60 to 420 feet per minute

If you are interested in choosing the best value for money bandsaw, we recommend that you look carefully at the positive and negative characteristics of this complete model.


Height of cut : With this tool you can easily cut a variety of materials thanks to its cutting height of up to 90 millimeters.

Width : Likewise, it offers a cutting width of 233 millimeters that allows working with various objects.

Speed : Thanks to its powerful motor, this band saw achieves a speed of 415 RPM or 12.7 m / s.


Autonomy : This saw works by connecting it to a power outlet, so if you are looking for a model that gives you autonomy, the ideal thing for you would be to buy one with a battery.

5.Anbull Portable Band Saw with Removable Alloy Steel Base,

This Makita band saw stands out for its professional operation thanks to the powerful 900W motor and powered by 230V. In addition, it includes four models of replacement blades that are easy to replace and with which you can cut different types of materials.

This product has approximate dimensions of 77.5 x 61.5 x 160 centimeters and weighs about 81.2 kilograms, so it is advisable to take a good look at the place where you are going to install it.

It has a modern design that looks like a rugged and professional tool in black, blue and silver. It is an ideal product for users who require the best performance when cutting work on a wide variety of materials.

Anbull Portable Band Saw with Removable Alloy Steel Base, 45°-90° Metal Cutting, 10A 1100W Motor, 5-inch Deep Cut, with .025-by-44-7/8-Inch 14 TPI Saw Blade and Led Spotlight
  • 1100W Powerful Pure Copper Motor: Industry best 10 amp motor designed with controlled power to withstand...
  • The Cutting Capacity: without base :5-by- 4-3/4 In. deep-cut capacity for rectangular stock, 5 In....

If you are not sure which is the best bandsaw, it is very important that you make sure you know the most important functions of each model, so later we will present the positive and negative aspects of this one.


Power : This tool stands out for its powerful 900W electric motor, which allows for optimal work.

Accessories : With the purchase of this product, you will receive 4 replacement blades, which have a different function.

Versatile : You will be able to cut different types of materials such as metal and wood, making it a piece of equipment for professional use.


Vibration : This bandsaw can vibrate a bit when in operation, so make sure to place the tool on a flat surface.

6.RIKON Power Tools 10-3061 10″ Deluxe Bandsaw,

It may be that, in your case, what you need is a professional saw due to the hardness of the material you have to cut, so we recommend you look at this Metabo band saw with great power and precision. This model is equipped with a silent 900W motor powered by 230V.

This model stands out for having a smooth and controlled ride thanks to its rubber-coated steering wheel. It incorporates a practical precision guide composed of three fully adjustable HSS rollers.

You will be able to make precise and inclined cuts thanks to its 560 x 400 mm work table that can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees. On the other hand, it has a quick clamping lever that allows maintenance and blade change work to be carried out without any type of tool.

RIKON Power Tools 10-3061 10" Deluxe Bandsaw, Includes Fence and Two Blade Speeds
  • HIGH QUALITY MACHINE – This product includes the 10-3061 Deluxe Bandsaw and 5/16” x 70-1/2” 6TPI...
  • MOTOR DETAILS - The increased cutting capacity and increased 1/2HP motor make this bandsaw great for...

A good option is to choose a model that gives you professional results. This ensures you can work with any material. Take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of this model to make a better decision.


Height : A powerful tool with which you can work with materials up to 170 mm high to make the cut.

Width : In the same sense, this tool has a cutting width of up to 307 mm.

Speed : It incorporates a powerful motor that allows reaching a cutting speed of up to 410 or 880 m / min.


Price : Like any professional tool, this model of band saw has one of the highest prices on this list. However, its quality makes it worth it.

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7.DEWALT 20V MAX* Portable Band Saw,

Known as tools that offer high quality at very affordable prices, Einhell brand saws stand out in the market. This Einhell band saw is equipped with a motor with a power of 250W and 1,400 RPM of speed.

Work comfortably thanks to its 300 x 300 mm tilting work table, plus you can avoid overheating with this friction-free tool.

On the other hand, it has a saw band of 1400 x 7 mm and, thanks to the inclination of the work table up to 45 degrees, you will be able to obtain cuts with a maximum height of 45 mm. It has a cutting guide that will help you make straight and precise cuts.

DEWALT 20V MAX* Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, Tool Only (DCS374B)
1,121 Reviews
DEWALT 20V MAX* Portable Band Saw, Deep Cut, Tool Only (DCS374B)
  • The metal band saw has 5-inch cutting capacity
  • Integrated hang hook of the portable band saw allows user to hang the saw without damaging the front...

If you are looking for one of the cheapest and most efficient models on the market, it is important that you take into account all the aspects of each saw. This model has a number of positive and negative characteristics that make it a good purchase option.


