10 Best Entry Level Table Saw [2022 Edition]

Best Entry Level Table Saw

Table saws, especially if you are a beginner, are challenging to use. More than 67,000 staff and DIY enthusiasts suffer injuries from the best entry level table saws, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) .  Which equates to more than 33,000 emergency room visits. As a table saw enters the picture, there can … Read more

Best Jigsaws under $100 [2022 Updated ]

With a jigsaw it is possible to cut thin pieces of wood and also to do many other smaller jobs in or outdoors. Because we want to make sure that you go home with the best jigsaw, we can recommend that you take a look at our buying guide. It explains which elements you could … Read more

The Best Tools And Video Tutorials For Woodworking And Turning

Let’s take a look at the best woodturning equipment, both hobbyist and professional, and the most interesting video tutorials that can be found online. For DIY enthusiasts, especially in the carpentry sector, turning represents a step forward in machining capabilities. The lathe makes it possible to perform complex processes and create both artistic wooden products … Read more

8 Best Paint Rollers [2022 Updated]

At first glance, paint rollers can all look the same, so you always tend to buy the cheapest models, yet there is a big difference in yield between a low-cost roller and a quality, higher-priced roller. In fact, the Tradelux Kit , characterized by a cost and a quality of medium-high level , ranks first … Read more

Sikkens Alpha Tex Schimmelwerend SF – Review

Main advantage The Sikkens brand represents the top in the lacquer, enamel and varnish production sector; its products are expensive but also of the highest quality. Alpha Tex anti-mold paint has an excellent yield and is the best currently available on the market. Main disadvantage The cost is proportional to the quality and this certainly … Read more

8 Best Washable Paints for Windows [2022 ]

When choosing washable paint, you always have to deal with your budget; those of better quality, in fact, tend to be particularly expensive. In our buying guide we will explore the topic further, also talking about medium quality paints. Our ranking, on the other hand, shows the eight most requested washable paints on the market, … Read more

7 Best Edge And Thickness Planers [2022 Updated]

In this guide we will deal with the combined planer and thicknesser, a stationary electric tool widely used in both the hobby and professional fields, we will see what characteristics the various models possess based on the intended use and how to choose one that suits your needs. We have also included the review of … Read more