8 Best Anti-Mold Paints [2022 Updated]

Do you want to solve the problem of mold on the walls of your home, but you still don’t know which product is best suited to your needs? Don’t worry, our buying guide will provide you with all the useful information on the subject.

Before the guide, however, you will find the detailed review of the eight products currently most in demand on the market, in order to have a precise idea of ​​the expense to be addressed.

Among the most popular paints , Lechler Chrèon Termoton stands out , which has an excellent quality-price ratio but requires application by a professional, and Mapei Dursilite Plus , which in addition to having excellent characteristics is also suitable for use. by DIY lovers.

8 Best Anti-Mold Paints [2022 Updated]

Below you will find a detailed description of the most popular anti-mold paints currently on the market; in the first places are placed above all the products that offer the best value for money.

1. Paint-Guard Mold and Mildew Defense Paint

Chrèon Termoton, produced by the Italian company Lechler, is considered one of the best anti-mold paints of 2021 thanks to its excellent value for money, especially in comparison to those produced by the most famous companies, starting with Sikkens.

The 5-liter white Termoton bin is one of the best-selling products; in this case it is an anti-condensation anti-mold paint for interiors based on acrylic resins in emulsion, therefore easily dilutable in water. Its special mixture contains hollow microparticles which, in addition to lightening the paint, help to significantly reduce the thermal dispersion of the surface where it is applied.

Paint-Guard Mold and Mildew Defense Paint Additive (1 Gallon Treatment)
  • MOLD AND MILDEW DEFENSE| Defend painted surfaces from growth
  • EASY TO USE | Simply pour into water-based paint

It is therefore ideal for applying to walls that are subject to condensation, in order to prevent the formation of mold. It has an excellent hiding power and a porous and opaque finish; it also offers low dirt grip and is resistant to washing.


Price: The quality-price ratio, in proportion to the quantity, is nothing short of excellent; in fact the paints produced by the Italian company Lechler are among the most requested, even among the products sold online.

Anti-condensation : The special blend with hollow microparticles, which helps to reduce heat loss, gives Termoton excellent anti-condensation properties and makes it ideal for preventing the formation of mold.

Easy to dilute: Being an acrylic based paint it is also extremely easy to dilute, using only water with a proportion of 25%; the finish is opaque and once dry it also resists washing.


Difficult to spread: Apparently this paint is not easy to spread evenly, so it is advisable to have it applied by a good house painter.

2. Zinsser 276049 Mold Killing Primer,

Mapei is also an Italian company that operates in the production of chemical materials for construction, and is particularly at the forefront in the research and creation of wall finishes for environments that have a particular need for hygiene and healthiness, both in terms of hospital and commercial and domestic.

One of these products is Dursilite Plus, a water-soluble white paint with sanitizing properties that resist even washing; its covering capacity is excellent, moreover it also has a good yield since a kilo of paint is enough to spread two coats on a surface of 3 square meters.

Zinsser 276049 Mold Killing Primer, Gallon
  • EPA registered primer kills existing mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria without extensive...
  • Low odor, water-based coating cleans up easily with soap and water

Mapei Dursilite Plus anti-mold paint is available in 5 or 20 kg packs; the only flaw of this product is the intense odor, which in order to disappear requires good ventilation of the premises for at least four or five days from application.


Sanitizing : Dursilite Plus is characterized by antibacterial properties that make it resistant to mold; therefore it is a sanitizing paint in all respects, certified EN ISO also for its resistance to diffusion and the passage of steam.

Good yield: The dilution ratio with water is 15-20%, and with a kilo of diluted product it is possible to apply two coats on a surface of three square meters.

Easy to spread: Unlike other similar products, Dursilite Plus paint is very easy to spread and therefore also suitable for DIY jobs.


Odor: Quite intense and persistent, and the rooms where it has been applied must be ventilated for at least four or five days to make it disappear completely.

3. RMR Brands Complete Mold Killer

This product is expensive, but according to the opinions of the buyers it is very convenient due to its completeness. The package, in fact, includes various products intended for the sanitizing treatment of environments particularly affected by the proliferation of molds, algae and mosses; consequently Bisaten anti-mold paint is also anti-algae, and therefore suitable for marine environments.

The cycle consists of a 2.5 liter pack of detergent, 2.5 liters of fixative, 1 kilogram of putty, 13 liters of heat-insulating anti-condensation water-based paint, two sheets of the size of 4 × 4 meters and a roller.

RMR Brands Complete Mold Killer & Stain Remover Bundle - Mold and Mildew Prevention Kit, Disinfectant Spray, Bathroom Cleaner, Includes 2 - 32 Ounce Bottles
  • TWO FAST-ACTING FORMULAS: The ultimate mold prevention kit, our bundle includes 1 spray bottle of RMR-86...
  • KILL MOLD AND MILDEW INSTANTLY: Our RMR-141 Disinfectant Spray Cleaner and Fungicide kills harmful molds...