Push Stick : This equipment incorporates an insert lever that helps to carry out a safe work with band saws.

Guide : Get the best results with this tool, as it has a practical guide that will help you achieve a straight and precise cut.

Stabilizer : It has a fully adjustable blade stabilization system that significantly reduces vibration.


DIY : This tool is ideal for DIY jobs, so if you are looking for a model that allows you to do professional work, we recommend choosing another product.

Shopping guide

Engine type and model

In every comparison of band saws, the motor plays a key role when choosing a new tool, so it is an aspect that you should take into account in the first place, since, obviously, this component will determine the quality and working power. You have to ask yourself if you need to cut wood or metal, in addition to knowing how often you will use this tool, since it is not the same to cut several times a day or a couple of times throughout the month. However, the power of the engine directly affects the price of the device, so if you are looking for a good and economical alternative, take a close look at this aspect.

To work with hard materials, you may need a motor with 1 horsepower or more. On the other hand, for simple DIY jobs, choosing a 0.5 to 0.75 horsepower model may be sufficient. Keep in mind that motors tend to work harder when they are less powerful, and they get hotter than necessary due to friction, affecting the components of the tool. If your job is to do DIY tasks at home, a low power motor will suffice. However, if your job is to work hard materials professionally, investing in a more powerful motor is a good idea. If you are interested in knowing how much the bandsaw costs, take a look at this aspect before choosing.

The frame of the saw

The part that is responsible for holding together all the other internal components of the tool is known as the frame of the bandsaw. Consider that equipment with a frame made of wood or plastic, in addition to being lighter and less resistant, will easily collapse if the pulleys it incorporates are too large and heavy. Professionals recommend that, for frames made of plastic, the pulleys used should not exceed 12 inches, as any larger pulley will be too heavy for this type of frame.

On the other hand, there are frames made of cast iron, which are much heavier and more resistant than plastic or wooden models. As a recommendation given by professionals, make sure that the metal sheet of the frame has at least one double layer or, failing that, two frames that are separated. In addition, it is advisable to take a good look at the gauge of the sheet and its weight, since the heavier the frame, the greater the precision and cleanliness of the resulting cuts.

Blade guides

Another factor that you should not overlook is the guide, which will allow you to make a straight and precise cut following a pattern, ideal for series work. Keep in mind that the blades of this type of tool differ from the rigid and solid traditional blades by being completely flexible, so to maintain a clean cut, the cutting guides are used at each end of the machine. The thrust bearing is installed at the rear of the belt and is responsible for preventing the belt from moving while the wood is moving.

Both thrust bearings and guides are usually made of metal. In addition, they have two guide blocks, one above the table and the other below. Many professionals and experienced users replace metal guides with other parts such as synthetic rolling blocks with a graphite plate, which generate a much lower level of friction, preventing the tool from heating up.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade band saw?
Handy users have developed a way to make a homemade bandsaw using 3D modeling software such as SketchUp, which will help you get an idea of ​​how the design you have in mind will look like. Even on the web you can find ready-made patterns to make the structure of the saw. For this project, sheets of birch plywood, MDF are used, which must be cut following the patterns and, finally, they are assembled together like a puzzle in the way that the plan with the design used would indicate.

Q2: How to sharpen band saw?

There are several ways or procedures to sharpen a bandsaw without taking it apart and removing it from the machine, so that it is an activity that you can do yourself when convenient. Keep in mind that on the web you will easily find step-by-step instructions that you can follow in case it is difficult for you. One of the procedures most used by users is completely by hand and is carried out using guide blocks together with a file. Another popular manual bandsaw blade sharpening method is using an inexpensive polisher that uses a 4-inch wheel.

Q3: How to tension a band saw?

Most models of band saws incorporate a small knob or screw that adjusts the tension at the bottom and top of the tool. It is important to ensure that the blade is tight enough so that it does not slip or deflect when you make the cut, however, if you stress the saw blade too much, you risk damaging the motor of the tool in its whole. The way to know if the tension is within the correct range is to raise the blade guide to a maximum height and press on both sides of the blade. It should move about 3mm when a certain amount of pressure is applied to it.

Q4: What materials can be cut with the Metabo band saw?

Metabo brand band saws stand out for offering very efficient operation against materials such as wood, as they incorporate a fully adjustable three-roller HSS guide system that adjusts the blade from the top and bottom, which helps you to preserve a higher level of precision in your cuts.

Q5: How to make circles with a band saw?

First, you will need to calculate the required distance. For example, if you have to cut a 60 cm circle, you will have to use a 30 cm distance from the center of the piece to the end. When you get to any point in the guide that you have previously marked in the shape of a circle, turn on the tool and start to carefully go through the guide until you reach the end.

