5 Ideas To Create DIY Shabby Chic Garden Lamps

Let’s examine together some interesting ideas on how to make shabby chic style garden lamps using different recycled materials.

Usually the projects for making DIY lamps can be easy to carry out, for this reason they are ideal for those who have a passion for the DIY hobby but are still beginners and inexperienced. Below you will find some ideas to build original DIY lamps using simple to find and inexpensive materials, such as pallet wood and rice paper, or recycled materials, such as glass, papier mache or pieces of twisted trunks and branches.

The ideas proposed in our article are obviously to be developed according to personal tastes, also require the possible purchase of tools, metal parts and other materials that could be used to complete the various projects. The secret to spending as little as possible, therefore, is to take our tips as a starting point and develop them in order to create simple DIY inventions that guarantee maximum yield with minimum expense and effort.

If, on the other hand, you already have some experience in the field of DIY and can count on good equipment, then you will have more opportunities and you can also tackle projects of greater complexity.

1. How to make a lamp out of a glass bottle

One of the most characteristic ideas is to use recycled glass, especially bottles and jars. Liquor bottles with transparent glass and a particular shape are the most suitable, but if desired, colored ones can also be fine since we are talking about garden lamps. The glass jars are certainly more cheap, however, but still serve their purpose.

In this case the bulk of the work is reduced to the preparation of the substrate; in the case of lamps with bottles for example, after having prepared some pieces with the help of a drill or a cutter, in order to pass the electric cables, just put them together with the wood screws and give a coat of impregnation, or epoxy resin, in order to waterproof them, and then adequately prepare the bottle in order to insert a lamp holder or LED strips inside.

2. Wooden lamps made from trunks and old twisted branches

If you are lucky enough to live or in a rural area and you have the habit of walking often along the wooded paths, surely you will have at least once come across some old fallen trunk, perhaps half empty. Pieces of wood of this kind, as well as twisted branches, can be easily recovered and transformed with minimal effort; grinding only the necessary parts and limiting itself to giving a clean and a coat of impregnating paint or epoxy resin.

In other words, the same argument made previously for the bottle-lamps applies, with the difference that in this case a greater creative flair is required in the realization of the “design”; on the other hand, the execution is simpler.

3. Sea wood lamps

Here we are faced with a variant of the lamps with twisted trunks and branches, with the difference that the raw material is represented by the pieces of wood that are often found on the beaches.

This idea is aimed above all at those who live in coastal areas and who have the opportunity to often go to the beach, especially during the winter. The pieces of wood that can be found there have characteristics that are nothing short of unique; the continuous erosive action of the wind and the sand, in fact, shapes these trunks and often gives them very particular shapes.

The dynamics of realization of the lamp, in this case, is no different from that illustrated previously, it is only necessary to modify the wood enough to allow it to be fixed on a base, or on a DIY applique made of wood, and for the insertion of the electrical components, and then conclude by subjecting it to a protective treatment with the impregnating paint.

4. Old chains and disused equipment

A trip to the second-hand dealer in search of old objects, especially in iron, could reserve pleasant surprises for those looking for waste materials to be recycled in other forms. Even a simple stub of a rusty chain, after having been cleaned properly and having glued the rings in order to fix them in the desired position, can become an original support arm for a wall or table lamp.

The same goes for old disused machinery, or individual parts of it, and for old laboratory equipment such as bench vices, hand drills and more, as well as antiques that are too damaged to be restored but which can be cleaned up and adapted in order to have a second life DIY lamp bodies.

A category of objects of this kind, but to be considered separately given the enormous potential they offer, are the parts of cars and motorcycles: old grilles of discontinued vehicles, rims or even parts of the engine itself, can be safely used to create some very original chandeliers.

5. Lanterns with pallets and rice paper

To conclude, we offer you an idea on how to make wooden lanterns; in this case the difficulty of execution varies according to the size and style of the lanterns, which can be western or oriental, as well as the type of decoration to be reproduced on the rice paper. The latter, in fact, can already be purchased in the desired color shade or it can be hand painted following one’s own creative flair.

The frames of the lanterns are easily made starting from the wood of the pallets, which in addition to being cheap is quite resistant and at the same time easy to work with the right tools; for this type of project, in fact, it is essential to use a table saw or alternatively a radial miter saw, as well as a surface and thickness planer.

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