The detergent must be applied first with a medium-sized brush, without dilution and directly on the mold or algae, after 48 hours it is necessary to remove the mold by rubbing vigorously with a brush, and then the fixative, diluted with water, must be applied when completely dry of the latter, then, putty must be used to repair any damage, and then paint.


Complete package: The package includes everything you need for the sanitizing treatment of environments where mold or algae have already taken root; Even hard cloths are included to protect the furniture and the roller to spread the paint.

Sanitizing treatment: The detergent included in the package is a specific product capable of neutralizing fungi and bacteria, and is excellent for sterilizing and cleaning surfaces infested with mold colonies.

Thermal insulation: The paint included in the package is specific for cold and humid environments; thanks to its thermal insulating properties it is able to reduce thermal dispersion and the formation of condensation.


Price: The cost of the package is quite high, so it is recommended only for those environments where mold is a serious and persistent problem.

Sikkens anti-mold paint stands out above all for the excellent characteristics and yield offered by the product, which is made by one of the most famous brands, owned by one of the giants in the chemical sector: the Dutch multinational AkzoNobel.

4. Rust-Oleum Zinsser Perma

Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend SF, in fact, is considered by many to be the best anti-mold paint currently available on the market, both in terms of effectiveness and resistance to the aggression of molds and in terms of the high yield and quality of the finish, which is silky. It is also in possession of UNI 11021 certification, therefore it is a product suitable for application in environments with the presence of food.

Due to its high price, however, it only ranks fourth in our ranking; the 10-liter bin, in fact, costs around 130 euros.

It is the best and has no flaws, but for this reason it is suitable only for the most demanding.


Top Brand: The Sikkens brand is one of the most famous and has become synonymous with the highest quality. Those produced by this brand, in fact, are among the best paints that can currently be found on the market

Yield and characteristics: The covering power, the opaque aspect and the silky finish, the product yield, the breathability and all the other characteristics are of a high level; in addition, the Alpha Tex also offers a high resistance to mold.

UNI 11021 certified: Sikkens Alpha Tex anti-mold paint is safe and is also certified for application in environments where food is handled or stored, so it is also ideal for kitchens.


Price: It is one of the best paints, but it is also the most expensive and therefore suitable only for the most demanding.

5. Rust-Oleum 3104 Zinsser 1-Qt.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for where to buy a product at low prices, then it is worth taking a look at Tecnostuk anti-mold paint; the one-liter bucket, in fact, costs less than 20 euros.

The cost, if examined in proportion to the quantity, is not so different from that of other products with which we have compared it, but in this case the typology changes; Muffa KO, in fact, is a light paste that has whitening and sanitizing properties. It should be applied directly on the areas where there are colonies of mold and it should be spread with a roller or a brush, in order to cover the spots and prevent their subsequent formation.

Once the paste has been applied and dried, the treatment must then be completed with a coat of fixative and then spread the paint, preferably one with anti-condensation properties. The yield, for one liter, is about 8 square meters.


Specific product: Tecnostuk anti-mold sanitizing paste is a specific product, and is recommended for those who already have the fixative and other products necessary for the sanitization of molds.

Easy to use: Unlike detergents, it does not require a complex procedure, nor the subsequent removal of pre-existing mold. Just apply it with a brush, without diluting it, wait for it to dry and then spread the fixative and paint.

Price: Considering the average cost of a cleaning product, Tecnostuk paste has the advantage of being available at a decidedly affordable price.


To be integrated: Obviously, it cannot be used alone, but must be integrated with the application of other products in order to complete the sanitization treatment.

6. Mold Armor Home FG502 Instant Mold

If you want to refurbish a wall damaged by mold in a simple way and above all by yourself, without resorting to the help of a paid professional, then the MaxMeyer anti-mold paint could be just for you.

The Bioactive, in fact, is a product that the well-known brand of the little dog with the brush in the mouth has destined to the user group made up of private individuals, for do-it-yourself and bricolage; it is a breathable, restorative and above all odorless paint, ideal for humid environments with poor ventilation.

Mold Armor Home FG502 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover, Trigger Spray 32 Fl Oz, Pack of 3
  • Home Armor, 32 oz., instant mildew stain remover, twice as strong as the leading brand, bleach based...
  • Adds extra shine to your product

The product is designed to offer the best both in terms of ease of use and in terms of yield; in fact, it does not require dilution, one liter of paint is enough to cover a surface of about 12-14 square meters. Furthermore, together with the other specific anti-mold products of the Bioactive line, it can also be used for complete sanitation treatments.


