4 Ideas For Original DIY Christmas Decorations And Decorations

We are now in the middle of the Christmas period so it is time to think about gifts and decorations; here are some ideas to save money making DIY decorations.

Between ups and downs our life goes on and time passes more or less as usual; again this year, Christmas is upon us and the time has come to start making ends meet for the purchase of gifts, panettone, Christmas decorations and decorations .

In fact, despite the joyful festive atmosphere, for many of us Christmas represents a severe blow to our finances, therefore it is normal to try to save money by cutting expenses where possible; one of the simplest and most popular ways is to avoid spending too much on Christmas decorations and instead try to create cheap DIY Christmas decorations , or even with scrap materials recovered or recycled at no cost.

Instead of offering you the usual tutorial on how to make simple and quick DIY Christmas crafts , however, we preferred to illustrate some ideas to make the most of easily available and very low cost materials, such as string, glue, wood, paper and other objects, to transform them into original DIY Christmas decorations .

1. The wood of the used pallets

The Christmas tree plays a central role and, together with the nativity scene, it competes for the title of King of Christmas decorations ; for some it is a must to buy a real one, but considering the times, costs and above all the environmental impact, it is now customary to use synthetic ones above all.

Even an artificial tree, however, especially if it is of top quality and reusable over the years, has a considerable cost, so why not try to make a DIY Christmas tree starting from the wood of used pallets?

The pallets, or pallets if you prefer, can be recovered at no cost by trying to ask the staff of a factory or a department store; even if you do not have the opportunity to ask for them, you can still buy them easily for a few euros.

A single pallet whose price ranges from approximately 3.5 to 8 euros, is enough to make a medium-sized tree on which you can hang additional home-made decorations.

To build it, just remove the boards from the pallet and saw them in such a way that once assembled they have the shape of a fir tree; as a decoration it might seem somewhat “conceptual” and spartan, but once the lights and other decorations are added, the effect is guaranteed, all with a minimum expense.

The further advantage of the tree made with the wood of the used pallets, moreover, is that once it has fulfilled its purpose it can be easily disassembled and reused as firewood for the fireplace or barbecue.

2. Household materials

A wide range of Christmas items can be made from common materials that are often readily available in the home: paper, macrame, hemp and jute twine, old wooden clothespins for drying laundry, wood glue and other things that they can be purchased if necessary for a few euros.

Among all those we have mentioned, the most versatile materials are string and vinyl glue; only by using these two components, in fact, it is possible to make DIY Christmas balls, star-shaped decorations and even table Christmas trees. What makes twine so versatile is its combination with vinyl glue; in fact, it is enough to add a little water to the latter, in order to make it more liquid, and then immerse the string in it. After treating the string in this way, in fact, it can be wrapped around various objects that can act as a “mold”, for example makeshift looms made with pins or nails stuck on a cork base or balloons, once done just wait for the glue to dry completely, after which you can remove the hardened string from the form on which it was put to dry. The same goes for macrame, which can be used instead of twine.

With the wooden clothespins, however, you can create different types of decorations, the only limit is the imagination; just disassemble and remove the metal element, and then reassemble the pieces to create garlands, frames, stars or more.

3. The old decorations

Recycling old Christmas decorations is a classic; Sometimes it’s not always possible because over time they get damaged too much, but this doesn’t mean that with a little imagination, glue and other DIY materials you can’t give old decorations a new life.

By collecting and selecting all the old Christmas tree balls that have bruised or damaged over time, for example, you can put them together with glue to create a wreath to hang on the front door. If the balls are of different colors and sizes it does not matter, once glued together, in fact, you can always give them a touch of color with a spray can, or brush them with vinyl glue stretched with water before sprinkling them with glitter.

Recycle waste items

To conclude, let’s explore the most virtuous of ideas, namely that of using domestic waste objects and materials that would normally end up in the garbage.

Just to give some examples, therefore, burnt out light bulbs can be used to make funny puppets, from a good number of corks it is possible to obtain both garlands and table Christmas trees.

Online shopping packaging boxes can be wrapped in wrapping paper and hung from the ceiling, or wrapped in white paper and stacked on top of each other in order of size to create an edgy snowman; with used coffee capsules, on the other hand, it is possible to create small bells to hang in pairs on the Christmas tree.

The old felt instead, especially those in various shades of green and red, can be cut with scissors to create floral decorations, such as mistletoe and poinsettias.

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