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It allows for straight, error-free cutting when working with wood, but not only that. You can also cut metal, or other material with it.

Generally, the circular saw can be classified into two types: portable and table saw .

Whatever your choice, you must maintain it well to always have a good quality of cut and a reliable tool in all circumstances!

In the lines that follow, let’s take a closer look at what is the way to maintain your table saw so that it follows you in all your jobs!

Clean your work table

After each cutting or using your table saw you need to clean your worktable. This is more than just a question of hygiene . It’s a way like any other to prevent wood or metal residues and dust from getting lodged in the cogs of your device. Which could, in the long run, block it.

For cleaning, I advise you to use a blower.

This is a device that diffuses compressed air and can get rid of the smallest particles that may have settled in every corner of your table saw. To use it, remember to remove the blade from your circular saw beforehand. Then pass the nozzle of the blower over each cm² of your machine. After that, all you have to do is sweep away the dust for a clean and comfortable working environment. And voila!

Clean your device

No matter what brand and model of table saw you choose, you should clean it to ensure its longevity . Depending on your frequency of use, this will be necessary per week or per month, or even after each cutting job.

For general cleaning of the appliance, you will need methylated spirits, petroleum jelly oil, and rags.

Then go through each element of your machine to remove residue, grease, and elements that will be likely to jeopardize the efficiency of your circular saw. The use of these products in particular is recommended after cutting softwood, painted or varnished wood.

Clean the blade of your table saw

To ensure the efficiency of the blade and the sharpness of the cuts, you should also clean the blade of your circular saw . The goal remains the same: to get rid of all residues. To do this, we recommend that you use products offered by major brands. This will save you time and ensure the shine of your accessory. Just put some on the disc and brush with a rag, then rinse the blade.

Before cleaning, you should disassemble the blade from your device. This is not only practical, but also allows for meticulous work and protects the circular saw from the cleaning spray.

If you want to avoid off-the-shelf products, baking soda and white vinegar will do the trick.

These are ingredients known to add shine to metal accessories. You just need to mix it until you get a smooth paste and apply it to the disc with a toothbrush. Remember to go between each blade for a perfect cleaning.

Sharpen the blade to make it last

In particular, you should change the blade of your circular saw when its teeth are no longer so sharp. But you don’t have to go through this after every use. It is possible to perpetuate a blade for a few weeks, or even months. You just need to sharpen it manually .

In addition to cleaning this part of your device, you must use a specific sharpening accessory. Professionals are particularly willing to help you in this regard. They have the device in question, but also the necessary experience to facilitate the process. Calling on these experts is recommended, especially since poorly done sharpening can have serious consequences on the efficiency of your blade.

Grease your table saw

For the good performance of your circular saw, and for the quality of the cut, you must also go through the lubrication of the device . We speak in particular of that of the blade, but also of the various cogs of the latter. To do this, you have no other options than the fats offered by the big brands like Bosh, etc.

Lubrication is usually done monthly. But it also depends on how often you use your device.

When you notice a change in performance or hear noises while using your saw, applying some oil is necessary . This will also optimize the cutting time for different materials.

The advancement of the blade teeth

Travel is not a mandatory maintenance of the table saw . It is only needed when you encounter problems in cutting. It may happen that the blade tilts slightly to the left or to the right. This can cause problems in the cutting. In these cases, you need to review the location of the teeth and the cutting axis.

To do this, you will need specific pliers.

Hold the blade and replace the teeth one by one by hand . But beware, this can affect the width of the cut.

Use anti rust products

The circular table saw is made of metal. Thus, it may be prone to rust. In addition to storing it in a specific place, you must therefore also obtain anti-rust products for the maintenance of your device. Spray the blade after each use. If it is an oil, you can simply smear it on the surface with a rag.

If your blade is already damaged, there is always another solution than to replace it.

You can clean it, for example, using a wire brush. Gently rub the accessory until you get a smooth surface after applying a little raw onion and slicing on it.

Choosing the ideal location for a circular saw

The location of your circular saw can also impact its longevity . For a table saw, you usually have less choice. This kind of accessory takes up a lot of space. For a portable saw , however, choosing a location protected from moisture is necessary . This will prevent rusting.

For portable circular saws delivered with boxes, it is strongly recommended to use the latter.

It is a means like any other to limit the deposit of dust on the blade and the various elements of the device.

To protect the blade of table saws, you can use the “garden hose” technique among others.

This involves creating an opening along the plastic tube and covering the blades with the latter to avoid twisting or breaking them.

What to do about engine problems?

The circular table saw is a mechanical device that works with a two-stroke motor. It takes a source of electricity to make it work. Depending on the age and quality of your device, it may happen that the motor crashes, breaks down or gets too hot. What to do in this case?

First of all, it is smart to stop using the machine as soon as you see certain signs. This could be a smell of burning, sparks, etc.

Second, open the machine to access the engine. It may just be a few residues that have settled inside. In this case, a little breathing room will bring things up to standard. If necessary, and if you do not have basic mechanics, I advise you to call a professional at the risk of aggravating the situation.

Offer your device for rent when you are not a professional

For professionals, the table saw is a work tool. But for Sunday DIYers, the device stays in the garage most of the time, and only moves occasionally.

Which is not ideal for its longevity.

For a device that has a two-stroke engine, it is necessary to operate it regularly. When you are not using it, you can therefore rent it out on the sites for connecting individuals. You will also have the opportunity to make your device profitable.

For the advertisement, you just have to give the different characteristics of your circular saw and your price as well as the rental conditions.