Excellent quality: MaxMeyer products certainly need no introduction, and after those produced by Sikkens they are among the most appreciated and requested on the market.

Ideal for do-it-yourself: Its ease of use, also with a view to a complete sanitizing treatment, makes it particularly suitable for those who prefer to do without resorting to the painter.

Convenient: Its quality-price ratio is nothing short of excellent, especially in proportion to the quantity of product and the yield, since only one liter is enough for an area of ​​12-14 square meters.


To be integrated: Even this product, if used alone, in the long run proves to be ineffective and therefore it is better to integrate it with the other products of the Bioactive line.

7. Rust-Oleum 3104 Zinsser 1-Qt.

Mazza anti-mold paint is another relatively inexpensive product, therefore suitable above all for those with a limited budget and the need to treat particularly large surfaces.

The yield of this paint, in fact, is about 7 square meters per liter, and the dilution ratio is 20-25%; according to the manufacturer’s specifications it can also be applied without previous treatments, but depending on the extent or severity of mold growth it is better to consider applying it after using the detergent and fixative.

Its characteristics are discreet but, being cheap, it certainly does not have the quality of the products of houses such as Sikkens or MaxMeyer, so its effectiveness is closely linked to the quality of the sanitization treatment to be performed before its application. The further disadvantage is that it can only be applied to new walls that have not yet been painted with tempera.


Economic: The affordable price is one of the strengths of Mazza anti-condensation paint, which makes it especially suitable for those with a very limited spending budget.

Easy to use: Just dilute it with the right proportion of water and it can be safely applied either with the roller or with the spray gun, depending on your preferences.

Thermal insulation : The composition based on hollow glass microspheres guarantees good insulation properties and helps to reduce the phenomenon of thermal bridges.


Yield and quality: Yield and quality are of medium level. It also cannot be applied over old coats of tempera paint, unless they are removed first.

8.  Mildew Defense Paint Additive

The cheapest of the products we have examined, both in proportion to the price per quantity and for the decent yield, is the anti-mold paint Boero Klima. In fact, it belongs to the Action Line series, which the company has created specifically to react to the economic crisis that is afflicting the construction sector as well; consequently the cost of Klima is decidedly convenient and its quality is higher than the average of the products available at low cost.

It can be applied both with a dilution ranging from 20 to 30% depending on whether the brush or the roller is used, and its masking power is excellent in both cases; the yield, on the other hand, is about 11 square meters per liter.

Paint-Guard Mold and Mildew Defense Paint Additive (1 Gallon Treatment)
  • MOLD AND MILDEW DEFENSE| Defend painted surfaces from growth
  • EASY TO USE | Simply pour into water-based paint

It is especially recommended for domestic use in poorly ventilated rooms subject to condensation, such as cellars, bathrooms and kitchens, to prevent the proliferation of mold.


Economic: The proportion between the cost, the quantity of the product and the yield is such as to make Boero Klima fall within the range of economic products, even if apparently it seems the opposite.

Excellent yield: A single liter is enough to cover an area of ​​11 square meters; the 14-liter bucket, therefore, allows you to apply two coats of paint on a surface of 77 square meters, or one coat on over 150 square meters.

Good quality: The quality is also higher than the average of cheaper paints, it has good hiding power, high breathability and an extra matte finish.


Quantity: The 14 liter bucket is convenient, but only for those who have to paint large surfaces. If you need to paint a small room, it is better to choose another product.

How to choose the best anti-mold paints

When it comes to anti-mold paints, you have to be very careful and have clear ideas, because not all products defined in this way are actually such. So let’s see what it is important to know before deciding which anti-mold paint to buy.

The real effectiveness and conditions of use

To understand how to choose a good anti-mold paint you must first start from an aspect that, depending on the case, could be misleading, namely the effective effectiveness of the product.

Most of the paints available on the market and indicated as such, in fact, do not actually eliminate mold at all, but are only specific formulas that have heat-insulating and anti-condensation properties, and are therefore able to prevent, or at most slow down, the proliferation of mold on the walls of recently built buildings, which have not yet been significantly affected by the problem.

Some products are also useful on those walls where stains have already formed, but they are recent and light, so the use of a specific paint can help to significantly reduce the proliferation. In any case, their effectiveness is usually limited to one or two years, three at best, and depending on the climatic conditions to which the premises concerned are subject.

Before choosing the product, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not so much to the description of the same but to examine the technical data sheet and look for the composition of the formula, in order to verify whether or not the biocidal substances capable of killing the spores and microorganisms are present in it. responsible for the formation of mold and mildew.