How to use a band saw

Band saws are an excellent alternative when you need a tool that helps you cut very hard materials such as wood or metal and following a pattern to do it in series. Even if you know the use of traditional saws perfectly, it is important that you read a couple of tips to help you use this tool correctly and avoid any problems or even possible accidents. Here we briefly explain how you can use your new band saw.

Initial settings

It is highly recommended to invest the time necessary to look at the instructions that the factory provides with the purchase of the tool, in addition to the safety information that is often included with this type of product. Remember to adjust the saw to a comfortable height for cutting jobs. Many users find that just above the waist is a comfortable height.

Choose the correct blade and its tension

Keep in mind that each project uses a specific type of blade, so there are two criteria when making this distinction: teeth per inch DPP and blade width. The DPP is a value that is responsible for determining the effect and quality of the cut on the material you are working on. The higher the DPP, the cut will be much smoother, but it will do the cutting job with a smaller range. However, the lower the DPP, the much rougher the cut will be, although it will be done much faster.

Next, adjust the blade tension following the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, this type of tool incorporates a screw or knob that allows you to adjust the tension easily. Remember that to prevent the blade from slipping or drifting while cutting, you will need to make a fine adjustment. One way to know if the tension is adjusted correctly is to raise the blade guide to the maximum height and then press with your fingers, applying a little pressure, to the sides of the blade. When doing this, the blade should move by about 3mm.

Adjust the table

To make a square cut perpendicular to the table, you can use a block of wood to visually check the alignment of the blade. In addition, if your band saw is previously configured with the angle indicator at 0, you can vary this value up to the inclination that your particular equipment allows.

Mark, connect and cut

Before you start cutting with your new band saw, make sure you have the shape you are going to work marked out so that the guide can help guide you through the cut. You can clearly mark the drawing on the piece of wood that you are going to use with a pencil or marker. Make sure you have enough room to move while making the cut. Proceed to connect the equipment and turn on the saw. In the end, be sure to unplug the saw from the outlet to avoid any accidents.

6 steps to maintaining a band saw

If you want to know how you can keep a bandsaw always ready to work and extend its useful life in general, then you will be able to know the most recommended steps by experts in the field. Thus, when you have the best bandsaw in front of you (check this link for some purchase options) , you will know what to do to prevent wear and tear.

1. Cleaning of remnants

This is one of the main steps in maintaining a band saw. As mentioned, the constant cutting of materials creates debris that can accumulate in the gaps of the bandsaw.

If you want to avoid any blockage when using it, it is important to use a vacuum cleaner to remove scraps of wood or plastic, for example. Whereas, if the saw is used to cut metal, you can make use of brushes and hand-held vacuum cleaners to help you with the task.

Make sure to check each of the spaces and nooks, as well as the gap where the saw crosses to remove any dirt that may have been left after work. It is advisable to perform this task after each regular use of the band saw.

2. Review of guides

The guides are the components determined to keep the saw in its position, thus guaranteeing a clean and fluid cut when the piece passes through the machine. When performing maintenance it is necessary to check that the positioning of the saw guides is correct.

To verify this, you must check that the guides only rub against the body of the saw. If the guides have lost too much thickness or are too tight, you will have to decide whether to change them or add sheets to compensate for wear. This will keep the bandsaw reliable and stable for making precise cuts.

3. Component alignment

The flywheels are another of the pieces that must be taken care of to guarantee a good performance of the bandsaw. These work as a backing for the main piece and must be aligned with it in order to offer support.

If you find yourself with flywheels that are not in the proper position for the saw, you will need to adjust and align them until they are equal to each other so that they can both hold and hold the saw in place in conjunction with the guides.

4. Voltage check

According to some experts, the tension of the saw used in the machine should always be within a range of 25,000 psi to 32,000 psi in order to ensure a clean cut while in motion.

If you want to check the tension of the saw you can use a dynamometer, to measure the displacement that occurs when applying direct tension on the piece and thus you will be able to obtain the result. With this data you can determine if the saw needs to be adjusted or not.

5. Press pressure

Presses are tools designed to hold the material you want to cut and thus provide you with extra support in case you need to make straight cuts or cuts of a geometric nature.

In order for a band saw to work properly, these presses must remain with a certain level of adjustment and firmness in order to hold the cutting piece in place. It is recommended that, when placing the piece, it is checked that it supports lateral pressure to avoid accidents.

6. Check the advance of the saw

To perform this check, the bandsaw must be turned on and in use. Here you must observe if, when cutting, the saw presents any irregular movement or excessive vibrations. If so, it is advisable to adjust the part or replace the piston.

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