Complementary products for sanitation

In the case of environments heavily affected by mold proliferation, however, painting alone is not enough but a sanitization cycle must be implemented with complementary products. It is therefore necessary to buy the detergent that contains the biocidal substances, apply it on the colonies of mold and leave it to act for one or two days according to the indications given on the product, then you must carefully brush the wall to remove all the stains and residues of dead organisms. fill where necessary and then apply the fixative, which is a substance that allows the anti-mold paint to penetrate deeper and last longer.

The sanitizing treatment is a delicate procedure, it takes time and costs a lot; the expense, in fact, does not only include the purchase of the necessary products but also the fee for the professional specialized in sanitation, who must be in charge of carrying out the treatment.

In fact, both molds and the products used to remove them are potentially harmful to health, the person in charge of sanitization must take strict precautions and use masks, overalls and protective sheets to avoid inhaling or coming into contact direct the biocidal substances contained in the products, and that the spores are deposited on furniture or floors.

The economic factor

Even the economic aspect can be very misleading when it comes to purchasing an anti-mold paint; the various products on the market, in fact, differ not only in price but also in the type of packaging.

Some are quantified with liters, others with kilograms, and the quantity varies from product to product; Factors such as yield and dilutability also have a big impact, and it may happen that a 5-liter bucket of anti-mold paint that costs 60 euros actually turns out to be cheaper than one of similar capacity that is instead sold for 20 euros.

To establish if a painting is really cheap compared to another, therefore, we must first consider these two fundamental elements: the possibility or not of diluting the product and in what percentages, and the yield of the same, which is expressed in square meters per liter.

How to dilute anti-mold paint

Check the instructions

Not all anti-mold paints are made to be diluted, and even those prepared for dilution can be used “pure”, depending on the needs. The dilution, in fact, even if in a different way depending on the product, affects the masking properties of the paint, and therefore on its yield.

Consequently it is important to pay attention to what is reported in the technical data sheet of the chosen product. The percentage of dilution, on the whole, can vary from 10-15% up to 30-35%, depending on the product.

Choice of method

Furthermore, the same product often shows different dilution percentages depending on the method used to spread the paint: brush, roller or spray gun; dilution, therefore, must also be done according to the tool you choose to use to spread the paint.

Also in this case you have to pay attention to the wording on the paint package, however, as some products have a consistency that allows you to use the spray gun, while others can only be applied with a brush and roller.

How to perform the dilution

The dilution percentage indicated in the product data sheet refers to the quantity of water to be added in proportion to the quantity of paint.

To give a practical example, therefore, if the percentage indicated by the manufacturer is 25%, 250 ml of water must be added to each liter of paint; if the proportion is 30%, on the other hand, it will be necessary to add 300 ml of water to each liter of paint, and so on.

Furthermore, before performing the dilution, it is necessary to know with certainty how many square meters of surface to paint. For example, if the product you have chosen has a yield of 10 square meters per liter, the surface to be covered is 15 square meters and the bucket contains 5 liters of paint, then you will only have to pour one and a half liters of paint into a container. so you can only dilute the amount needed for the job and not waste the rest, which can be reused on another occasion.

Frequent questions

How does anti-mold paint work?

The anti-mold paints represent a particular type of paints whose formula differs for the addition of specific compounds that are highly toxic for certain classes of bacteria, in the specific case spores and microorganisms responsible for the proliferation of fungi, molds and algae, but which are not harmful to humans; consequently these paints are regulated by a series of European regulations, in particular EU 528/2012.

Not all those on the market, however, are really such, in the sense that often paints are also referred to as “anti-mold” paints in which no biocidal substance is present, but only compounds that increase breathability and help reduce the heat dispersion thus favoring thermal insulation.

Painting alone is not enough to ensure the definitive disappearance of the colonies of mold; its use as a single substance, therefore, is fine with a view to prevention, but on the walls where there are already patches of mold or fungus, before applying the paint it is necessary to perform a sanitizing treatment with a series of specific products for this purpose.

Even the execution of the treatment requires special precautions, and it is necessary to use masks and insulating suits to avoid coming into direct contact, or worse still inhaling, both the mold spores and the exhalations of the biocidal substances that are applied to eliminate them.

What does the anti-mold paint contain?

The specific formula of the anti-mold paint can change from product to product, both on the basis of its specific type and its intended use.

Water-based paints for domestic use, for example, are composed of an acrylic base to which mostly hollow microparticles are added, thanks to which the paint layer ensures at the same time better breathability and less heat dispersion, in order to offer good anti-condensation properties.

If in addition to reporting the wording “thermal insulation”, the anti-mold paint is also indicated as a sanitizer, then the formula includes at least a certain percentage of biocide substance which has antibacterial functions; in some cases it is also possible to find the presence of a minimum percentage of formaldehyde.

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